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  1. 1. Manthan Topic: Primary Education Stepping Stones: Enhancing the quality of primary education Education At Risk New steps to improve and enhance our primary education System Team Details Team coordinator:Ankit Kumar Verma 1.Manisha Sharma 2. Anshu Agarwal 3.Chanchal Verma 4.Gaurav Dev
  2. 2. Equal primary education for All 96.4% of kids (age 8-14)enrolled in primary schools So quality of education is important in primary sectors more than quantity of students enrolled Spreading equality in education throughout the country will abolish the differences created by our present education system This will also mean equality in teaching of teachers and hence simplify primary education system (DIET). This system will provide special optional subjects as requirement of the state or village. IMPLEMENTATION Single education Board throughout The Nation Similar and advance teaching tools for primary faculty of the school Common books and guidance tools for pupil No. of education boards Teacher to pupil ratio1:30 as per preamble . 1:30 as per UNICEF Illiteracy 42(including ICSE and CBSE) 1:34 is the average ratio present. 1:60 ratio in Bihar , Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh 40%of illiterate of world present in India ADVANTAGES: Abolish complexity in present education system. Demolish the difference and inferiority among students of different class. SC/ST pupil & school in backward region will get equal opportunity of education of same level as in cities and convents. Equal opportunity in primary education will ultimately Eliminate RESERVATION in our Nation.
  3. 3. COMPULSATION ON GOVERNMENT EMPLOY TO SEND THEIR KIDS TO PRIMARY SCHOOLS ONLY SCHOOL CATAG- ORY AREA MANGEMENT Government Private Aided Private unaided Total Including local body A B A B A B A B PRIM- ARY RURAL 792,852 809,458 61,582 63,477 109,507 131,676 1,461,74 8 1,506,59 4 URBAN 100,139 102,539 56,568 56,816 127,792 154,615 378,295 406,981 ToTAL 892,991 911,997 118,150 120,293 237,299 286,291 1,840,04 3 1,913,57 5 This decrease the level of corruption in our education system , as each government employ will understand that any corruption in primary education will directly effect there child studying in government. No events such as midday meal tragedy in Bihar (killing 22 kids –all aged below 12) will occur. Principle and teachers will make efforts to encourage rest of the government primary teachers to impart better education and proper facilities (like midday meal ) to primary students. • Just as HR(human rent) is imparted to the government employ in very similar way a school rent (SR) can be imparted to government employ . • Survey of school children revel 70% were unhappy with quality of food. Management wise no. Of teaching posts sanctioned, full time teacher in position 0.00% 2.00% 4.00% 6.00% series 1 Country target %share of GDP in education sector
  4. 4. • By providing good infrastructure. • By providing them environment for creativity. • Giving them extra practical knowledge. •By providing them good environment for good communication skills. Transforming poor education system to Effective education GOVERNMENT SCHOOL PRIVATE SCHOOL IMORTANCE OF TRANSFORMATION •Government schools are loosing its importance because students are moving to private schools. •Why cannot be government schools be converted like private schools to give every student same environment and maintain RIGHT TO EQUALITY. •India should be the country where poor should become rich and rich should become more rich but this is not happening and the reason is YOUTH is not given that importance and this can only be Strengthen if its ROOT is made Strong(Primary education). •And we as a YOUTH we Believe That our country Education Can be More Better If this small –small points are followed by the Government.
  5. 5. • Simple way to avoid fake attendance which is registered in school and is shown to government by using punching system in school this will highlight fake attendance and actions should be taken to avoid it. Bringing new technologies to school can reduce Unemployment and educate students technically. Number of schools in district SCHOOL 1 SCHOOL 2 SCHOOL 3 ATTENDA- NCE RECORD OF EACH SCHOOL ADMIN OF STATE GOVERNM ENT Computer Teacher will vacant one post in schoolcomputers ADVANTAGES OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES •Students will get technical information from school only they don't have to go for extra courses. •More computers in school means more vacancies this can reduce unemployment. •Students will get relief from regular syllabus. • Teachers will be educated. •Online education can be implemented in schools •Computer as a subject should be compulsory in every school and in all standards. INTRODUCING NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO SCHOOL Scholarship should be provided to those student only who shall be having 70% attendance this will attract students to attend classes .
