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The cheat sheet 04 10-2012

  1. 1. The Cheat Sheet, Vol 2, Issue 11 – April 10, 2013The Cheat Sheet. A Publication of Indy Politics. If you’re reading this so are a lot ofother smart people, advertise today!Is Wyser About to Roll?Our sources are telling us thatformer Marion County DeputyProsecutor David Wyser has beenin talks with the FBI over apossible plea agreement inconnection with an investigationinto whether the office tookcampaign contributions inexchange for lenient plea deals.The talk is that the FBI is trying toget Wyser to roll over on formerProsecutor Carl Brizzi. We’ll keepyou posted as some news couldbreak in the next two weeks.Look for Marion Mayor WayneSeybold to make a bigannouncement regarding hispolitical future shortly aftersession.Pence’s CommunicationProblem?We’ve been hearing for a whileabout a problem brewing betweenthe Mike Pence administration andthe political establishment in theStatehouse, it’s a communicationissue. We’re not sure of the fullextent of it, but the grumblingshave been more noticeablelately. TCS is going to do somedigging and hopefully be able tohave something to report back inthe next edition in a couple ofweeks. We do know the Pencefolks are getting an earful fromIndiana’s far right. They want amore, bold aggressive socialagenda, unfortunately, orfortunately, the Governor has beenfocusing on getting Hoosiers towork. Like we said, we’re keepingour ears close to the ground onthis one.
  2. 2. The Cheat Sheet, Vol 2, Issue 11 – April 10, 2013The Cheat Sheet. A Publication of Indy Politics. If you’re reading this so are a lot ofother smart people, advertise today!Bosma’s BackTCS is glad to hear that HouseSpeaker Brian Bosma is back to theStatehouse Wednesday followingemergency surgery. We’re alsotold Bosma worked really hard toget back was to be more involvedin the discussions regarding thewhole Rockport gasification matter.More on Mass Transit’sDetourSo how did mass transit end up onthe road to a studycommittee? Easy, it was the onlything lawmakers could have agreedon. Some didn’t like thereferendum, some didn’t like thetax increase, some didn’t like thelight rail component, so the onlything they could agree on was tosend it to a summer studycommittee and try to hash out allthe details. No one wanted to sendthe referendum to 2015, becausethat would drive (pardon the pun)the Mayor’s race. We hear theybelieve they can get all this doneand likely on the ballot in 2015.Polling 621TCS hears Marion CountyDemocrats may have been pollingto find out how to message theiropposition to SB 621 which eitherreformed Marion Countygovernment or was the biggestpower grab since World WarII. The Democrats have beenhaving a lot of trouble garneringpublic support for the bill asevidence by the fact there hasn’tbeen much traction outside thepolitical class. Their most recenteffort was an ad put out by CountyParty equating Mayor Greg Ballardto the Emperor in Star Wars.Democrats CourtingScales?Indianapolis City-County CouncilDemocrats are trying to getChristine Scales to flipparties. They are trying tocapitalize on her split with hercaucus and the Mayor’s office onSB 621. TCS doesn’t think she
  3. 3. The Cheat Sheet, Vol 2, Issue 11 – April 10, 2013The Cheat Sheet. A Publication of Indy Politics. If you’re reading this so are a lot ofother smart people, advertise today!would go “D”, she’s would be morelikely to go “I” (Independent).A Big IPS MessIf you thought former IndianapolisPublic Schools SuperintendentEugene White left the district adisaster, you are correct. Not onlywas the District short $30 millionand change, but apparently justbefore he left, White gave raises toa lot of District administratorswithout Board approval. And sincethe were below $10,000 they didn’tneed Board approval, they werekept just under that number. Andapparently there is quite the e-mailtrail out there. And to makematters even worse Tech Highschool has become a giant pool ofnepotism. And there are a ton ofcontracts out there with individualsmaking more than $100,000annually, but no one knows exactlywhat they do. Keep a watch outfor this, it’s going to be ugly.How Not to Win FriendsIf former Indiana RNCCommitteeman Jim Bopp had anyfriends left in Indiana, he doesn’tanymore. Bopp apparently went alittle overboard with some e-mailsbragging about his newappointment with the RNC. It notonly rubbed a lot of folks thewrong way, but it came across asmore arrogant than Bopp usuallyis. The irony as one Cheatsubscriber put it is that the manwho invented the litmus test forRepublicans is heading up grassroots outreach at a time when theGOP needs to reach out to moregroups.Club for Growth Not so BigChris Chocola and his Club forGrowth keep having problemsfinding someone to run againstLarry Bucshon in the May primaryin 2014. TCS hears the big reasonis that the Congressman has kept arelatively conservative votingrecord and continues to domoderately well on the fundraisingfront. It also helps that he is notcrazy and Club for Growth helpedput Joe Donnelly in the U.S.Senate.
  4. 4. The Cheat Sheet, Vol 2, Issue 11 – April 10, 2013The Cheat Sheet. A Publication of Indy Politics. If you’re reading this so are a lot ofother smart people, advertise today!Coats & CashU.S. Senator Dan Coats recentlytold us he is proceeding as if he isrunning for re-election. Well, wehave no reason not to believehim. We know at his fundraiserlast Thursday at the CanterburyHotel, know he pulled in at least$40,000. That’s definitelysomeone who is running.Who Wants to be Mayor ofFishersGet out your laundry list, TCShears the former President of theFishers Town Council, WaltKelly, has started contactingdonors about running for the Mayorof Fishers. Depending on what kindof support he gets, he mightannounce at the end ofsummer. He was President rightbefore Scott Faultess who is alsorunning for Mayor. Also, ChristiWolf, the veteran leader of theFishers Chamber of Commerce,who served 13 years as presidentand CEO is rumored to be thinkingabout making a run. Also on deck,Renee Cox, John Weingardt andmaybe Dan Cannon, currentFishers Chamber President.ClerksWe told you months ago this wascoming, Marion County ElectionBoard Administrator Myla Elridgehas officially thrown her hat intothe ring for Marion CountyClerk. Myla has a couple obstaclesto overcome. First of all, we’retold Marion County Assessor JulieVoorhies wants the job also. AndCenter Township Constable TonyDuncan isn’t a big fan either andapparently has a ton of dirt onMyla that he is just waiting tounleash. Of course Julie has somenepotism issues we’re told withmembers of her family on thepayroll in her office. One of whichis her daughter, Beth John-Pingwho is her executiveassistant. How do we know this,it’s on her Facebook page.
  5. 5. The Cheat Sheet, Vol 2, Issue 11 – April 10, 2013The Cheat Sheet. A Publication of Indy Politics. If you’re reading this so are a lot ofother smart people, advertise today!LPIN ChairThe Libertarian Party of Indianawill have their race for Chairmanon April 20th. We’re told it is avirtual dead heat betweenincumbent Chairman SamGoldstein and challenger DanDrexler, former Executive Director.Editor’s NoteAs we come down to the lastcouple weeks of the IndianaGeneral Assembly, we plan to sendout a lot more e-mails to keep youupdated as the gossip movespretty quickly, so be sure to checkyour e-mails regularly. It may notbe a full newsletter, but you willdefinitely get the info you need toknow. We’re hearing someinteresting things on the budget,gaming and SB 621, so stay tuned.Disclaimer:The Cheat Sheet is a publication ofIndyPolitics.Org. This is a compilationof pure gossip, rumor and blatantinnuendo. We assume no liability if itis wrong, we only take credit for itwhen it’s right!If you’ve got something you want toshare, (good, bad or ugly) send it We promisenot to use you name because we wantto take full credit for it!