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  1. 1. Stepping Stones: Enhancing the quality of primary education 9/5/2013 1Manthan INCHARA H.K KEERTHISHREE B.T BHOOMIKA H.Y SOWMYA C.P KAVERI B.R AIT, CHIKMAGALUR
  2. 2. India , a country with more than 1 Billion population has just one third population which can read. Primary education plays an important role in every one life to decide him a literate or not. But the major problem is 58% of Indian children do not complete primary education [3]. We are considering 2 major reasons [1] for dropouts of the students at their primary education level which are as follows: Problem 1) Demand far exceeds the supply: shortage of efficient, eligible teachers. Main reason for this is no attractive salary for teachers, no additional facilities of health security, job security. Problem 2) Traditional way of teaching which do not grab the attention of the students. PROBLEMS & REASONS 9/5/2013 2Manthan
  3. 3. Solution to problem 1: shortage of teachers Good teachers leads to good results from that school. Lack of teachers, in particularly efficient teachers is the major problem. Most of the Teachers are not willing to work in rural areas. So following are the few solutions for selection of efficient teachers. At present D.Ed is the minimum qualification for the primary school teachers [4], after this the Government must conduct competitive exams for the appointment of primary school teachers where ranks will be allotted based on their score. 9/5/2013 3Manthan
  4. 4. To increase the competition (for the post of teachers) trough such eligibility tests, teachers who get selected must be provided with: Attractive salary based on the middle class standard of living in the location where school is located. Job guarantee after their training or probationary period based on their performance in probationary period. Providing increments to the teachers if they get 100% result in their subject in a particular academic year. Providing extra salary who works in rural schools especially in village schools (government schools) Providing quarters facility for the teachers who work in schools located in remote places with government aid. 9/5/2013 4Manthan
  5. 5. Novel primary School Teachers Appointment system Conducting eligibility testing exams for selection. Counseling for postings based on rank of the candidate Schools upload their requirements to the database in prescribed manner Urban schools Rural/ village schools Basic facilities Attractive salary based on standard of living of school located area. Job guarantee Free health insurance with government aid providing free or Less rented quarters in schools located in remote place. Extra salary for village school teachers Government aid Performance based facilities Increments if they make 100% result in their handled subject9/5/2013 5Manthan
  6. 6. Solution to problem 2: Traditional way of teaching Government making lot of programs for attracting students toward school such as giving meals, milk, uniform, bicycle at free of cost. But this increased the number of students attending the classes but not number of students passing their primary education. So there is need of programs which make the students to pass their primary education [5]. Pictorial / video representation makes students easy to understand than the hand written( chalk piece) wordings. Smart class environment must be made mandatory from class Ist to VIIth standard: Use of projectors and syllabus related CD’s while teaching. 9/5/2013 6Manthan
  7. 7. Training about the usage of smart class environment must be provided for teachers under two perspectives: newly appointed teachers, already working teachers. Government must provide subsidy for establishing smart class environment. In the view of student performance, special classes must be taken for those who show weak performance in the monthly tests. Weakly ones there must be motivation classes where student is made to realize the importance of basic education in their life. Encouraging toppers with cash prize at the school level. Providing free hostel facilities or bus facilities by the schools located in remote areas. This can be done with government aid. 9/5/2013 7Manthan
  8. 8. Novel Teaching System Training must be conducted by government For Newly appointed teachers For Already working teachers Insisting rigid rule for establishing smart class environment Installation and maintenance aid by the government Government schools Non government schools Complete aid by Government Teaching in smart class environment along with prescribed text books As like government issuing text books, it must provide respective CD/DVD s along with text books, 9/5/2013 8Manthan
  9. 9. Motivation classes about need of basic education Special classes for weak performance students Encouragement giving cash prices for toppers of each class hostel facilities or bus facilities in remote schools Government aid To be done at School level For parentsFor students Analysis of student performance 9/5/2013 9Manthan
  10. 10. 9/5/2013 10Manthan
  11. 11. 9/5/2013 11Manthan REFERENCES [1] Sunita Chug, “Dropout in secondary education, A study of children living in slums of Delhi”,2011. [2] school-education-india [3] [4] Ajay Deshpande,Sayan Mitra “Primary Education in India: Key Problems”, 2006. [5] Marie Lall, “The Challenges for India’s Education System”, 2005.