  6. 6. Optional subject Physical Education Moral science Dictionary Reading agriculture Religion Maintain Health Develop morals. Will increase vocabulary Will gain knowledge on farming Develop values and create equalities among students APPROPRIATE AND ADVANCESD CURRICULUM SUBJECT ADVANTAGES Curriculum issue •Modern education in India is often criticized for being based on rote learning rather than problem solving •Students are only focussed on cramming . •Pre school for child Right states that almost 99%of pre school do not have Curriculum at all. •Andhra Pradesh had 83.33% of reservation in 2012, which is the highest percentage of reservation. •Literacy rate of 2012 mention that the total of 74% were literate •74% of male literate out of male •64% of female literate out of female Budget As Part of 10th 5year plan (2002-2007), Central government of India outlined an expenditure of 65% of its total education budget of Rs.438.25 billion i.e. 287.5 billion on elementary education, 9.9% (43.25 billion) on secondary education, 2.9% (12.5billion) on adult education, 9.5% (41.765 billion) on higher education, rest on technical and miscellaneous education.(1)
  7. 7. Grooming Teachers Elementary Education With Higher Education: Up-gradation of DIETs 1/3of primary teachers don't have required minimum qualification to provide QUALITY Education. Training provided to teachers Implementation Advantages •Fundamental knowledge of computers and its uses. •Improvement of communication skills. •Similar sessions for each teachers throughout the country •We will plant training centres in a particular school in certain areas •Schools with better primary results will be selected as training centres (This will Enhance competition between Teachers of different schools) •Improve teaching Environment •Enhance teaching Skills of teachers •They will get specific learning and development need for children upto 14 years and above. •Teachers will become a professional crades. •Improve motivation level of Teachers.
  8. 8. Comparing standards of choosing an Administrative post and Teachers IMPORTANCE In India poor is becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer but it should be the reverse, and this can only be possible if literacy increases and here Right to equality should be followed. The profession of IAS officers as Well as teachers shall be looked upon at the same level  Number of Illiterates in India is 287 Million close to entire population of United states. QUESTIONS •If an IAS can be selected by keeping so high standards and exams then why teacher is selected by easy steps. •Teachers Qualifying examination shall be of high standards because primary education’s base will only be strengthen if our primary teachers are well educated and up to the standards. SOLUTIONS •There Interview should include some real task which will show there IQ •Group discussion should be kept for them to test there communication skills .
  9. 9. Quality of education In India will be best Result of strong basic knowledge will strengthen the level of education for understanding higher studies better. Education should start from basic knowledge Because the the age of 5 years and above is very effective to grasp things and school is the basic step for it and it should be in best effective way. 1st level 2nd level 3rd level LEVEL OF EDUCATION SUGGESTIONS 1st Level • While recruiting new teachers level should be made high to get best teachers. • syllabus of primary education should be set iwhich should cover basics of Indian culture,environment,agriculture etc 2nd level • This should include syllabus on vocabulary more. •Personality development program should be kept from starting of the education and task should be given to the students so that they can learn to deal with the situations from starting of there age. 3rd level We can see our India with more educated people than just people holding there DEGREE. And this can only possible if primary education is the strongest key of education system
  10. 10. Creating volunteers for Engagement of developed and undeveloped primary schools  Volunteers are Hired from 10th standard and above students who will go to undeveloped schools or rural areas to educate primary students . ADVANTAGES This camp will have practical knowledge more given to primary students than theoretical knowledge. Volunteers can share there experience and provide them latest knowledge about the things happening in real world. This will improve overall personality of students . The private out of pocket expenditure by the working class population for the education of there children in India has increased around 1150% or 12.5 time over last decade(1) 2005-2012 budget Rs 99,057 Crore was invested in education sector(2)
  11. 11. Appendix: References Estimate for India, from India, The Hindu Education in India world bank 309: How the working class has performed in turbulent years of liberation –A primary study of working class income and expenditure survey 1999-2000 page1 India 2009: reference annual(53rd edition),223 Htpp://pre school for - development/reality-check-for-parents-preschool-in-India-reviews-top-compare-list-good/