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  1. 1. WOMEN SAFETY: A TECHNICAL STEP Manthan Topic: Walk to Equality Ballabh Inder Kishore Karan Jakhar Shiyas Muhammad Dhruv Upadhyaya Abhijeet Agnihotri IIT Patna
  2. 2. EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM •Latest data from the National Crime Record Bureau suggests that a woman is raped once in 20 minutes and 10% of all crimes in India are of women abuse. •The National Crime Records Bureau reported in 1998 that the growth rate of crimes against women would be higher than the population growth rate by 2010. •Official statistics show a dramatic increase in the number of reported crimes against women. •Many crimes against women are not reported to police due to the social stigma attached to rape and molestation. •New Delhi has the highest rate of rape-reports among Indian cities. Sources show that rape cases in India have doubled between 1990 and 2008. Walk to Equality: Ensuring Safety and Empowerment of Women
  3. 3. CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM •During every war and riot men have wanted to violate women. Men are raised in our society to think that we are men because we demand, we take, we win, we conquer. •Rape exists because of a patriarchal, misogynistic culture that condones it, whether tacitly or explicitly, and because of widespread lawlessness that encourages it. •Attitudes to women and recognition of their full range of rights should be linked to recruitment, promotion. REASONS TO SELECT THIS THEME •Since rape, abduction, kidnapping, murder (all cases of criminal violence), dowry death, wife battering, sexual abuse, maltreatment of a widow and/or an elderly woman (all cases of domestic violence) and eve-teasing, forcing wife/daughter-in-law to go for feticide, forcing a young widow to commit sati, etc. (all cases of social violence), are issues which affect a large section of society . That’s why ,We should try our best to eradicate such crime and inequality. •Movies, religion, music and women themselves are all blamed for male sexual violence against women, but rapists are not held responsible. A 'male-cosseting culture,' as one blogger put it, in turn supports a rape culture. Let us completely destroy such a inhuman culture from our society.
  4. 4.  In India police to population ratio is 130 per 100,000 people (out of which women of age less than age 40 years are 35,000 approx.).  So it is not possible for the policemen to reach out for safety of every single Female.  Each police station can have 10 – 20 teams of volunteers.  So that each team has to cover only circle of 100 – 150 meters  Radius around there living area. Police station Volunteer Team 1 Volunteer Team 2 Volunteer Team N
  5. 5.  The women who is in need of help , have to some how press the Emergency button on the “MINI EMERGENCY TRACKING DEVICE (METD)”.  The message about the position of the women in danger is received by the police station in that area and the volunteer team working in that area.  The volunteers present there will reach out to help, followed by the police.  The METD is then reset by the SHO of police , who is only able and authorized to reset.
  6. 6. Volunteering  Youth is that wonderful time when energy is limitless, creativity is at its best and the ’never say die’ spirit is at its peak and India got a very high potential of more than 78% of population who are below 40 years old.  In a nation like India volunteers are easy to get and only things required are technological , financial support and a bit of training so that they can spread there services all over the nation in full potential.  The students has already awaken that several NCC candidates are offering there services all over the nation in case of any emergencies. They can be brought to the crime against women field with a little support from the government as providing certificates ,technology and financial supports .  As said "Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches“ several women victims are giving a helping hand to rape victims to pass through the ordeal for justice and social acceptance without even being scarred for life . And they are involved because of there on experiences that with a little help they will glow as brightest in there field.  Youth from different fields are now coming forward to serve there nation and forming different organisations . “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  7. 7. “warriors are born through training” -anonymous  When a worrier is dead another is born From the land of mahatma Ghandi , Bhagat Singh and netaji subash chandra bose it is impossible to wipe away leaders .  Man power of India is marvolus and all we need is moulding it to required purpose . With a small section of training procedures every volunteer can be made into a brave soldier.  Proper support and awards can help to bring more volunteers and more involved work .  Making a proper method for recruitments is also important as to ensure the service reach all nook and corners.  Volunteers must be divided into small groups and must be lead by a regional police station.  Special care should be taken to keep such groups active so that they don’t fade into darkness as time pass by . Volunteering
  8. 8. Mini Emergency tracking Device (METD): Feasibility and working  The METD would use the GPS tracking or tracking based on the mobile towers whichever feasible.  As we have mobile network covering almost all parts of the country, the device may consist of a small simcard like thing which will be utilised to send the distress signal via mobile towers.  METD may use network of any company(bsnl, idea itc.), whichever it can get. Just like the present emergency contact no like 911 or 112. It would be as compact as it can be made.  METD must have multiple designs so that it can be fitted in a ring, ear ring, locket, wrist watch, shoes,etc. It may be stitched with the clothes or the undergarments, depending upon one’s desire.  METD would contain a stress button. Once the button is clicked it would send signal to nearest police station with the help of nearest tower. The station will have some computer which will track the location and will forward it to all the volunteers. The device will send its location repeatedly in every minute or so, and all the volunteers will be updated if it is changed.  After knowing the location, the volunteers will rush to that area. As they are more nearer to the place from where signal is send, so they may take instantaneous action, and can stop the before it is committed. Later police will also reach that place and further actions can be taken.  The METD will be so programmed that if ones activated can only be stopped by the police authorities.
  9. 9. Distribution of METD (Not that Difficult)  Consider an example of our own delhi….taking north delhi in this case  Area taken - north delhi  Total population - 883418 ( approx)  Female population below age 50 - 300000 ( approx )  Total police stations in north delhi region - around 120  now women under 1 police station = 300000/ 120  = 2500  So , 2500 women under one police station is not that difficult  A police station in an area generally serves to around 5 to 8 thousand people so 2500 women under a station is we think MANAGABLE.  Now , its should be the responsibility of our Police to make it reach to every single girl either by organising Distribution camps or whatever they can think…… like calling everyone turn by turn to the police station and making them register with the device .  Its not an extra task but just an step as the role of our police is to provide safety in every possible way .
  10. 10. Challenges:  METD may not be able to reach to every women in India.  METD should be durable and should reqiure low maintainance and easy to repair.  It may be possible that no police station, or no network coverage will be nearby the crime scene.  There may be no volunteers in a particular place, mostly in rural area.  Wrong distress signal would be sent in case the stress button of METD is clicked by mistake, which will trouble both authorities and volunteers . In such cases the troublemaker should inform the police as soon as she can.
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