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Graduate REALTOR Institute

  1. 1. What is the GRI designation?
  2. 2. GRIs are: GRI’s are…. •  Nationally recognized •  Professionally trained •  Knowledgeable •  Dedicated to quality service
  3. 3. Why Should You Become a GRI?
  4. 4. In today's competitive business environment you need more than just motivation and initiative to succeed; you need to the advantage of the education you receive in the GRI program.
  5. 5. The GRI designation indicates that you have made the commitment to provide a high level of professional service to your clients by securing a strong educational foundation.
  6. 6. New technology, laws, procedures and the increasing sophistication of buyer and sellers require real estate practitioners to perform with a higher level of professionalism.
  7. 7. Sales Legal & Technology Professional Process Regulatory •  Communications Standards •  Business •  Fair housing •  General •  NAR Code of development •  Brokerage technology Ethics •  Sales and Relationships •  Business •  Arbitration Marketing •  Contracts Technology •  Mediation •  Customer & •  Environmental Client Services Issues •  Cultural Diversity
  8. 8. $40,900 Median income for REALTORS® without NAR designation $82,900 Median income for REALTORS® with a designation 2005 NAR Member Survey
  9. 9. More than 25 years old, the Institute has graduated thousands of REALTORS® who have found GRI to be a powerful tool for attracting and building new business.
  10. 10. Continuous education seems to be the key to success in any career and that holds true with Real Estate. An excellent source of education is the GRI program, and it provides the opportunity for new friendships that are long lasting, provides networking and referrals. Carol King Seymour, IN
  11. 11. I have had my GRI designation for several years, and it has provided me with amazing tools to better serve buyers and sellers. It is always good to be the best you can be in service to your community thru better education. Getting your GRI designation provides you with the best. Berdina Head, Broker Kokomo, IN
  12. 12. GRI was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn some of the best marketing techniques in the industry. It helped me understand how to put systems in place to better serve buyers and sellers. It also gave me new tools to better compete with agents that have many more years of experience. Recently, it helped me gain listings when competing with other agents by using techniques to overcome objections. Jeanne Scott Kokomo, IN
  13. 13. I did my GRI back in 1982-83 and 84 but it is still fresh in my memory. It was filled with many national speakers, great topics of discussion and a lot of information to hang on to. I was 5 years into the business in 1982 and found out that I didn’t know it all. Steve Coverdale Tipton, IN
  14. 14. In today’s competitive real estate market, GRI provides the education necessary to put you ahead of the pack. Valerie Rosenblum Valparaiso
  15. 15. Early in my career I completed the GRI program. GRI provided amazing tools and techniques to enhance my skills. For me, it was an action-packed, fun, and enlightening experience. I'm so glad I took the time to complete it and I highly recommend it! Jane Trueblood Kokomo, IN
  16. 16. Ready to Join GRI?
  17. 17. Monday, October 18 –Thursday, October 21
  18. 18. Learn more by visiting