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  1. 1. Fairness at Play : Electoral Reforms by Introduction of Rating System
  2. 2. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 BJP INC CPM BSP NCP CPI SP RJD Lok Sabha 2004: MPs with criminal cases MPs with pending criminal cases • In 2004, there were 120 MPs with criminal cases against them out of 543, or 22.1%. • Cases relating to use of dangerous weapons or causing grievous hurt, the Samajwadi Party (SP) leads with 80 cases, followed by BSP 43, BJP 17, INC 16, RJD 9, CPM 5, CPI 1, NCP 2. Indian Parliament: Policy Makers or Mafia??????
  3. 3. Decriminalizing Politics Removing criminals from politics • People charge sheeted for serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, rape, dacoity, extortion, kidnapping should not be allowed to contest polls. Fast track courts for chargesheeted • All pending cases against MPs and MLAs should be fast tracked and brought to conclusion within a specific time(preferably one year). If these cases go to High Court or Supreme Court, they should be treated at a high priority in these courts too. These fast track courts should also have open and transparent hearings and witness protection. Grace period for chargesheeted • A grace period of one year may be allowed from the date of the chargesheet to enable the person chargesheeted to have it quashed or to obtain an interim order.
  4. 4. Introduction of None of the Above Option Re-elections with new candidates in case of more than 30% votes for None of the above Introduction of Rating System instead of choosing a single candidate Give voters the choice to express order of Preference Candidate to be rated on several parameters like past record, secularism, achievements, proposals etc. Minimum cut-off required for each criterion Voting System Reforms
  5. 5. Say NO to Corruption !! Toll-Free number to report against unethical election practices such as bribery To prevent bribery of security forces, forces to be interchanged between district; no local forces employees in election monitoring Timely verification of voter id cards to prevent fake votes.
  6. 6. One-ID System • Replacing several ID cards with a unique ID such as Aadhar having biometric data which will give access to all kinds of government services such as voting right, gas connection etc. Easy update • Easy online procedure (subject to verification) to update details such as present address Student involvement • Setting up voting centers in colleges specially for students. This will inculcate voting habit and awareness among students Improving Participation
  7. 7. • PAN declaration of candidates - mandatory to keep a continued check on their transactions and dealings. • There should be a column in the affidavit wherein the candidates can declare any penalty levied on them with regard to taxes. Pan Declaration • A column asking for the source of income of candidates should be provided in the affidavit. • In the assets part the candidates should not just disclose his assets but also the assets of all his close relatives as per the Company Law. Asset Declaration • Candidates standing for elections should be announced 6 months prior to elections. • They should submit affidavits stating the expected and approximate amount to be spent in elections by them and of the source thereof Verification of Affidavits Declaration of expected Expenditure Changes Required in the Affidavits A mechanism in place to verify the details given by the candidates in the affidavits.
  8. 8. While fili g No i atio s… Action against candidates who fail to file their election expenses. Affidavit information of candidates to be verified by political parties. Provisions for verifying the declarations in the affidavits of the candidates Public declaration of educational background, past work experience, achievements, proposals for coming tender, social works, legal charges (if any) through internet, newspapers Political parties to be penalized for incorrect declaration by candidates. Proposals by candidates to be declared publicly along with timeline, finances involved, resources etc.
  9. 9. Post elections Prohibition of taking other offices or joining any political party after retirement of The Election Commissioners. Annual report by MPs/MLAs giving details about their accomplishments. A separate body to decide the salaries/perks of MPs/ MLAs. Make election expense statements of the winners/ candidates available through web.
  10. 10. • • Bill%202011%20Draft%20Booklet_0.pdf • or-a-reliable-solution-for-increasing-voting- turnout#.UiihBzanr3k • te_on_State_funding_of_Elections.pdf • al_Parties_and_matters_incidental_thereto_2nd_august.pdf • pdf REFERENCES: