Terrorism: The Big Deal


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Terrorism: The Big Deal

  1. 1.  Terrorism is the act of using force and fear to achieve a goal.  These acts endanger all life (animal, plant, or human) from all over the world.  Violence is often used to attain weapons.  Weapons are used to intimidate the public and instill fear.
  2. 2.  Sometime between 1st century BCE and the 13th Century, a Jewish group, called Sicarii, carried out violence to instill fear (national liberation or terrorism) to push their Roman rulers out of Judea.  Over the years many groups took up terrorism to instill fear. Now look at a recent map of where terrorist attacks occurred in the United States.
  3. 3.  Terrorism is committed with a goal in mind.  Terrorists will go to any lengths to reach that goal.  Violence is most definitely used.  Social and political injustices are the main causes of terrorism.  Terrorists want a social or political change will take radical measures to attain that goal. This is a picture of a Somali Terrorist Group.
  4. 4.  Socialist/Communist Terrorism – people who still support the communist structure of government.  National Liberation – people take to terrorism to free their country (its not always for a bad cause).  Religious Terrorism – terrorism that are explained using religion.  State Terrorism – when a large geographical region works together using violence to instill fear. The different types and reasons of terrorism.
  5. 5.  Using the graph, it can be seen that less developed places in Asia, Africa, and South America are at the highest risk of terrorism.  Specific locations include the Indian Subcontinent, Algeria, and Columbia.  Keep in mind, terrorism can happen anywhere at anytime. This picture talks about where the risks of terrorism is higher, surprisingly areas with higher social and political issues have a higher risk.
  6. 6.  Al-Qaeda – this is the biggest terrorist group out there. They were the ones to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks. Their leader Osama Bin Laden was assassinated by the US a few years ago.  Tamil Tigers – is a terrorist group from Sri Lanka. They are know for suicide bombings and carried out the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Sri Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lanka President Premadasa.  Hamas – is a terrorist group that using Islam to create an Islamic state in the West Bank and Gaza strip in Palestine. Where Al – Qaeda has hit with terrorist attacks
  7. 7.  9/11 – On September 11th, 2001, the most dangerous terrorist attack was carried out. Four planes were hijacked. Two planes knocked down the Twin Towers in New York, one hit the Pentagon, and one (due to great bravery by the passengers) crashed in a field.  2008 Mumbai Attacks – During November 27th - 29th, ten Pakistani men attacked various places in Mumbai including the Taj hotel and a railway station.  Monday April 15th, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings – This attack was carried out by two brothers, in a big city in the United States, and during a major event. Mumbai Attacks (top) 9/11 (bottom)
  8. 8.  Obviously it is a problem because many people die and a lot of property is damaged.  National Governments, The UN, and the FBI are working together to stop terrorism.  Other groups are monitoring and combating terrorists throughout the world. FBI logo (left) UN Logo (bottom)
  9. 9.  Many groups such as the NSA are monitoring the activities of everyone, trying to find clues to stop terrorists.  The FBI, UN, and National Governments have set borders, are monitoring, and taking down terrorists. Former Leader of Al – Qaeda until US Navy Seals assassinated him
  10. 10.  First, we change our thinking. Violence is not the way. Gandhi freed India from England without lifting a gun or knife, so why can’t we settle our differences in the same way.  We can inform the FBI, government, and Police for any suspected terrorist activities.  Governments and organizations work together to fight terrorism.
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