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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION WOMEN: The origin of every single life on Earth, the most precious gift of god to the mankind. Today in modern era where women holds the equal rights in the society yet they receive disrespect and the male dominating thought that women are contagious disease and curved by men Lump Of women's are representing themselves in many Fields and without them we are half in life and all the assets. Most of them represent themselves succesfully in different fields. Empowerment of women is creation of an environment where women can make their own decisions.It is the key- device to enable them resurrects there status multifariously in the society and reconcile them to share virilities of the fast developing world.
  2. 2. TRUTH OF WOMEN Women still lag much behind men despite some improvement since independence. Our society is still male dominating patriarchial society.Women face disadvantage, disonimination and oppression in litteracy , jobs ,justice etc. Many facts and figures shows that our society is very much cruel towards women. A bitter truth about female gender is that our country lose over 3 millions girls over past years. After a long period of indepedence women still not get their freedom.  About 10% of all the crimes committed in the country are those of women abuse. 30 lakh girl children were lost to female infanticide during 2001-2011. A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. After 60 years of independence, 1 in 3 women in India are still illiterate. Only 39.5% women in India are economically active, compared to 80% in China. Sex ratio for females per 1000 males is 943 females. Child sex ratio for females is 919 per 1000 males. Less than 40% of women give birth in a health facility. Today a women wants that they have a premature generation that does not believe in the disrepute belonging to them. They need a life with inspiring and deligent atmosphere
  3. 3. CRIME AGAINST WOMEN A total of 2,28,650 incidents of crimeagainst women (both under IPC and SLL) were reported in the country during the year 2011 as compared to 2,13,585 incidences in the year 2010 recording an increase of 7.1% during theyear 2011. These crimes have continuously increased during 2007 - 2011 with 1,85,312 cases in the year 2007, 1,95,856 cases in the year 2008, 2,03,804 cases in the year 2009 and 2,13,585 cases in the year 2010 and 2,28,650 cases in the year 2011. West Bengal with 7.5% share of country’s population has accounted for nearly 12.7% of total crime against women by reporting 29,133 cases. Andhra Pradesh, accounting for nearly 7.0% of the country’s population, has accounted for 12.4% of total crimes against women in the country by reporting 28,246 cases in the year 2011.
  4. 4. The following data shows the crime rate towards women
  5. 5. PROBLEMS  The main problem arises with the mentality that the women are made to do household work and they are not capable of doing any extraodinary work.  Due to illiteracy of women in many areas they are lagging behind the growing technology.  This is a word wide problem and mostly the big problem for india.  The male dominating society never pay attentions to the rights of women.  The poorest drawback of the society is that most the male people have the thinking that women are the sex toy for them, whom which they play and throw.  The lack of the awareness among the people and scarce of knowledge.  The mind set of the males that they are born to serve them in accordance of their requirements.  We people don’t encourage them ,we want them as mother ,sister ,girlfriend ,wife but do not pay attention to their rights.
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS  All about that we are talking about the empowerment of women are just a bullshit talks for everyone.  No one takes it serious, we just celebreate womens day and all crap ,we talk about the situation but we don’t act on it.  We have to give them better education better facility and good economic condition for the development.  For women empowerment first we have to change our thinking towards them.  The very basic solution is to change the mind of society by better educational plan.  At this very impartant moment we have to understand the role of women in our society and don’t we forget they holds equal rights.  We have to change the fact about the equality towards women is that 1/2+1/2=1 and not 1+0=1.  We do not have strict and strong laws for the crime against the women.  We people brought your attention towards the recent delhi rape case,we know many of the people don’t remember today about that girl and we bet most of the people even don’t remember the girl name and even don’t care that whether the culprits are punish or not.
  7. 7. Impact of Solution  The male dominating society still don’t wants to accept the role and position of the women.  They respect their mother but abuse other women.  Women are harrass by men at their work places and public places also.  We only talk about the equality but don’t act on the rules.  We don’t want to change our thoughts and nature towards women.  Our laws are not so effective to protect women against the crime.  Every time women suffers but no body cares about that.  We are just awaken from the sleep for some time then we go back to sleep.  A big impact of our solutions is that the resistance offer by the society towards the change of women condition.  The problem is that society is not in the account to change their mind towards the thinking about the women.
  8. 8. CHALLENGES  Significant gaps exist between policy advancements in women’s rights and actual practices at the community level in India, pointing to problems of policy enforcement and corruption. Although there are legal provisions protecting women against dowry, domestic violence and other forms of abuse, they have not been sufficient in curbing the abuse of women.  Patriarchy dominates in most communities and households in India, lowering the mobility, access to education and decision–making power of women. In addition to the patriarchal structure, there are other societal divides in the status of women along rural-urban, caste and regional lines.  Low literacy amongst women is another issue that results in low levels of economic involvement and independence.  Since most women are out of the formal workforce they lack access to financial services such as credit and insurance
  9. 9. The need of the hour is a comprehensive set of policy interventions and programs that address the issue of women safety and inclusion – such as urban design and planning, provision of services, greater owner of assets by women, better policing and law enforcement , community involvement and awareness building for men, women and youth. Creating a safer and equal India for women and girls need to be put firmly on the national agenda.  We have to accepts the facts that by knowing the reality of or plan we are not trying our level best to resolve this.government should have to take some strict and historical action to solve this issue.  And finally we appeal to our country men to respect our pride of nation called WOMEN. APPENDIX  All our facts and data are based on the news report from the internet and the news paper THE HINDU.  We also refer to the website i National Crime Research Bureau of India. (2012). Crime Against Women. Retrieved from CII2011/cii-2011/Chapter%205.pdf