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  1. 1. Jai hindh , Wish you a very good day to respected Judges we have en rolled our ideas and dreams to help women equality in our country. Those which may help you to prepare certain rules and regulation, certain reasonability to people of our country. Our main motivation to take these topic is to give equal reasonability to women and prevent them to work equally with men in society and to save them to build our nation move faster as we are now in place the world. When we started enquiring to the girls and the women about their problems and the equality they are facing we ended up with collecting more than 50 issues and we have formulated solutions for them as well. We have made this mail as abstract, if we are getting a chance we will explain those solutions in a detailed manner. There are mainly 3 parameters one which we can get the exact problems about the women. 1. FEMALE INFANTICIDE 2. EDUCATION FOR GIRLS 3. HURDLES OF WOMEN PROFFESSION 1. FEMALE INFANTICIDE First let’s talk about the starting point like female infanticide a great threat for the country .As it leads to the increase in the gap of male, female ratio . 2. EDUCATION FOR GIRLS Problems like female dropouts from the school or college negative environment for the girl’s student’s partiality between the male and female students molestation problem in schools/collage. 3. LACK OF WOMEN’S ROLE IN PROFESSIONAL AND POLITICAL SECTOR Women feels now a days there is a negative environment for female employee like they are not getting the opportunity they still treated as old times women giving less priority as compared to male employees. In spite of all this problem there is biggest and burning problem of female violations and molestation there is a dangerous increase in the rape cases , molestation , girl child abuse , acid burns & dowry cases . SOLUTION
  2. 2. 1. FEMALE INFANTICIDE: We think government should pass strict law in this case by containing the following The couple practicing the same should be prosecuted in the court of law in this the couple must be separated for particular time or for lifetime and if they having any child weather its girl or boy they are not allowed to stay with the couple . If the doctor doing the same the court of law should ban him lifetime from the medical practices.  The government should install cc camera in the hospitals and the cameras should be handled by the municipal corporates of that area.  Uninformed inspections should be taken place in the hospitals by the senior authority  There should be sting operations in the hospitals  THE hospitals of every municipal corporation should be under electronic surveillance or the government officials can use the hospital’s camera for taking the records 2. EDUCATION FOR GIRLS : One of the worst problem creating hurdles in women equality There is lack of proper educational institutes for women, there is a lot of problems in this sector, girls are not getting good environment to continue their studies. There is drastic increase in rate of female drop out from the schools or colleges Steps to control these problems There should be certain guideline for schools and colleges coming under the educational ministry or governing authority in particular area  if any school or college is asking for affiliation from any board or universities then that school/college must show the compulsory number of girl students in their campus ,if possible there should be one separate wings for girls  Every school/college must be equipped with the CCTV cameras covering whole campus including all the gates and it should be working 24*7  If possible that school/college must be involved in awareness programs for women education
  3. 3.  Government should promote good public schools specially for women not like the old schools. The school/college must be full with the other facilities like in the private institutes.  The school must be there near by the locality. The distance between two school should not be more than 1.5 km  The government should develop the vocational training programs for women.  There are some program which are already running should be taken seriously. The officials whom are responsible for that should be transferred, not more than a year (to control the corruption problem). “ If you are teaching a man you are teaching a individual , but if you teaching a women that equals to you teaching society” 3. LACK OF WOMEN’S ROLE IN PROFESSIONAL AND POLITICAL SECTOR :  Today the role of women in professional sector is not up to the mark  The business women are not given priority as compared to the men  The working environment of office is not so good that’s why maximum relatives hesitates to allow their females to continue for job  participation of women in politics is also not so good, there is less number of women involved in the active politics of the country Measures to control this problem 1. the government should work upon their working plans designed especially for women, the government should take that department seriously and regularly 2. government should promote the small scale or cottage industries for women 3. government should lay down some effective guidelines for the offices where women are working 4. following points should be considered for increasing the role of women in politics  in two elections ,one should be reserved for women , similar to the reservations given on the basis of castes not like the old reservations plan for women  there should be the rule that no male relatives of that women candidate is allowed to speak in the official matters, so that women leadership can also be proven  government should promote equal female candidates in its cabinet ministers  Government should launch awareness programs to increase number of female participation in the politics.
  4. 4. Besides all this problems there is one major burning problem i.e. increase in female violation like rape cases, molestation, dowry cases , girl child abuse, acid cases, forceful prostitution. “ There should be a strict law for criminals so that the crime rate will not increase, investigation process should be done as fast as possible, there should be active practice of fast track courts “ “The day a women can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that INDIA has achieved independence “-Mahatma Gandhi THANK YOU