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  1. 1. INTRODUCING ELECTORAL REFORMS TO REDUCE MONEY AND MUSCLE POWER IN POLITICS TEAM Details College of Arts and Crafts, Patna University Team C0-ordinater- Pratibha Jamuar Member 1- Sheetal Kumari Member 2- Pritee Kumari Member 3- Raushan Dhruv Member 4- Shubham Krishna Manthan Topic :- The opaque Indian Politics Introducing a way to build a transparent and supreme Political Institution
  2. 2. “Present criteria to become an mLa” – The biggest question on Indian politics To become an MLA, person should be :- ( i ) A citizen of India (ii) Not less than 25 years of age to be a member of the legislative assembly and not less than 30 years as per Article 173 of Indian Constitution (iii) No person can become a member of the legislative assembly or the legislative council or any state unless he himself is a voter from any constituency of the state those cannot become members of parliament can also not become member of state legislature. He is elected by the people of that particular constituency and represents those people in the legislative assembly and debates on issues related to his /her constituency. His position is like an MP only but difference is only that MLA is in the state level and the MP is in the national level. Powers of MLAs To make laws on all items* on which Parliament cannot legislate (*Police, prison, irrigation, agriculture, local govt., public health, pilgrimages, burial grounds, etc) Origination of bills To give consent* for any amendment in the Constitution To make laws along with Parliament on items* (*Education, marriage and divorce, forests, protection of wild animals and birds, etc) .(*Half of state legislatures)
  3. 3. Discovering the Answers To the Biggest Query- Defending the Limitations of Qualification and setting A new Base If taking a look carefully on the pre-criteria to qualify to enter in Politics, there is no any educational specified rule. As it is very common to be eligible in terms of educational qualification to get even a low-paid job, e.g. A clerk grade job, the question arises that- “Is there no need for having even minimum qualification to the one who is going to look after the whole country?” According to the responsibilities of a Politician, the criteria must be :- The person should have at least UG level degree or equivalent in any subject The person should not have any kind of criminal record The person should qualify in all the three rounds of eligibility test as described below:- Entrance test In following subjects:- Mother tongue(grammar, writing) Political science General science General knowledge History Reasoning English(grammar, writing) Mathematics Interview Must be taken by eminent Bureaucrats Inclusion of Polygraph Test (In order to check the mind set of the candidate-whether originally to serve the country or for any other undesirable purpose) Physical Test Medical Test- whether the candidate is internally fit and strong- must be taken by eminent physician To check whether the candidate is psychologically fit and free from any kind of mental disorder-To be taken by eminent psychiatrists
  4. 4. Bureaucracy or say the instrument of politicians, are frequently been used to play the show for Victory. The police personnel are the chief victims of the political misuse of power. During the elections, these are used by the candidates to reveal their power over one another . The example of muscle power can be best seen in the elections of 1991, where mass killing took place at a great extent. Freeing the bureaucracy: A milestone to build a fair model of electoral process To reduce muscle power in politics, it is mandatory to remove the base of this problem. The following rules must be applied:- The Bureaucracy must be kept under the Judiciary , as it is the independent body of the whole system. Bureaucrats , as a part of judiciary, must not act under the politicians during elections or for any other purpose. The police would act for the politicians only If any politician seek for protection under the special protection’s right.
  5. 5. Managing the Patrolling Budgets committee: Structuring new modes of verifying PoLiticians’ budgets The election commission of India has its rule to take all information regarding the budgets of Political parties before and after the elections. But, this rule is however ineffective due to the reason that it all depends on the politicians and not on any second source. Although, the ECI of India has not yet formed a committee to patrol the budgets of Politicians known for election. As the nature of politics has already been corrupt, there is a quick need to switch on the verification in order to reduce money-power in electoral processes. This committee will be at the state level as well at the central level. The committee will be designed as follows:- Patrolling Budgets Committee Verification Committee(1) Budgets released before election( comprised of 1 verification officer and under whose 15 members will work) Bureau of budgets utilized by the political parties during election campaign and elections(comprised of 2 verification officers under whose 20 members will work) Verification Committee(2) To take quick action on culprits involved in corruption(comprised of 2 officers under whose supervision the cases will be filed in court. The cases must be undertaken for a minimum period of 3 months or for a maximum of 6 months
  6. 6. Politics- A subject on which the whole country is dependent- Not a part of Educational curriculum! In today’s era, we have almost educational institute for all the subjects, but what about Politics? Yes, we have political science in the curriculum but this subject does not deal with pure politics . It only does with the political history as well as system but doesn’t with “WHAT IS POLITICS!” The increasing disinterest of youth population in India is having worse affects on the Politics of India at a greater extent. Nobody wills to stand in the system and look over it as new scope for career.
  7. 7. INDIA Corrupt Politics Unreliable System Disinterested People Non- Participation of Youth Breaking the norms: Launching The National College of Politics The idea, being wondrous, can achieve a new peak in the field of politics. The National College of Politics is all about the concept of including Politics in the mainstream of education in 21st cent. And beyond. The college will aim mainly on breaking the cycle as drawn below:- Eligibility criteria for entrance Candidates must have a minimum qualification of 10+2 or equivalent In any subject Entrance test to be the first round- Subjects included are political science, GS, English, Hindi, Math's, reasoning, history. Interview The candidates who will get passing marks in all the 2 rounds will only be eligible to get admitted in college
  8. 8. The subjects :- Chanakya Neeti Contemporary Politics Political science Self- defense General studies of patriotism Psychological studies of mind-sharpening (including mind-twisting games) Law Practical( debates, practice of politics) The subjects of self-defense and general studies of patriotism will be undertaken by the retired army personnel so as to make it the most effective in order to build the servicing mindset of the students particular to the country.
  9. 9. Towards making a new India Politics is something on which our whole country is dependent, It generates the leaders who leads the biggest democracy, the second most populated nation and the one which has unity in diversity hence Here’s why it has to be an idol box. As discussed before, the various weaknesses of the system, it is however diminishing the participation of honest popular activities as well as honest people and you. This slideshow represents a model which should be applied to change the whole system, to get our real leaders who can actually lead us to the new heights of development, who can make India the new superpower of this world in all terms. Those Leaders on whom we can trust and express our pride. Yes, we need that power again to cop up with biggest ever problem, to make India what she is, This time, this moment. Let it be how, but have to
  10. 10. Appendix  Election Commission – Wikipedia  ECI – Official website