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  1. 1. TEAM DETAILS Coordinator : Rameswari Bai Members : (1) Vikash Raj (2) Anshul Bafna (3) Rahul Kumar (4) Aman Kumar
  2. 2. Problem statement Today, corruption is taken for granted and people with money are most respected by the society Politics is like a game. If you play well, you will keep on ascending and one day you will be certified as the Master of Politics The representatives who stand for elections are stuffed with various criminal charges against them Politicians bribe for votes and threatened with muscle power which is nothing but a by product of money power
  3. 3. Money and muscle power in elections are the direct consequence of corruption in government machinery without eradicating corruption, it is impossible to defeat money and muscle power in elections They collect funds from companies and business houses and use this money to influence the voter to vote in their favour Men who value ethics are enabled to come to the centre stage of politics there is little chance for a common man with honest intentions and little resources to contest elections , even if he has the capability The political parties only consider the “winnability” (money power & muscle power) of the person for nominating him as the party candidate The targets for the hungry Indian politicians are the simple minded and poor citizens, since: people below poverty line get tempted to easy money vague promises due to their desperate economic and social conditions. CAUSES
  4. 4. Criminalization in politics has contributed towards a feeble electoral system. It is not very new, there were and there are many of the politicians charged with criminal and corruption records, some of them are : Prakash Singh Badal and Sukhbir Singh Badal chief minister and deputy Chief Minister of Punjab respectively, were being held for cheating, possessing asset disproportionate to known sources of income Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, in Adarsh Housing Society scam. Suresh Kalmadi, Member of Parliament for criminal conspiracy and cheating related to 2012 commonwealth games. M.K Kanimozhi, Member of Parliament for 2G spectrum Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy, Member of Parliament for accumulating huge wealth disproportionate to his known source of income. B.S.Yeddyurappa, former chief minister of Karnataka, held for Illegal Mining Scam. CRIMINALIZATION IN ELECORAL SYSTEM
  5. 5. •Circulation of black money in the country which plays a big role in the elections can be largely curtailed by de monetising one thousand rupee currency notes and five hundred rupee currency notes immediately. Curb black money circulation •The negative vote (not voting for anybody) should be accepted by the government and implemented •Citizens should have the liberty to reject all the candidates Importance of negative votes •A special permanent court must be constituted to look into all issues relating to elections at the state and central level, which should be a fast track court Need for fast track court for election disputes •introduce finger print based electronic voting machines, which would count a vote to be legal only when the finger print of the person matches with the one in the database. This would completely eliminate bogus voting Introduce finger print electronic voting PROPOSED SOLUTIONS
  6. 6. • No MLA/MP should be permitted to contest in elections more than two times.In American law no one can become President more than two times similar regulations should be followed in India also. Deny permission for more than two terms • To curb vested family interests which often result in money and muscle power, more than three blood relatives(from the same family) should not be allowed to contest from the same party. Curb family interests • They should be protected from threats from the politicians at the time of elections by giving personal security by the government till they attain the age of 70, if they so desire. Give security to Electoral Officers • In recent times, many voters have complaints that their names have been removed from the rolls. When the names of the voters are in the website, each citizen should take pain to see the website and ensure that his/her name is in the list. If not, they should put up a complaint to the election commissioner immediately. Educate the voters
  7. 7. Candidates are given tickets by the political parties on the consideration whether the candidate can muster the support of larger castes and communities and possesses enough resources. Liquor being distributed in poor areas are frequent during election. This is performed on the basis of money power to earn vote This system of caste and religion voting showed up during various election campaigns when the candidates used to give their speeches in favour of one religion . All these features lead to violence, booth capturing, rigging bogus voting, forcible removal of ballot papers, ballot boxes burning of vehicles, etc. which result into loss of public faith in elections ISSUES AND CHALLENGES BEFORE THE ELECTION COMMISSION
  8. 8. NOTE KE BADLE VOTE One of the major problems with the Legislature is the number of unsatisfactory candidates who find their way to Legislatures. It’s the citizens who do not make use of the benefit furnished to them.
  9. 9. 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 2004 2009 Comparison of serious cases between Lok Sabha 2004 & 2009
  10. 10. APPENDIX 1. www.nandinivoice.org 2. www.studymode.com 3. www.dynamicyouth.org 4. www.outlookindia.com 5. www.adrindia.org 6. www.indianexpress.com