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  1. 1. Presented by Rajat Gupta , Pawan Sharma , Harshit Garg , Prateek ,Gaurav Sharma
  2. 2. • 30% of our parliamentarians have criminal charges against them. • Congress has slightly strike rate as of its 72cr. • With corporates have given money to the party. • SP, a candidate with a clean record has an 18% chance of winning, his chances go up to 31% if he has a criminal record. In the BJP, the chances of being elected with a clean record is 28%, while with a criminal record, chances go up to 40%. • A politician spend rupees 1cr. to 3cr. On an average taking the total to between 12000cr. To 36000cr. In one cycle of assembly election. • Bsp has declared around earnings of 200cr. Rupees ,not a single rupee has come in by cheque. • Same phenomenon its repeated as the BJP of its 297cr. rupees • Rupees contribution,50% of it RS.35 cr. Came from cheques looking at their list of donors however is another story-from Torrent ,Adani, General electrics , Videocon, Ambuja ,many MUSCLE POWER AND MONEY –PART AND PARCEL OF INDIAN POLITICS FACTS ABOUT MONEY AND MUSCLE POWER IN POLITICS
  3. 3. • Criminal Cases registered against the MPs and MLAs of various political parties- --- 75% of Shiv Sena candidates ---46% of RJD candidates ---44% of Janata Dal (United) ---31% and 22% of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress. --- The 62,847 parliamentary and assembly candidates since 2004, 11,063 or 18% have criminal cases registered against them. --- 8% or 5,253 have 'serious' criminal cases registered against them. FACTS EMBARASSING BUT TRUE --The 4,181 candidates who contested more than one election, 3,173 showed an increase in wealth. --The average assets of re-contesting candidates went up to Rs 2.34 crore, --The average assets of the 4,181 candidates with criminal record grew from Rs 1.74 crore to Rs 4.08 crore.
  4. 4. - AN EFFECTIVE PANEL OF VOLUNTEERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS GOVERNER OF STATE EXECUTIVE OFFICER FIELD WORKERS IN EVERY STATE THERE WILL BE A INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATION HEADED BY THE “VICE PRESIDENT OF INDIA” . Main objectives of this organisation will be:- -To conduct a “Leadership test” which will test the leadership abilities of all the interested candidates. -Conduct thorough background check of all the selected candidate to judge their character. -Declaration of financial assets of the elected candidates and his/her family members annually. -Fine tuning of the RTI Act so that the public has access all the Information about their representatives. -Using the newest technologies to make the voting system more reliable and efficient. -Educating common people about the importance of their vote and how to select their representatives. -Set ting up of separate fast track courts to deal with all the issues related with politicians. -Introduce the concept of negative voting wherein the public can vote against all the candidates contesting election and demand new candidates. -Keep a record of all the party workers and conduct regular check on them. -Regulate the amount of money spend during the election. IEB (INDIAN ELECTION BOARD)- NEED OF THE HOUR
  5. 5. To analyse the data collected by field worker and make a report. Conduct a leadership test. Manage the RTI entries about the politician. Handle the accounts of the INDIAN ELECTION BOARD. Take action according to the criminal trials on the politicians. Executive officer No. of Workers required for each constituency- 20 They should have knowledge about accounting ,management. Should be post graduate , constitutional knowledge and knowledge about their own constituency. STRUCTURE OF THE IEB TEAM FOR EVERY STATE.
