Cochlear Implant Surgery in India - Cost and Benefits


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Also called as bionic ears, cochlear implants produce a sense of sound in individuals who have severe to profound hearing loss. The cost of cochlear implant surgery is much affordable in India as compared to western countries.

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Cochlear Implant Surgery in India - Cost and Benefits

  1. 1. Cochlear Implant Surgery inIndia – Cost and Benefits IndiCure Treatment Solutions +919818462127 +919320036777
  2. 2. Cochlear Implant An electronic device that produces a sense of sound in patients who have severe to profound hearing loss Also known as bionic ears, the device is surgically implanted in the inner ear and activated by a device worn outside the ear. Cochlear Implant bypass the damaged parts of auditory system and directly stimulates the nerve of hearing.
  3. 3. Cochlear Implant
  4. 4. Components of Cochlear ImplantThe implant has two main components:1. Internal component Consists of a small electronic device and is worn under the skin behind the ear. The device is connected with the electrodes that are inserted inside the cochlea.2. External device Consists of a speech processor, microphone and battery compartment. The device is worn behind the ear.
  5. 5. Working of the device The microphone collects the sound and allows the speech processor to translate it into distinct electrical signals. The signals are transmitted across the skin through radio waves to the electronic stimulator. From internal stimulator the signals reach the implanted electrodes in the cochlea. The signals stimulate the auditory nerve that sends the information to brain where they are interpreted as meaningful sound.
  6. 6. Cochlear Implant Surgery Usually performed under general anaesthesia, the surgery is done as an outpatient procedure. The surgery entails making an incision behind the ear to open mastoid bone which leads to middle ear space. An opening is made in the cochlea and electrodes inserted. The electrode device at the base of electrode array is placed under the skin behind the ear.
  7. 7. Benefits of Cochlear Implants Most perceive loud, medium and soft sounds. Many understand speech without lip- reading. Many can make telephone calls and understand familiar voices over the telephone Some can enjoy music
  8. 8. Cost of Cochlear Implant Surgery Cochlear Implants and surgery cost much higher in western countries as compared to developing countries The cost of cochlear implant surgery at NHS is approximately £40,000 and the device itself costs approximately £18,000 thus totaling to £58,000 or approximately 90,000 USD. In India, the cost of Pre Surgery Tests –is about $1000, Implantation - $5000 US Dollars, Cost of cochlear Instrumentation - $15000 to 25000 It is more economical to get the surgery done in India as compared to UK or USA.
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