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Indy's TIFs


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Indy's TIFs

  1. 1. Marion County TIF Districts Indianapolis, IN MERIDIAN ST M ICH IG A NR 865 D TOWNSHIP LINE RD 96TH ST D 840 R RD ZIONSVILLE RD HAGUE R 440 DITC H RD V E 86TH S T RI 86TH ST COLLEGE AVE IELD RD MI C 8 2N PAYNE RD 69 RD D S T 465 82ND ST H IG RE FOX R D KEYS TONE AVE DEAN RD RD O SH A DELAND AVE M 79TH ST ST AN O WEST F T IN SUN NY 640 EN MA RD WILSO N RD 73RD S T RG KE VD 71ST ST SA GRAN DVIEW DR SIDE RD 447 BL 841 PI RD 842 O N ET O 62 ND ST EK RD NF CRE L FALL ND BI KESSLER PE CENTRAL AVE HIGH SCHOOL RD LVD ED B KN R CA 56TH S T OL MERIDIAN ST PI LTON RD TOL AVE 52ND ST REED RD GUIO N 65 46TH ST 448 ARLINGTON AVE RD GEORGETOWN RD 38TH ST 38TH ST MOLLER RD RACEWAY RD 148 34TH ST 154 COUNTRY CLUB RD 151 30TH ST 70 74 29TH ST 761 149 ILLINOIS ST 26TH ST 25 TH ST BURDSAL PKWY 944 D ST 945 22N 156 21ST ST 143 144 16TH ST R AL ST 155 16TH ST MAIN ST T 158 MUESSING S 11TH 741 10TH ST 150 RU MITTHOEFER RD MIC HI GAN ST US 40 ST GIRLS SCHOOL RD POST RD 152 EMERSON AVE 940 157 NEW YORK ST ROCK VILLE RD TI 146 140 ENGLISH AVE HOLT RD 941 908 142 BBS AVE E L A ND AVE EAST ST PROSPECT ST MORRIS ST ST 141 ON 145 147 IN GT MINNESOTA ST 752 BRO OKV 960 SH IL WA LE R STATE AVE RAYMOND ST AD LYNHU RST DR D CARROLL RD SH 40 153 SENOUR RD 740 13TH AVE E 352 TROY AVE 17TH AVE AV 946 TROY AVE KITLE Y RUS HAR DING ST KY FRANKLIN RD C RIFF RD N TU KE CA RG HANNA AVE DE D RS SH ERM VAN D ON 70 BLUFF R G AVE AN DR D 241 SH R A RD 465 TH OMPSON RD 552 KEYSTONE AVE FIVE POINTSR S R 135 EL 37 Y BY VIL 74 RD SR MA D EAS T ST L MC FARLAND RD M MANN E RIPLEX P EDGEWOOD AVE A ER 240 ACTON RD 65 ISON D KW HICKORY RD Y CAMBY RD SOUTHPORT RD AVE US D GREGO R R M C 31 PADD OCK RD STOP 11 RD MOORESVILLE RD SHELBY ST MAZE RD RALSTON RD WICKER RD COUNTY LINE RD SR 135 37 SR 140, West Washington Street Project 147, Barrington Housing TIF 154, Fall Creek East Housing TIF 352, Amtrak/Conrail Redevelopment Area 741, Naval Center (Hughes) 940, Airport Redevelopment - Wayne Outside 141, Harding Street Project 148, Fall Creek Housing TIF 155, Near Eastside Housing TIF 440, Lawrence 96th Street Project 752, Amtrak/Conrail Redevelopment Area 941, Airport Redevelopment - Indianapolis Wayne 142, S.E. Redevelopment Project 149, United NW Area (UNWA) 156, Martindale Industrial Redevelopment Area 447, Fort Harrison Reuse Authority 761, NAWC 944, Speedway Redevelopment Area 143, N.W. Redevelopment Project 150, Meridian Redevelopment Area 157, West Washington Street Economic Development Area 448, Pendleton Pike Redevelopment Area 840, Washington 96th Street Project 945, Speedway Redevelopment Area II 144, Near North Industrial Park 151, Martindale-Brightwood Dev Area 158, Supplemental Housing Program Allocation Area 552, South Emerson Redevelopment Area 841, Glendale Redevelopment Area (801) 946, Tibbs Avenue Redevelopment Area 145, Union Station Center Project 152, Meridian II Redevelopment Area 240, Airport Redevelopment - Decatur Outside 640, Dow Elanco Redevelopment Project 842, Glendale Redevelopment Area (874) 960, United Facility 146, Convention Center Hotel Project 153, Lilly PP TIF 241, Airport Redevelopment - Indianapolis Decatur 740, Brookville/Senour Redevelopment Project 908, Airport Redevelopment - Wayne-Ben Davis Date: June 2009 This map does not represent a legal document. 0 1.25 2.5 5 Miles Produced by: Marion Co. ISA-GIS Division, F.B. It is intended to serve as an aid in graphic representation Data Source: IMAGIS, City of Indianapolis/Marion Co. GIS only. Information shown on this map is not warranted for accuracy or merchantability.