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IndiCure offers brain surgery in India in association with best brain neurosurgeons who have been performing surgery with utmost care and expertise. To know more about brain surgery in India, visit - Or
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  • Primus Super Speciality Hospital, extends Advanced Treatments for Brain Disorders and compassionate care for your loved one. And this is exactly what our team of doctors excels at Primus. This fact is reflected at our Neurology & Neurosurgery OPD department where one can see the smiles on the faces of satisfied patients. This is what separates neurosurgery services at Primus with others in the league. Bringing smiles on the faces of patients leaving our premises gives us immense satisfaction and this is what we all at Primus strive for. By offering patent –Focused World Class Medical Care, the team of Primus Neurology & Neurosurgery - Brain Center aim to deliver the best surgical and clinical outcomes for patients with disorders relating to the brain. The Department Of Neurosurgery At Primus uses advanced techniques and innovative procedures to treat chronic ailments like Parkinson’s disease, Headaches and tumors of the brain and spine. Our teams of doctors are fully trained in conducting minimally invasive skull based surgery, using a purely endoscopic approach. Besides this, we offer surgical treatment of conditions involving the nervous system: the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. Primus Super Speciality Hospital 2, chandragupt Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi- 110021, India 011 - 66206620, 9953722892
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Brain Surgery In India With Best Neurosurgeons

  1. 1. Brain Surgery in India with best Neurosurgeons IndiCure Treatment Solutions Contact Us: +91 98184 62127 +91 93200 36777
  2. 2. Brain Surgery • The procedure to treat disorders in the brain and structures surrounding it is known as Brain Surgery. • The surgery requires an opening in the skull or cranium, the procedure known as Craniotomy. • Craniotomy is done under general anaesthesia. The hair over the area where injury is suspected are removed and a hole is then cut into the skull to reach the diseased brain tissue. Once the required brain surgery is done, the muscles and skin are stitched and the excess blood from the area is drained out.
  3. 3. Indications for brain surgery The most common indications for brain surgery are: • Brain Cancer – Acoustic neuroma, Chondromas, glioma, pituitary tumors, medulloblastoma, metastases and secondary tumors. • Conditions in which there occurs alterations in blood flow such as subdural haematoma, stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage • Alterations in cerebrospinal fluid such as Hydrocephalus and infections
  4. 4. Common symptoms that may require brain surgery Although the symptoms may vary with the condition of the brain disease, yet there are some commonly occurring symptoms such as: • Headache • Nausea • Vomiting • Drowsiness • Seizures.
  5. 5. Diagnosis of various brain disorders The commonly done diagnostic tests include: • Physical examination • Medical history • CT Scan • MRI
  6. 6. Brain MRI Images
  7. 7. Brain Surgery in India with best Neurosurgeons • With advancement in technology, brain surgery in India is now available at state-of-the art hospitals in India. • The surgery is done by highly competent and skilled neurosurgeons in India. They have been trained at best medical schools the world over and have been performing brain surgery with utmost care and expertise.
  8. 8. Brain Surgery in India with IndiCure IndiCure is the most reputed medical tourism company offering brain surgery in India: • With best of healthcare facilities • At Select few hospitals and clinics in India • At huge discounted prices • In association with best neurosurgeons • At the most affordable costs
  9. 9. Brain Surgery Procedures offered by IndiCure IndiCure assists its clients for several brain surgery procedures such as: • Craniotomy • Brain implant • Trans-sphenoid operations • Deep Brain stimulation for Parkinson's • CSF Shunt Procedures • Chronic subdural haematoma • Burr-Hole aspiration for Abscess • Radiofrequency Rhizotomy/ Tic injections
  10. 10. Contact Us • Visit Us at: Or y/endovascular_neurosurgery_in_india.htm • Write to us at: • Call us at: +91 93200 36777 +91 98184 62127