  6. 6. Special fast track court: Criminal and other prime cases can get rapid action. If any one having a prime case have to inform before one year of election. Election observers:- The election observers are posted from other states and often do not understand local language, customs and practices. An independent group of election observers from local areas must be posted for each constituency if the election commission would desire. Election awareness campaign :- IEB will organize the election campaigns to aware the people to educate them about value of their vote. Right to Reject:- IEB will give the liberty to us to reject all the candidate if they wouldn’t like. so we implement acceptances of negative voting and it should be 35% of total voters . In that situation IEB would cancel the election and conduct an another election with all new participant. Prevent manipulation:- IEB will take vigilance ,if any one found distributing any thing to manipulate the voters liable to reject from election and affirmative is also considered so. Curb black money circulation :- Circulation of black money in the country which plays a big role in the elections can be largely curtailed by de monetising one thousand rupee currency notes and five hundred rupee currency notes immediately during election time. IEB IN PRE ELECTION PERIOD
  7. 7. • The cost of election campaign should be brought down by encouraging campaign through print and visual media, for which concessional charge should be fixed by the government and part of the expenses should be subsidized by the government. BRING DOWN COST OF ELECTI- ON CAMPAIGN • The accounts of the politicians are freezed in the time of elections for the prevention of excessive use of money power during election campaign. ACCOUNT FREEZING • Introduce a finger print based electronic voting machine in which the finger print of the person match with the data base of UID this would eliminate bogus voting FINGERPRINT VOTING SYSTEM • Some of the black listed areas where very less percentage of voting occur due to ghastly activities like- booth capturing, harassing people to vote forcefully, in these area people afraid to go out so they can vote online. For online voting their would be a unique id related to their UID . ONLINE VOTING • It is highly imperative to Fit CCTV camera at every election booth at sensitive place to check the fairness, hence no one can use the muscle power. CCTV IMPRO- VISATION •The MP and MLA constituency fund should be scrapped forthwith, as there is lot of evidence of this being used for corrupt practices and generation of black money which is used during elections. SCRAP MP/MLA CONSTITUENCY FUND ELECTION PERIOD –TESTING TIME FOR IEB
  8. 8. LEADERSHIP TEST Screening test Intelligence and personality test The board’s Questionnaire It is a test of reasoning ability and maturity. this is design to test ability of candidates to meet or resolve common even unfamiliar situations that a politician may face during carrier. To evaluate mentality how we react when we have to take very quick decision .this will depend on the situation needing very quick response . Quick thinking General aptitude Situation reaction Quick thinking General aptitude Situation reaction Command tasks G.D Public addressing This targets to plan tactical skills, administrative and organisational capabilities of candidates . They have given a team of some common men and have to perform a task such as managing , city projects, public welfare etc. Group discussions will test the expression ,argumentative capabilities ,depth of knowledge ,initiative and authenticity of a candidates. For public addressing participants have to deliver their ideas in a logical manner in front of a judging panel effectively so that they could show their knowledge, expressions and leadership . IT WILL OCCURE 4 TIMES IN A YEAR General aptitude will test the mental capability , basic intelligence and presence of mind.
  9. 9. Regular annual examine:- • Make verification of their monthly income and income sources. • Collect all details about his property and bank accounts. • IEB will conduct surveys for getting feedbacks . IEB will conduct surveys for getting feedbacks from the people. These surveys will be for: - • Knowing response of people about their MLA/MP ‘S work. • Take feedback about elections and about new ideas. • Getting there response that they are satisfy with system or not. The interviewer exposed the candidates to certain question in order to gauge his ideas or views ,positive attitude , self confidence ,potential etc. Interviewing panel will form a hypothetical situation and judge the candidates according to it. POST ELECTION PERIOD- BALANCE AND CHECKS
  10. 10. • . ONE • Only those people would contest the elections who are fit to lead the people. TWO • The concept of negative voting would enable the public to discard all the candidates if they don't see them as their leaders. THREE • Over spending during elections would be curbed as the candidate would have virtually no financial a during the election. FOUR • All party workers will be held accountable for their activities. FIVE • A common podium will be provided to all the candidates by the IEB, so that the role of money is redu SIX • The voting system would be more efficient and reliable. SEVEN • Strict vigilance and CCTV surveillance during elections will check unfair practices to bogus votes. EIGHT • The presence of people with criminal records in politics would be curbed. • Fast track courts to settle the issues of politicians will provide quick and effective justice . Those prov IEB –A BETTER WAY TO ELECT
  11. 11. The most important challenge is to amend the articles of constitution which would be opposed by many political parties for their personal gains. All the candidates will be judged on a common platform but all of them don't have the same upbringing i.e, candidates are not as privileged Formation of new political parties would be more complex and confusing. It would require more man power and financial assistance. Some participants who are very strong by votes ,can be denied by the rule of restrictions of guilty and appearance in wrong practices. HURDLES IN THE PATH OF IEB