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  1. 1. “folded hands will not change the situation ,one has to open them.” Team members:- 1:Abhishek Sharma 2-Pankaj Pathak 3-Deepankar Bisht 4-Charu Kandpal 5-AnasYaseen (THDC institute of hydropower engineering and technology, NewTehri,Uttarakhand)
  2. 2. Women empowernment is solid way for welfare of the world  Once swami vivekananda said “it is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing”  How true they were !if we see today’s condition societies in the world over has been trying to fly on only one wing ,denying women their rightful place.  Women ,who number 498.7 million according to the 2001 census of India ,represent 48.2 percent of the country’s population of 1,027.01 million.
  3. 3. Attitudes towards women have not changed  Attitudes towards women have not changed ;in fact ,things have indeed gone from bad to worse after independence.  Female foeticide,female infanticide and child marriage are still prevalent in many parts of the country.  Incidence of sexual harassment,eve teasing ,sexual abuse of female children and rape are on the rise.  Dowry is a plague that stalks every family having marriageable daughters and like AIDS it has no cure.  Without taking any work from a female ,we give her a tag of NOT CAPABLE .
  4. 4. Clean education and guidelines from parents are giving much more power to a girl  It is responsibility of parents that they give good guidelines to their children about life style ,manners ,if parents are not educated well,then please don’t teach them bad words ,better to sit silent.  There should be atleast introduction of women empowernment in higher education syllabus so that they understand this matter,its not bebeficial to introduce these things to 8th or 9th class student who still needs empowernment.  Electronic Media plays an important role in such type of topics, they should conduct daily one program in which big celeb come and talk about women education and their value.  Newspapers should do the same .
  5. 5. Media ‘s role is important as people of India are addicted to media’s talk :- We find horoscope ,TV shows schedules,political satire but don’t see encouragement type lines in news papers,why? Is it not necessary ? People don’t like to watch these issues? If media show these issues people will see it, if media don’t give much importance then why do we? A common man daily looks over newspaper if he finds daily some talks regarding women condition and their struggle then why one will not be active towards this matter.
  6. 6. women safety and their education must be in political party’s manifesto:- (impact and reach)  Think how much pleasure it would give to a common girl if their rights and safety are concerned in political manifesto.  It will down the confidence of those who think politics doesn’t include these topics as top brass of any party is not ill will this dilemma.  it would be better to introduce your manifesto which is covering atleast 25-30 % policies and laws which ensuring the safety of women.  There should be facility of special buses for women in night from 6pm to 11pm.  If any girl is being raped then its should be govt. duty to arrange her marriage with suitable person not with guilty one.  Censor board must think before passing hard kissing and hankypanky scenes of superstars in movies because a common man wants to be a star and he follows the doings of superstar. Though the scenes are fictitious but a fan wants to do it in real .  In LOKSABHA their should be special 15-20 minutes where all respected members will discuss the women issues and share their thinking and ideas.  On women day their should be some consolation money given to the victims from the state govt.  Education till intermediate is important for girls ,so in govt. schools ,girl’s fee must be deducted by half of the set amount.  On national highway’s there should be a “MAHILA SURAKSHA CENTRE” after every 15 KM. where 2mahila constables are posted with guards ,in this way it can be beneficial for local unemployed people.  There will be no working hours for females in offices after 8pm,this will be definitly a great step for safety of women.
  7. 7. Home to home women problems and feedback can create a milestone :-  There should be home to home monthly asking to the families whether they have any safety problem or not , take their statement then go into deep inquiry of problem if fond solid correct it by law n order.  There should be separate women committee in every district which will work on this matter and free from police interfere so that one don’t hesitate to share their problem,this committee includes some Ex. Female IPS/PCS officers.
  8. 8. Rape cases will not stop to come by condemnation, porn are there to increase them which excite the animal of man:- (challenges)  Not many have thought about this. But in India, porn is available freely and effortlessly! One can easily go on the internet and download free porn. With smart phones becoming cheaper, majority of people can now afford smart phones. The downloading/viewing/sharing of such clips/movies have thus become very easy. Few might say - Is it wrong to watch porn? Yes it is! If movies like BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG can encourage you to run/participate in races, why can't porn movies influence/encourage you to make you do the act in real?!
  9. 9.  Unfortunately, in India - watching or possessing pornographic materials is legal. What can be done? 1) The least Indian Govt. can do is ban all the porn sites or sites that make porn available If that can't be done, then atleast ban the Free Porn available. If that can't be done, make 'watching porn' Illegal in India. Give the power to cyber police to take severe action who visit porn sites or download/upload porn.
  10. 10.  I don't say that - Banning porn will completely stop rapes. I say that - Banning porn will definitely act as a nail on the coffin to prevent rapes. I don't say that - All rapists are the ones who have watched porn atleast once. I do say that - somewhere it does encourage the porn watcher to do the act in real. I don't say - we spare all the rapists, knowing that they are victims of lust. I do say that - the strategy of merry go round is not working and we need to come up with solutions to prevent rapes than just show anger once the crime is committed
  11. 11. Make the law which shows direct action ,there is need to change juvenile amendments:- (mitigation factors)  There should be one way to judge rape cases,there must be hard punishment for the accused who is under 18.  one has lost her respect,virginity,power of coming outside with highhead by being raped,and the rapist gets 2-3 years term behind the bars just because he is juvenile.what a mockery of raped one after being raped.  Its all about mentality of a man,from the time of teenage ,parents should teach their children about male and female body parts,human development, the reproduction system and puberty  There should be commencement of campaign against female infanticide and rapes.we don’t need to chase any other countries law but build self a stone which stikes hard on rapist and antiwomen worker.
  12. 12. Appendix- References :-  *  *. Yogendra Bhonsale on life in infinity