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  1. 1. Self Learning Centers Linking both the axis of Education : Students and Teachers Team NUHope : Shubham Pachori(Coordinator) , Manmohit Rekhi , Divya Chordia, Mohini Agnihotri and Dhawal Adesera. Theme - Stepping Stones: Enhancing The Quality of Primary Education
  2. 2. Indian education system largest in Common wealth countries and 2nd largest in the world next to USA. Though Statics narrate a different story.
  3. 3. 52 49 49 46 44 44 43 41 27 26 22 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 All India Assam U.P. M.P. Chhattisgarh Rajasthan J & K W.B. Nagaland Jharkhand Bihar Student Enrollment Ratio • Out of approx. 211 million children in the (6-14 yrs) age group - 84.91 % are enrolled in schools. • More than 35 million children in the (6-14) age group are out of school. • Net primary school enrolment/attendance is only 77% . • By year 2016 there will be approx. 500 million people with less than five years of schooling. .
  4. 4. Student Teacher Ratio a Major Concern • Five lacs new teachers are to be recruited and 5 lacs new classrooms are to be constructed to meet the required 30 : 1 pupil teacher ratio. • There are seven lacs teachers in the recognized 13 lacs primary schools. Out of these, three lacs teachers are either untrained or under-training. • In many states large number of teachers are Para-teachers and many of them are untrained. • As per a recent report by SSA, Bihar tops amongst the states having poor pupil- teacher ratio and Uttar Pradesh comes at second place. • In about 35 percent primary schools in Uttar Pradesh, pupil teacher ratio is 60:1. Fifty one percent primary schools in Uttar Pradesh are having three or less number of teachers. Out of these, 38 percent are Para-teachers.
  5. 5. Ma'am is Teaching Profit Loss but I can’t solve simple equations like 12 * x = 48. But what is x??? Self Learning Center aims at Bridging this mental ability gap by just employing some fun based learning Techniques in the Pre-existing model. This will enable students to explain , What they are doing in the class ? and Why are they doing it? NUHope is an initiative driven by a group of Passionate Undergraduates and Professionals
  6. 6. Developing a Team of core instructors from Passionate Undergraduates , Mentors and Educationists •Extremely Low cost and feasible Self Learning Center incorporating the models like that of famous mentor Arvind Gupta toys from trash. •Passionate Undergraduates coming from various walks of life will provide their creative inputs to improve the existing model of self learning center. •Incorporating mentors and educationist for designing Fun based learning programs benefiting both teachers as well as students. Passionate Undergraduate Instructor driven Self Learning Centers • Bridge courses: To Bridge mental ability gap which some time arises in curriculum based teaching due to varying grasping power of kids with in a class. • Fun Based Learning Program: To inculcate practical approach towards theoretical concepts. • Instructors devoting 3-4 hours a week for conducting fun based learning sessions and developing course content. Implementation Model : We are not reinventing the Wheel • Tapping the hidden potential in these passionate undergraduates. • Aiding the present network of municipal corporation schools under RTE(Right to Education) which are in dire need of skilled instructors and having high student teacher ratio of 57:1. • Aiding the theoretical based curriculum with Fun activities based learning Program. Edge SLC’s have over existing model
  7. 7. Developing A Network Of Volunteers Drawn From Various Walks Of Life •Involving innovators like Arvind Gupta (Toys from Trash) and Agastya Foundation so that we can have some out of box ideas for designing innovative Fun based learning curriculum • The Undergraduates which have been part of the model can be the mentors for the future volunteers • Passionate Educationist drawn from various educational institutions – pioneers in the Primary Education • Recruitment of the volunteers through demo lecture in which they will be tested for their teaching skills Undergraduate Volunteers Passionate Educationist Innovators Volunteers Transformed To Mentors
  8. 8. Developing an Organizational Structure at Regional And Central Level .ChiefCoordinator Recruitment Team: Recruits volunteers from all possible channels. Core Teaching Team: Implementing the Fun based Learning curriculum at the municipal schools coming under a particular SLC. Creative Team: Designing the Fun based learning model through flow of creative inputs from all possible channel viz. Educationist , Mentors and Innovators who are pioneers in the primary education system. Finance Team: Management Of The Funds in the most optimized way. Managing and Public Reach Team: Coordinating other teams , Sponsorship support, Expanding The public reach The model depicted above is being implemented by us in a municipal school in Ahemdabad for last one year.
  9. 9. The SLC model Will be Funded through Government Schemes , Social & Corporate Responsibility Cell of Corporate companies And through a network of Philanthropists Infrastructure Cost • Establishment Cost for Developing Fully equipped SLC. • Cost efficient Interactive Installations Costs viz. Fully equipped Laboratories. and activity rooms promoting “Best From Waste”. Organization Cost •For providing Honorary Mementos to the Educationists and Mentors volunteering in the SLC’s. •For providing Incentives to The Undergraduate Volunteers in form of Discount Coupons viz. Special offers from Flipkart , HomeShop18 and Crossword on College Books, providing them special Tuition Fees waivers for online professional courses. IT Cost • Advertisement Campaign Costs. • Communication Expenses. • For Developing an Online platform for the Fun Based Learning Model of SLC’s. Ignite Hope, Spread Happiness , Make A Difference (Visit us at
  10. 10. The SLC’s aims at imparting education to 35 million students in the age group(6-14) who are out of formal education. Impact and Reach • At the first stage of implementation 500 volunteers to be recruited into the various teams at SLC. • Covering atleast 3,000 students in the Municipal Schools of Ahmedabad through SLC’s spread across the city. • Through SLC’s we are imparting the questioning capability to the children. • Through the model proposed we were actually able to bridge the mental ability gap which existed earlier in the students at the school we presently visit in Ahmedabad. • 20 students of the 6 grade which were earlier were not able to understand the abstract idea of magnetism were benefited through 12 Week Science Program. The program aims at imparting education through practical based learning. At present we are reaching out 200 students of a municipal school at Ahmedabad through 20 passionate volunteers.
  11. 11. Conceptual Risks • Undergraduates in various institutions are not inspired enough to work for a social cause. Most of them can’t associate themselves with the model. • Key Educationist and Mentors will not be able to spare time from their busy professional schedules. • Government and Corporate companies will be reluctant to invest in the model driven by undergraduates. Implementation Risks • Designing a Fun Based Learning Curriculum will be the most challenging factor. • Integration with pre-existing teaching model and involving teachers at every step of implementation will pose a serious risk. • As its volunteer based program consistency issues will be there. As there priorities may change in future. Mitigation Strategies • A self sustainable and self funded model. • Creating a great public reach through Advertisement and Public Awareness Campaigns on Fun Based Learning Programs. • Reaching out to philanthropist and encouraging them to invest in our model. • Involving social innovators viz. Salman Khan (of Khan Academy), Arvind Gupta (of Toys From Trash). • Incorporating an online social networking site like google+ for discussion and brainstorming with the educationists and mentors. SLC Driven by Passionate Undergraduates Faces key implementation and conceptual risks The model we have at NUHope is self sustainable the funds required are raised by the alumni associated with us.
  12. 12. References • Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. • Arividam Project Being implemented by Kerala government. • Agastya foundation • Innovative model of Arvind Gupta - Toys From Trash. • Interaction sessions with Arvind Gupta Sir and Vidya madam(of • NUPEA Report