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  1. 1. World ranking- India is the second largest market of Agriculture in the World. Economy share- As India is the Agriculture Dominating Country so agriculture plays a vital role in its economy. Land used- Along Every village 20% of its land is usedfor cultivation of various Agricultural products
  2. 2. Infrastructure Misuse of land Low Subsidy Depleted soil Farm implements  Illiteracy Among Farmers
  3. 3. Problems faced Solution  Its the major problem faced today by the agriculture of India  Today we are consuming only 48% of the agricultural products and rest goes waste just of not having good Infrastructure.  Government should have to concentrate on the Infrastructure for Agriculture i.e. storage for food grains.  Government should invest money on the storage system of food as most of the food goes into waste as we produce it.
  4. 4. Problems faced Solution  The problem of Small land holdings is ther in India which effects the Indian Agriculture a lot.  Most of the land which is suitable of farming is left blank.  Government should Apply the techniques that are used in China for the waste lands in India.  Government should pass a law to finish the small land holdings in the agricultural field it will increase the growth of production.
  5. 5. Problems faced Solution  Farmers are not getting proper price of their own crop.  Proper subsidy is not provided to the farmers in all respect so the that’s why the production affects.  Provide proper subsidy for the farmers.  Provide them the best price of their crop they produced.
  6. 6. Problems faced Solution  Proper usage of land is not there according to its fertility.  Fertility is continuously decreasing by using more amount of fertilizers.  Government should divide the use of land as per its fertility.  Government should provide such type of fertilizers which are not able to degrade the fertility of the soil.
  7. 7. Problems faced Solution  Maximum of the farmers are not provided with the modern farming implements.  Poor farming techniques are still carried out bye the farmers due to insufficient funds.  Government should provide the various farming implements to farmers who are not capable of buying those implements as to boost the productivity.
  8. 8. Problems faced Solution  Today Farmers are not well aware of new way of farming, different knowledge about the pesticides etc.  Farmers are not able to manage their land resources.  Government should provide education related to agricultural boosting productivity to the farmers as to boost up their agricultural resources.
  9. 9. We can Consume up to 80% of our Agricultural Products. We can export our products as to get the foreign exchange. If only the infrastructure is improved for saving agricultural products we can increase our economy by 4% per year. Farmers can get the best value of their products
  10. 10. Agricultural Productivity ( Wiki)  Economic times of India. India Issues and Priorities for Agriculture Food wastage in India is a problem. Food grain storage is dismal.