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Your complimentary cheat sheet


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Have one on us!!!

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Your complimentary cheat sheet

  1. 1. The Cheat Sheet 2012 Your Complimentary Cheat Sheet Some Rumor, Some Gossip, Some Innuendo, All Fun!!!Although the Cheat Sheet is a subscriber-based publication, like a girl I used to date,we don’t mind giving it away for free every once in a while. This is one of thosetimes. If you like what you read, subscribe. For the price of a martini and a goodcigar, it’s well worth it. Happy Reading!!!Who Doesn’t Want to be Lt. Governor Although Mike Pence has Sue Ellpersmann and John Gregg has Vi Simpson The Cheat Sheet (TCS) hears there were some other candidates on both those lists. We hear the Pence camp did some reaching out to current Lt. Governor Becky Skillman as well as former State Senator, now Commissioner of Higher Education, Teresa Lubbers who politely declined. Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas wasn’t interested either. Now before you get all excited, John Gregg wasn’t having the best of luck either, Ft. Wayne Mayor Tom Henry apparently said thanks, but no thanks. And we hear Marion County Clerk Beth White’s name had surfaced, but rumor has it the Gregg folks didn’t want Indianapolis on the ticket, per se.Putting on the Ritz We mentioned that Washington Township educator Glenda Ritz is the fan favorite for Indiana Democrats to run against Dr. Tony Bennett for Superintendent of Public Instruction. She’s apparently the head of the teacher’s union in Washington Township and brings ISTA and about $1 million to the table. The problem with all that apparently is a big ISTEP cheating scandal brewing in Washington Township schools that WTHR-TV has been working on. TCS hears some of the teachers are targets of a cheating scandal and Glitz, as the head of the union, may be put in the uncomfortable position of defending them. Not a good place to be when you are running for the job of educator in chief for the State of Indiana. That guy from Martinsville doesn’t look too bad, does he?1 | The Cheat Sheet. Brought to you by the Nicky Blaine’s Absolut, Cigars, Spirits &Signing Party, Thursday, May 24. You don’t want to miss it.
  2. 2. The Cheat Sheet 2012State Conventional Wisdom Although state political conventions can be pretty boring at times, dont be shocked if both the Republican and Democratic state conventions get really interesting next month. TCS hears the Ron Paulbots are planning to use the rule book and either disrupt or co-opt the GOP convention like they have done in other states. See Nevada. In addition, TCS is also hearing the Marion County Democratic Party (i.e. Ed Treacy) may be planning a coup against Chairman Dan Parker as a way to get even after last December’s antics. Word is they expect the convention in Ft. Wayne to be lightly attended and therefore they would have most of the delegates present and then political pandemonium would ensue.Meet Joe, Black U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly is taking a page out of Republican Mike Pence’s playbook and trying to meet with the group of independent Black pastors, businessmen and community leaders in Indianapolis. This is the same group that you could argue was responsible for delivering enough of the Black vote to get Mayor Greg Ballard re-elected in a county where Democrats have a 10-point advantage. No word yet on whether Richard Mourdock or John Gregg will be paying them a visit.Support Your Local Sheriff Republican State Senator Tom Wyss may be getting a primary opponent the next go around. Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries is apparently looking at running for the spot. We hear Fries is a pretty popular figure and could potentially beat Wyss in a contested race.Primary colors Speaking of challengers, we hear Bob Morris (of girl scout cookie controversy) is getting a Republican challenger. No word yet on who it officially is, but they may be running as an independent.2 | The Cheat Sheet. Brought to you by the Nicky Blaine’s Absolut, Cigars, Spirits &Signing Party, Thursday, May 24. You don’t want to miss it.
  3. 3. The Cheat Sheet 2012Ticking TIF Time Bomb The City of Indianapolis is sitting on a ticking time bomb involving those tax increment finance districts. The Council has been trying to exercise more control over the TIF Districts, and in the process hasn’t approved any in some important places like 10th Street. The TIFs have to be approved by a certain date so the projects can be financed and construction can begin. If not, hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment and hundreds of jobs are not going to materialize. Watch for that one.Layton v. Ballard Also keep an eye out for a big fight about to begin between the Mayor and Sheriff, John Layton. TCS hears MCSD owes City Fleet Services more than $1 million for vehicle repairs and they have no intention of paying that bill anytime soon. We’re also trying to get our arms around the rumor that MCSD has been providing security detail for some high ranking elected officials in town.Out of the Mouth of Mahern Speaking of Democrat Council, CCC Vice-President Brian Mahern has already started running around telling people he’s going to run for Mayor in 2015. The good news is that no one is taking him seriously.Raucous Caucus Some Council Democrats are not too happy about the nomination of Stephen Clay to the Police Merit Board. They’re worried that Clay’s past is going to come “out” sometime soon and politically bite them in the rear end. They’re right.So that’s the Cheat Sheet. We hope you’ve enjoyed your complimentary edition. If youlike it, click here for a subscription. Right now, we’ve got a special deal, $25 for sixmonths. We also have corporate rates as well. What’s not to like? What’s not to love?It comes out bi-weekly, unless the gossip is really good then we put it out weekly. Itcomes to you e-mailed in the very easy PDF format.3 | The Cheat Sheet. Brought to you by the Nicky Blaine’s Absolut, Cigars, Spirits &Signing Party, Thursday, May 24. You don’t want to miss it.
  4. 4. The Cheat Sheet 2012We also take gossip as well, you can e-mail it to or drop it off inan envelope at Nicky Blaine’s. (I’m not kidding). All this for the price of a good martiniand cigar. You can’t get this kind of gossip anywhere else! So do yourself a favor,subscribe today and help a brotha out for the price of a Davidoff’s and Tanqueray.And yes, we know we are peddling gossip, but apparently you liked it enough to readthis far.4 | The Cheat Sheet. Brought to you by the Nicky Blaine’s Absolut, Cigars, Spirits &Signing Party, Thursday, May 24. You don’t want to miss it.