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Unite India and Pakistan - #IndiawithPakistan

Share the pain of our Pakistani brothers and sisters grieving for children slaughtered by the Talibans. Strength, solidarity, hope.

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Unite India and Pakistan - #IndiawithPakistan

  1. 1. Peshawar Attack - #IndiawithPakistan The Peshawar attack came on Dec 16, commemorated in Pakistan as a ‘black day’. The attack began in the morning hours, with about half a dozen gunmen entering the school - and shooting at random. Army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and started exchanging fire with the gunmen.
  2. 2. What had happened – Peshawar School Attack On 16 December 2014, 9 gunmen affiliated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) conducted a terrorist attack on the Army Public School. The militants, all of whom were foreign nationals, included one Chechen, three Arabs and two Afghans. They entered the school and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age.
  3. 3. Indian School Children Pay Tributes to the Children killed in Pakistan Terror Attack. Schools across the country observed a two-minute silence on Wednesday in a show of solidarity with Pakistan following an appeal from Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the dastardly terror attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar. Special prayers were also held in some schools with children sporting black bands.
  4. 4. Condemning the Peshawar carnage. Some Students Also Penned Poems condemning the Peshawar carnage.
  5. 5. Modi calls Sharif, says Peshawar attack an assault on humanity In a mark of solidarity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday night to offer his condolences for the loss of lives in the Peshawar school attack.
  6. 6. Children are the Future "Children are the future,” an India student said. “The terrorists should not have killed our future. That's of no use. In fact, by killing the future they have only united us, which will be harmful to the militants."
  7. 7. India Stood in Silence as a Tribute to Students and Teachers Pakistan’s hour of grief has turned into a moment of solidarity across the border, as parliamentarians, students and ordinary citizens in India stood in silence as a tribute to the 148 students and teachers killed brutally in a Taliban attack in Peshawar.
  8. 8. Promote Tolerance and Unity Among India and Pakistan #IndiaWithPakistan 1. The combined country would be able to play a greater role in the SAARC region. 2. The economy would be a more stable and it would lead to greater standard of living to the people. 3. The combined country would have one of the world's largest army. And geographically it would be a tactical advantage as the mountains would act as natural barriers. 4. Great variety of food. 5. Probably, we will have the best cricket team in the world.
  9. 9. 6. On a lighter note, it would be the country with world's largest population and would be the most culturally diverse country. 7. Lot of beautiful places to travel. 8. Terrorism can be handled more efficiently and can be rooted out. 9. There would not be much problem of illegal immigration. 10. The combined country would have the world's largest fertile plain, the Ganga Brahmaputra Delta.
  10. 10. 11. Lot of renewable energy can be produced from the Brahmaputra river, and also water can be used for irrigation. 12. The combined country can then together focus on poverty eradication, development of Industries, lot of more focused Research and Development opportunities. 13. More medals in international events like Olympics, Asian Games, etc.
  11. 11. Share Your Thoughts Share the pain of our Pakistani brothers and sisters grieving for children slaughtered by the Talibans. Join the group here at MyComms

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Share the pain of our Pakistani brothers and sisters grieving for children slaughtered by the Talibans. Strength, solidarity, hope. Join:


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