Indicia - "Masters of Growth" Corporate Brochure


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This is Indicia - "Masters of Growth" corporate brochure for 2010 and on. New look, new image, same level of expertise and service for the last 5 years.

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Indicia - "Masters of Growth" Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Masters of growth
  2. 2. "Mastering growth" for more than 15 years now The science of geomarketing can point you towards optimal risk-free geographic growth, for developing your business. Geomarketing has existed as a science for barely 20 years. Few are the companies that fully and effectively exploit its vast potential, even today, often due to lack of knowledge and expertise. Rooted in its extensive experience of more than 15 years in the field, Indicia knows how to adapt the latest technology and database analysis, statistical modeling and spatial analysis methodologies to pinpoint and determine opportunities for your business’ expansion or the optimization of your existing network of sales outlets. Whether you’re a manufacturing company, distributor, retailer or service provider, it’s almost certain that your performance varies all across your sales territory. Indicia will reveal “why” that is so. Indicia specializes in identifying which factors influence and contribute to your over performing points of sale, as well as those that lead to the poor performance of certain others. Indicia is conversant with the market rules that must be complied with to ensure the optimal development of your network. Indicia can predict if your next point of sale will live up to your expectations. Before making your next geographically- oriented decision, see how Indicia can help you “Master your growth”.
  3. 3. Masters of growth
  4. 4. Add the micro-marketing dimension to your strategic reflection... More sales, bigger market share Where will your business growth be coming from over the next few years? The strategic opening of a number of points of sale; the relocation of underperforming units; the rationalization of the whole network or the closing of unpro- ductive sites? Indicia will meticulously measure the size of the local market in each city, district or street corner across North America. Such a process will enable you to determine your local market share and unequivocally gauge the performance of each individual site. Specific actions will emerge for each site in operation: closing, relocation, renovation, diversification of the offer, inventory adjustment, targeted direct marketing. Where are your best opportunities for growth located? What sectors are significantly lagging behind in their development in terms of the potential market and more important still, with regard to your own geographic performance thresholds, as defined by Indicia? Indicia can elaborate a path gearing you toward an optimal coverage of the North American market. Indicia masters the science of market growth. Decision making made easier How do you get your bearings in the flood of market information available to you? What are the significant variables that you should be taking into consideration for your company’s growth? Is it wise to open this site, in this market? What are the key factors that influence the performance of your sites, or your markets? The Indicia 13 steps methodology is based upon Indicia identifies which market to develop. the simple fact that should nothing change today in how you manage your growth, the points of sale that you open in the future will perform in a similar fashion five years from now. There will be some good sites, a lot of average sites, and below average sites. Indicia can put an analytical methodology to work for you that ensures that each new point of sale will contribute positively to improving the overall performance of your company.
  5. 5. ...and raise your profitability Minimise risks At Indicia, minimizing risk takes several forms. The areas in which taking action is possible notably include forecasting the sales volume of new sites, defining the potential of different business lines locally; targeting the right areas and the right potential customers, as well as identifying the best potential sites for expanding your network. Indicia can also help you minimize risk at other levels that will have a maximum impact upon your business. One such area involves the acquisition of competitors. Indeed, Indicia's forecasting and territory optimization models enable us to analyze a competitor’s network and unequivocally identify the units to acquire. The indicia methodology Indicia prioritizes your opportunities. The Indicia methodology applies just as well to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It consists of 13 equally important and complementary steps. The methodology, as developed over the past 15 years, has been used in more than 1,000 projects on behalf of hundreds of clients in Canada and the United States. The Indicia methodology consists of stages for collecting geographic information, defining the size of commercial zones, the overall market, the customer profile, as well as the business rules that underlie and govern the solid performance of your points of sale. In addition, the method provides Indicia has a unique & thorough methodology. market optimization and sales forecasting models, as well as a custom built application. Indicia is the only company that offers a time-tested technology for creating exhaustive lists of competitors and traffic generators or point of interest*. This technology that goes by the name of “WebSpy” enables us to create files that encapsulate 95% of the requisite companies, and that improves upon these lists by appending product lines, brands, or the services offered by each competitor’s point of sale. * A point of interest is the presence of another company that can have a positive or negative impact on the performance of your point of sales. Some generate more traffic than others.
  6. 6. Indicia by the numbers 263,000 Neighborhoods across North America 3,000 Variables that can be analyzed and measured 1,000 Projects delivered 100 Clients in Canada and the United States 15 Years experience in geomarketing 2 Time-tested methodologies 1 Expert system to support business decisions Indicia can help you “Master your growth” CONTACT US: Tel.: 450 477-3330 CANADA 3467 des Entreprises Blvd, #103 Terrebonne, QC J6X 4J9 USA 305 North Main Street Andover, MA 01810