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  1. 1. 105-09-2013 Team Members:- Akhilesh Moogi Shashidhar Joshi Vishwa K Ratan Bagali Siddharood D.
  2. 2. 205-09-2013
  3. 3. 305-09-2013
  4. 4. The diverse conditions across India suggest the importance of regionally differentiated strategies, with a strong focus on the lagging states. (i) modernizing Irrigation and Drainage Departments to integrate the participation of farmers and other agencies in irrigation management; (ii) improving cost recovery; (iii) rationalizing public expenditures, with priority to completing schemes with the highest returns; and (iv) allocating sufficient resources for operations and maintenance for the sustainability of investments. Strengthening rural non-farm sector growth: Rising incomes are fueling demand for higher-value fresh and processed agricultural products in domestic markets and globally, which open new opportunities for agricultural diversification to higher value products (e.g. horticulture, livestock), agro-processing and related services.  The government needs to shift its role from direct intervention and overregulation to creating the enabling environment for private sector participation and competition for agribusiness and more broadly, the rural non-farm sector growth. Improving the rural investment climate includes removing trade controls, rationalizing labor regulations and the tax regime (i.e. adoption of the value added tax system), and improving access to credit and key infrastructure (e.g. roads, electricity, ports, markets). 405-09-2013
  5. 5.  Improving access to assets and sustainable natural resource use:-This will involve addressing legal, policy and institutional constraints to devolving resource rights, and transferring responsibilities to local communities. Improving access to land: States can build on the growing consensus to reform land policy, particularly land tenancy policy and land administration system Improving access to rural finance:It would also involve creating an enabling environment for the development of micro-finance institutions in rural areas Strengthening institutions for the poor and promoting rural livelihood:- 1. Promoting Community-Based Rural Development 2. Strengthening Accountability for Service Delivery Pre- sowing Training for farmers by ZP/TP/MP:-In these trainings, focus should be on quality seeds, crop geometry, plant nutrients, water harvesting and resource management.  Front Line Demonstration:- Demo should be given by agriculture learning students to the farmers  Water harvesting structure  soil health improvement program, nutrient management and crop cultivation techniques half yearly by experts to farmer  Soil Health Card (SHC) pertaining to their field 505-09-2013
  6. 6. 605-09-2013
  7. 7.  Merits of the proposed solution :- can be easily implemented by govt,NGO & unemployed youths. It gives job oppurtunity for youths. By all training mentoined above word “backbone” becomes completely true for country 705-09-2013
  8. 8. •Implementation of the solution:- Implementation is too simple and quite easy . Contracts can be given to ngos & group of unemployed youths under supervision of taluka panchayats & district heads. 805-09-2013
  9. 9. 905-09-2013
  10. 10.  ISAP  KRUSHIMITRA (MONTHLY MAGZINE)  RAITHA SAHYOGI( DAILY NEWS PAPER)  Http//;  Website of govt of Karnataka. 1005-09-2013