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Seybold column

  1. 1. Wayne Seybold Probably the question I get asked most is “Why are you running for State Treasurer?” The answer is quite simple – I want to give back and feel that I’m the most qualified and committed person running for this office. I want to give back because I owe Hoosiers so much. My community of Marion was so supportive as my sister and I worked hard for years to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Indiana has provided me with opportunities to grow and learn and experience life in a traditional, yet meaningful way. Hoosiers from around the state have talked to me and provided me with the inspiration for public service. I’ve listened to them and their concerns and will continue to do so when I hold state office. Yes, I truly owe so much to this great state. I’m the most qualified, because I understand how government works. I’m in my third term as Mayor of Marion, a city that’s faced so many challenges over the past decade. Yet, our city has pulled through – and pulled through well – because our administration held fast to conservative fiscal principles and prioritized the well-being of our citizens. The results can easily be seen. Neighborhoods are being revitalized. Businesses are moving to Marion to take advantage of our positive growth. Our overall financial profile has improved dramatically. When I became Mayor more than a decade ago, our city couldn’t get a decent bond rating. Today, we just received an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. That’s a reflection of our hard work and positive approach to government. We have a stable economy. We have jobs. And it continues to get better. Two years ago, my wife and I sat down and had a soul-searching, heart-to-heart talk about my future. She understands how much hard work a campaign takes. Yet she was – and continues to be – fully supportive of my campaign for State Treasurer. Her confidence and the love of my entire family have propelled me through this campaign.
  2. 2. Now, as we head to the Republican Convention, I ask that the delegates take a look at the real qualifications of each candidate. I ask that you listen to all of the candidates at the convention, hear what they have to say, and then choose the best candidate who can get elected in November. As Republicans, we need to focus on the general election. Our values, our beliefs as Republicans don’t differ so much from one candidate to the other. We’re all conservatives who believe in the sanctity of life, preserving our freedoms, and the need for smaller, more responsive government. But our differences with those on the other side of the aisle are significant – and during the fall campaign, you can bet that the Democrats will do everything they can to win this race, including raising every work-related and personal issue that they can to a receptive, sometimes hostile media. As always, I’ll be focused on running a clean and honest campaign. That’s how I’ve always campaigned; that’s how I will run the State Treasurer’s office, with transparency and honesty. The Seybold Plan includes:  Maximizing the return and protecting the state’s investment portfolio through professional money management.  Protecting the income tax credit for college savings; helping Hoosier families save for college and reduce student loan debt.  Expanding the Indiana Bond Bank programs to assist local government to pirate more efficiently at no additional cost to our state.  Aggressively collecting 911 fees from Obamaphone users, as the law requires. Friends, I’m an experienced leader who understands what it takes to run local and statewide government. I have the qualifications for this office and the conservative credentials to succeed. I’ve won elections and translated those victories into financial success. Now, I’m asking for your support for the office of State Treasurer.