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Don Bates, Jr. column


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Don Bates, Jr. explains why he is running for State Treasurer

Published in: News & Politics
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Don Bates, Jr. column

  1. 1. As a lifelong Hoosier, I've always had great affection for our state. Growing up on our family farm in Decatur County, I learned the value of hard work, honesty, trust in God and the importance of family, friends and neighbors. I've worked hard to use those values in both my professional and private life. In my 19 years as a financial advisor, I have worked with fellow Hoosiers from all walks of life. I've sat down at their table and discussed how sound financial planning with have a positive impact on them, their children and grandchildren for decades to come. It gives me great pride to be able to make fellow Hoosiers' lives a little better. At home, my wife, Amy and I are raising our four kids and we want to make sure that Indiana continues to be a good place to make a living and raise a family now and in the future. It's that commitment to fellow Hoosiers and our desire to have future generations remain Hoosiers that has driven me to seek the office of State Treasurer. I think we can take the State Treasurer's office from good to great. We have great 529 education savings plans that are underutilized by Hoosiers. I'll use my experience of discussing the pros and cons of these plans with parents and
  2. 2. grandparents to ensure all eligible Hoosiers know these tax-deferred instruments are available. In fact, I've set a goal of doubling participation in the 529 plans over the next 8 years. While traveling the state and researching how the treasurer's office works, I learned that over half of our assets leave the state. That's over half of our hard-earned tax dollars that automatically gets shipped off to Chicago or New York. I believe we should work to keep more of our assets here at home. That's why I'm the only candidate that has proposed the Invest In Indiana Plan. This plan will allow local financial institutions to compete with the out-of-state firms. We'll increase competition and save Hoosiers money on Day 1. In the second part of the Invest In Indiana Plan, I will work with Indiana based businesses and investment firms to set up an investment pool of just Indiana businesses. This fund will create a sound investment tool for an investor to grow their nest eggs while growing our state’s economy. Having your tax dollars actually invested in Indiana and directly invested in Indiana companies doesn’t just make sense but it also can create jobs and grow our economy. This weekend, Republican State Convention Delegates will be making a choice between business as usual or an innovative, fresh approach in State Government. I would be honored to have your support and to be the Republican standard-bearer in the fall. - Don Bates is a financial advisor that lives in Winchester with his wife and four children. He is seeking the Republican nomination for State Treasurer.