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  1. 1. Stepping Stones: Enhancing the quality of Primary Education Presented by :Water team
  2. 2. When we Talk about the quality of Primary Education A Few Questions arises • Do we have a quality curriculum to teach students ? • Do we have enough teachers and whether the teachers are well trained and qualified ? • Do we have quality provisions for schools or only quantity is a concern ? • Do we have measures for assuring retention in schools or just enrolment will work ?
  3. 3. Where Primary Education Leads to Students ? How we can call students responsible if we are not providing strong and rigid foundation to them during there primary education .if 40% of standard five students in rural India cannot solve simple two-digit subtractions. then there is something wrong with teachers way of teaching.
  4. 4. Primary school teachers in rural India often try to educate students by making them repeat sections of text over and over again. Often they do not explain the meaning of the text, which results in stunted reading comprehension skills over the course of the children's education.
  5. 5. Two reasons are responsible for down quality of education 1. Untrained teachers
  6. 6. 2. Inappropriate evaluation
  7. 7. Another disheartening factor has been a highly bureaucratic administrative system that discourages bold decision making and makes implementation difficult. So initial need of the time is Department of education should be an independent body, run by eminent personalities in field of Education and Research and Persons have done researches in their particular field.
  8. 8. The body Should be just like election commission. Free from any political pressure and financial limitations. There should be uniform curriculum for all India schools.
  9. 9. The Education Lifecycle or Funnel - Building Blocks to Quality Learning We represent the entire education lifecycle as follows:
  10. 10. We need to initiate more Olympiads and competitions to calculate the performance because mark is inappropriate way to do so. Schools should facilitate the learning process , not to interface with it , Teachers should have moderate and balanced perception about the thoughts and things which will help students to shape their own thoughts. We have to left the tendency : Nowadays Humans are being molted into machines and Machines are into humans.