Senate hb 1001 handout 4.4.13 final


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Senate hb 1001 handout 4.4.13 final

  1. 1. SUMMARY OF SENATE APPROPRIATIONS BUDGET BILL (HB 1001) 4/4/2013 K-12 EDUCATION PROVISIONS  K-12 tuition support: $331 over biennium (2% increase FY14 and 1% increase in FY15). o Distributed using both the fall (September) and spring (February) count. o Speeds up transition to foundation formula by one year (4 year transition in FY14 and 3 years in FY15 vs. 7 years in 2012 and 6 years in 2013). o Primetime grants included in foundation base (instead of separate grant). o Increases academic honors award categorical grant to $1,000 per student (currently $900). o Funds complexity issues at over $1B each year or 17% of formula. o Funds special education each year at over $500M each year. o Funds career and technical education at an average of over $100M each year.  Repays all outstanding charter school advances (approx. $80M).  Requires DOE & DOR to verify income information submitted on applications for textbook reimbursement and choice scholarship (voucher) applications.  Funds school performance at $25M based on test scores and graduation rate.  Adds $10M/year for School Resource Officers (SB 1). HIGHER EDUCATION PROVISIONS  Authorizes $383M in university capital projects.  Total operating funding increase of $99M over biennium. o Operating dollars include $61M in performance funding for institutions (same as current level). HEALTH PROVISIONS  Creates the Healthy Indiana Plan Savings Account that may be used for funding HIP continuation.  Transfers excess Indiana Check-up fund (HIP) to Healthy Indiana Plan Savings Account.  Indefinitely sets the maximum reimbursement rate that the DOC must pay for inmate medical services at Medicare + 4% (current expiration date is July 1, 2013) and requires state and locals to first apply to Medicaid.  Creates a medical student shortage area scholarship ($1M in FY14 and $2M FY15) for students who serve in primary care shortage areas of the state upon graduation from medical school. o Creates a 10% income tax credit for individuals who received scholarship and continue to serve as primary care physician in shortage area of the state for three consecutive years after scholarship commitment.Prepared by Senate Majority Fiscal Staff
  2. 2. SUMMARY OF SENATE APPROPRIATIONS BUDGET BILL (HB 1001) 4/4/2013 TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROVISIONS  Provides additional $112M to INDOT and $101M to local roads. o Reallocates 1% of the sales & use tax distribution to the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund. o Phases in the replacement of the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund appropriation for the State Police and BMV with state general fund dollars over two years. o Local units will only receive this increased distribution if they have an excise surtax/wheel tax. o Allows a county income tax council in addition to the county council to adopt a county wheel tax.  Creates the Major Moves 2020 Trust Fund and appropriates $200M/year for major highway expansion projects. TAX PROVISIONS  Repeals inheritance tax retroactive to January 1, 2013 ($150M/year).  Reduces the individual income tax rate from 3.4% to 3.3% beginning January 1, 2015 ($150M/year).  Changes the taxable adjusted gross receipts (AGR) for slot machine wagering tax from current law of 99% to 91.5% after June 30, 2013 to reflect agreement with prior administration.  Deposits the HIP cigarette tax allocation to the new HIP Savings account after HIP expires.  Requires local units to share in decreased FIT collections by phasing down local guarantee over four years (in response to SB 552 and HB 1018 on the FIT tax rate reduction from 8.5% to 6.5%).  Excess reserves for FY13 will be distributed to the pension stabilization fund (approx. $97M). MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS  Increases funding for Department of Child Services by $30M per year to provide funding for additional caseworkers and hotline improvements.  Protects dedicated funds from being transferred and requires increased transparency when funds are shifted. o Transfers $1.9M from state general fund to the preneed consumer protection fund in FY13.  Reinstates horse racing reinvestment with an industry study to be done.  Releases $3M to the recycling grant program each year.Prepared by Senate Majority Fiscal Staff