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  1. 1. Walk to Equality : Ensuring Safety and Empowerment of Women
  2. 2. A Reality check of the fiefs where the problem has dwelled …Population and Families Health + + Education Power & Decision Making Violence against Women Work Environment Poverty+ + + + + 48.5% females 51.5% males Literacy rate : 82.4% males 65.4% females Ministerial positions :8/74 Judges(SC) : 2/26 Judges (HC):54/634 BPL families :21.9% (269.7 mn) Being physically less strong ,women are vulnerable to disaster outcomings. A total of 228,650 cases of crime against women (both under IPC & SLL) reported in 2011 Urban : Male :54.3 % Female :13.8 % Maternal mortality rate has come down from 254 to 212
  3. 3. The Triggerers behind the curtain … Gender Inequality Illiteracy Lack of effective enforcement of laws Widespread corruption in region of problem Insecure Atmosphere Orthodox & traditional mind-set Disintegration of family structure Voiceless & Helpless Poor Arise in the demand for sex workers in a highly lucrative & globalising sex industry Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs Lack of awareness of rights Lack of Unity Wage Discrimination Greed for Dowry
  4. 4. To mark “Women hold up half the sky “ in real sense , we propose the solution of changing the orthodox , traditional or ill mind-set of people regarding this issue . 1. Naari Sulabh Kaksh (NSK) : • Forming NSK in every village , town , city of India with 24 hour availability . • The members shall belong to the same region /area where NSK is established . Involvement of volunteers from academic , professional and retired sphere shall be the prime focus. • The Agenda of this cell shall include organising Campaigns , Counselling sessions , Seminars , Defence Classes in regard to the female age-groups of the same region , focussing on vulnerabilities and their coping up solutions and being a advisory listener to their grievances . • On the part of Government , initialising the formation of such Cells should be one of the primary objectives . • Appointing personalities for interviewing volunteers . • The Working Agenda should be prepared by Govt. functionaries for atleast one year .
  5. 5. Resources Needed : • Required space for the functioning of NSK . • Financial aid for assisting the activities of the cell. • Mass media participation in publicising the objectives and undertakings of NSK. • Preferring Academic Institutions for developing such cells . Key Zones : • Academic : Schools , Colleges , Universities , etc. • Government Functionaries • Private Sector • Home /Family Sources of Funding : • Government Aid • Philanthropy
  6. 6. Undertakings : • Developing as an “All In One” cell for women , imparting them the counselling , empowering them by educating at basic level , teaching basic defence techniques . • Enhancing the status of women in society by engaging them in small scale entrepreneurship or micro-financing . • Awaring the women about their rights by holding campaigns and advertising via media . • Holding seminars for parents , guiding them to give up their orthodox beliefs like Honour Killing , prostitution , female foeticide , trafficking which put female gender at stake . • Educating adolescent girls about health-related issues such as sanitation during mensturation cycles , contraceptive measures , avoiding drugs and importance of family planning . • Holding discussions and sessions in schools (at grassroot level of imparting education ) concerned with respect of women and seeing them as an equal status human .
  7. 7. Challenges : SOCIAL 1. To attract mass participation regarding the issue 2. To serve as trustworthy entity in society ECONOMIC 1. Proper funding at right time 2. Proper arrangement and management of necessary facilities for NSK POLITICAL 1. Preventing corruption in utilising the Govt. funding 2.Intervention by Political Parties for the sake of mass attention Mitigation : 1. Appointing socially active personalities 2. Support linkages between women’s groups and other social movements that work in the area of economic and social justice. Acquiring funds beforehand for the execution of activities , for eg : preparing yearly budget to propose to Govt. Proper support from regional leaders such as Mayors, MLAs ,etc. by attending the undertakings of NSK .
  8. 8. 2. Including HUMAN ETHICS subject in Curriculum The need of the hour is to eradicate the root cause that is the ill-mindset of male dominant society by beginning from the primary level of academic upbringing of children , i.e . School curriculum . A subject dedicated towards inculcating moral values , behaviour ethics , respect for other gender in tender age children , should be included in the curriculum . AGENDA to be followed : • Presenting the scenario of women suffrage in society via smart classes and how orthodox lifestyle of male dominance is impeding the growth of women . • Adopting the behavioural quality of being a caretaker , helper and supporter of needy groups and voicing hard against the injustices and unjust practices being followed.
  9. 9. IMPACT Educating women will further increase the literacy rate ….since by that we educate a family as “ Empowering Women leads to Empowering Generations”.
  10. 10. Contribution by a team- mate
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