Breast augmentation surgery in India at affordable costs


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IndiCure offers breast augmentation surgery in association with best hospitals and plastic surgeons in India. Many women travel abroad to India to avail quality yet affordable breast augmentation surgery with IndiCure.

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Breast augmentation surgery in India at affordable costs

  1. 1. IndiCure Treatment 98184 62127+91 93200 36777
  2. 2. Breast Augmentation Surgery Breast augmentation/enlargement is one of themost popular cosmetic plastic surgery proceduresperformed across the world. Breast augmentation is performed when either breastsare not developed as much as a woman wants or havelost volume and shape after breast
  3. 3. Candidates for BreastAugmentation Weight loss, aging or childbirth are the main reasonsfor women seeking breast augmentation surgery. Ideal candidates for breast enlargement oraugmentation are those:- who feel self conscious while wearing swim suit- who are bothered by the appearance of small breasts- who have uneven breasts- who have lost the firmness of breasts owing to
  4. 4. Breast Augmentation with Implants Breast augmentation with Implants is a procedurethat increases the size of the breasts by using siliconeimplants. There are various techniques of placing the breastimplants which are dependent on type and size of theimplants, shape of the body and surgeon’s expertise ofperforming the surgery. The implants are placed either behind or in front ofpectoral muscles. With breast implant surgery, thereoccurs minimal scarring and hardly any side effects.The procedure takes about 2-3
  5. 5. Placement of Breast Implants
  6. 6. Breast Augmentation with fattransfer Also known as Natural Breast Augmentation, breastaugmentation with fat transfer is a procedure thatinvolves removal of fat from different body areas such asthighs, hips or tummy and transferring it to the breasts. Breast augmentation with fat transfer gives a naturalfeel to the breasts however; the surgery requires a lot of fatremoval from other body areas to augment the breasts. It is easily performed on women who have good amount offat unlike women who are slim and want a
  7. 7. Advantages of Natural Breast Augmentationover Breast Implants Breast augmentation has many advantages over Breastimplants, such as:- It is a more natural alternative to breast augmentation- It gives permanent results unlike implants that may bereplaced in due course of time.- Two procedures, liposuction as well as breastaugmentation are done in one session which give aslimmer body shape.- Breast augmentation with fat transfer gives morenatural feel to the
  8. 8. Outcomes of Breast Augmentation The outcomes of breast augmentation areinstant, quite satisfactory and successful. A successful augmentation provides fuller breasts thathave better proportion with overall body size andphysique. The procedure may also lead to reduced sagginess andincreased firmness of the
  9. 9. Breast Augmentation Costs The procedure is highly popular among westerners butthe prices of breast augmentation are sky high inwestern countries. The average cost of breast enhancement in UK isapproximately £5,000 or 7822 USD and in USA about10,000 USD Breast Augmentation in India costs as less as 2500USD Breast augmentation in India costs less than a third ofwhat one pays in western
  10. 10. Breast Augmentation Abroad inIndia Women in large numbers from all over the worldchoose India for breast augmentation due to:- Affordable cost of breast augmentation in India- The plastic surgeons are well known throughout theworld- The hospital facilities in India are on par with anyother world class facility- English speaking doctors and subordinate staff at bestof hospitals in
  11. 11. Breast Augmentation in India withIndiCure IndiCure is the leading medical tourism company inIndia IndiCure associates with best of plastic surgeons andhospitals in India Provides round the clock assistance Offers visa assistance and travel planning Gives huge discounts on cosmetic surgery
  12. 12. Contact Us Visit Us at: to us at:info@indicure.comReach us at:+91 98184 62127+91 93200
  13. 13. Contact Us Visit Us at: to us at:info@indicure.comReach us at:+91 98184 62127+91 93200