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  1. 1. Fairness at play: Introducing electoral reforms to reduce influence of money and muscle power in politics Team Coordinator: Ritika Banerjee Team Member: C.Aakash Team Member: Aashna Shah Team Member: Punit Kukreja Team Member: Faisal Wisal Youth-Democratic-Drive
  2. 2. 1.Anti social/ Uneducated representatives: Why current electoral status needs change? 2. Unaccounted money, questionable tactics: a. In the process of leading a country a leader should be aware. b. Education is the key to awareness c. As a citizen of the country one shall not tolerate the intake of anti-intellectual leaders. d. Leaders are followed and hence and educated leader would be a better influence. 56%32% 11% 1% %win >>5 cr 5cr - 50lk 50lk - 10lk <<10lk The above status holds true even when candidates having asset <<10lk were 3964 and >>5cr 343. Youth-Democratic-Drive
  3. 3. “Model code of conduct issued by election commission in 1971(5th election)” It is revised time to time. The code expects elections to be conducted in a fair and free manner, but still it seems the candidates turn their deaf ear to the ECI. 3. EC’s highest degree of power not witnessed, drowned by unethical behavior of leaders: 4. Communal loyalty outdo individual priority during elections: a. Citizens are getting derailed towards communalism from the true motive to find perfect leadership. b. Voters should not use elections to prove religious loyalty rather should focus on Indian loyalty. Why current electoral status needs change?Why current electoral status needs change? Youth-Democratic-Drive ^ EC: Election Commission of India
  4. 4. POLICY 1: We want to set hardcore criteria for candidates contesting elections: 1. National Eligibility Test for Political Candidature (NETPC) should commence for screening of candidates wanting to contest elections. * responsibility of NETPC on election commission of India. 2. Verification of criminal and legal records of candidates by EC. 3. A history of strong social work/ community service undertaken by the candidates in past 3 years should be checked by EC. 4. Tax and bank audits of the contestant and his immediate family should be performed. Criminal and legal record pass certificate Social work pass certificate Affidavit, deciding a worthy leader. NETPC pass certificate. Youth-Democratic-Drive Bank and tax audits
  5. 5. POLICY 2: We need to set strict boundaries preventing high expenditure in elections : 1. No to rallies. Yes to public debates supervised by social activists and participated by all contesting candidates and in presence of the countrymen making it a transparent conduct. 2. Air time slot on television to be allotted to particular party/candidate and no separate “prachaar sambhandhit karya ” 3. Collages consisting of candidate profile to be put up on strategic city joints. It enables comparison of candidate profile by the voters. No pamphlets and individual banners on public buildings etc. 4. Using social networking sites as a platform for campaigning. NOTE: 1. The cost of conducting 2004 elections was 125 times greater than that of 1952. 2. 2009 Lok Sabha Poll estimated spending (nearly INR 10,000 crore) is higher than the 2008 US Presidential Elections (nearly INR 8,000 crore). Youth-Democratic-Drive
  6. 6. 1. Installment of IP camera (internet protocol camera): District election commissioner to be put in charge for keeping watch on the proceedings of the election, IP cameras would help maintain decorum during elections. NOTE: IP cameras unlike analog closed circuit television can send and receive data using a computer network and internet. 2. Indian media made watch dog: a. Neighborhood free sheets, school magazines, mass circulation daily newspapers such printed media should be utilized. b. At present, India is the only country in the world with over four dozen 24- hour television channels that broadcast news and current affairs programs in over a dozen languages, including nearly 20 channels in the most widely spoken language: Hindi. c. Private radio stations should enter the scene primarily too. d. All malpractices and election proceedings should be made transparent by Indian media so as any form of denial by the candidates is not encouraged later on during investigation. e. Media should be given appropriate motivation for such coverage NOTE: But on any wrong portrayal of any candidate without evidence, the media group should be suspended for a specific period. POLICY 3: Tackling muscle power Youth-Democratic-Drive
  7. 7. Tackling muscle power 3.Centralized online ID: Based on biometrics voters should be registered online, and centralized biometric ID information should be maintained in a remote server and during elections it should be made available. NOTE: The availability of high tech printing technology has made it easy for physical ID’s to be forged. biometrics: identification of humans based on their characteristics/traits(use of computer science) 4.Online voting: 1. Best way is to include online voting system. 2. Avoids booth capturing and any unethical influence upon the voters 3. European states have indulged themselves into online voting. Youth-Democratic-Drive
  8. 8. POLICY 4: Strengthening rules provided by EC. Election Commission of India has set up rules and regulation which if maintained honestly can result into a transformed election condition. But for immediate effect following measures to be taken: The cognizable offences to be changed into Non- cognizable offence. NOTE: cognizable offences: can be treated directly by the police forces whereas the non cognizable offences: can only be tackled by law keepers once the court gives order. The presiding officer and the police should be made powerful enough to take actions against: people involved in booth capturing, people carrying arms to the election proceedings, people harming a public servant on duty, person trying to persuade voters for a particular candidate, person who destroys ballot paper/EVM or pastes paper on symbols/names/ballot buttons of the EVM for the election etc. Youth-Democratic-Drive
  9. 9. • (POLICY 1) Rs. 5000 payable by the candidates when affidavit submitted to the district EC office. • (POLICY 2) Expenses of public debate and candidate collage should be handled by govt. OR The candidates itself • (POLICY 3) Cost of one IP camera: Rs 4000 approx. Wholesale purchase will be lesser. • (POLICY 1) Panel of knowledgeable and honest personalities to be created to conduct NETPC • (POLICY 2) Panel of well deserved social activists to be made representatives for the public debate • (POLICY 3) a. IT sector of India, companies such as Infosys should associate together to build up a backbone for the online voting system. b. Committee to help rural areas to uplift themselves to Online Voting. Expense Factor Management factor Youth-Democratic-Drive
  10. 10. LIMITATIONS: Youth-Democratic-Drive 1. Indian population: a. People are the core of the system b. Different approaches taken towards society welfare face derailment. c. Every policy tends to become inadequate after a period. 2. Infrastructural setback: Being a developing country sets us back in aspects regarding funds. Which prohibits us from achieving big. 3.Communal loyalty: a. Finding a strong body to educate people about the importance of election over religion is difficult. b. In a survey conducted by us students of GEU, we found out most people aging b/w 18- 25 aren't aware of THE PREAMBLE. In policy 2 *candidates/party will not agree on the area, * One candidates profile damaged entire collage will be demanded to be brought down. * Social networking sites might limit reaching out to 50+ aged voters.
  11. 11. Thank You. Team: ‘Youth democratic drive’ “Elections are held to delude the populace into believing that they are participating in Government”. -Gerald F. Lieberman India shouldn’t hold pride in proving the above statement rather should proudly demand Change! Youth-Democratic-Drive
  12. 12. Resources:- 1. (Asia pacific institute for broadcasting development) : The media resource. 2. : all round information resource 3. : Election 5. PDFs regarding high commission resource criminal rates amongst :By ADR Association for minister. democratic reforms 4. indiandemocracy08. : election facts resource . Youth-Democratic-Drive