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  1. 1. WALK TO EQUALITY : ENSURING SAFETY AND EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN The role of women in development of society is of utmost importance. In fact it is the only thing that determines whether a society is strong and harmonious, or otherwise. Women are the backbone of the society. ( BY SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR) BY – TEAM MAVERICK – SIBM – BANGALORE 1.SANCHIT BAWEJA 2.AKANSHA VAISH 3. VRITI KOCHAR 4.GARIMA SOLANKI 5. ADAN KHAN
  2. 2. Facts – condition of women in India • Ensuring women safety and women empowerment is one of the most important and most critical problems which country is going through at present. • UNDP reports on human development indicators ranks India as second last in South Asia in terms of HDI. • Report clearly states that a girl child in India aged between 1-5 years has 75% more probability than a male to die. • Women form 48% of total population but constitutes only for 22% of national work force. • World bank report says that only 26% of Indian women have access to formal credit as against 37% males. • In this modern and fast moving world women are still considered to be a weaker section of the society.
  3. 3. Reasons in Favor of topic. One of the most important and critical problems which country is facing in this modern era India can rise only when this section of society is empowered and given adequate safety. Women is considered to be weaker section of society and it is high time for us to change dynamically and rapidly. Women is the future of this nation and the world
  4. 4. Causes of problem Women in safety Vey low percentag e of female police Lack of strict implementa tion and action Low status of women Lack of awareness of human rights and laws A sluggish court system Not easy access to grievance and redresses
  5. 5. Proposed solution- Measures of ensuring women safety • Make use of information and communication technology. All women must be equipped with a band shaped electronic device which can be used to give indication in case of emergency. USE OF INFORMATION AND TECHONOLOGY • Setting of government organizations and protection cells completely dedicated and designed for women safety issues. • Setting up of institutes to provide knowledge of basic women rights and remedies available. Awareness of Human and legal rights • As per Washington post report there are only 15 judges in between 1 million people while china has 159. • Misappropriate allotment of police force between pubic & Official beaurecrats. • Strict and immediate actions should be taken for crime against women A very strict and stringent fast track legal system
  6. 6. Steps for women empowerment • Taking immediate and necessary action for passing women reservation bill at the earliest • Giving equal opportunities to women in politics, sports, education etc. • As per census of central government employees only 7.53% of total employees in central government are women, we propose it to be at least 1/3rd of the total employees • At least one board member of every company must be a woman member which will ensure women employees to raise their voice equally. • All central schools and education institution must compulsorily impart self defense training to all girls • A pan India helpline no. such as 181 launched by ministry of telecom should be implemented strictly in all states • Promotion and encouragement by government of formation of self help groups such as SEWA, self employed women association • Project shakti of HUL is a classic e.g. of self help group encouraging women empowerment.
  7. 7. HOW TO EMPOWER WOMEN • Form a central crime Branch for women safety in all states this could be a coordinated efforts by NGOs who care for issues of women . • Relate women's adhar card numbers for providing them with subsidized facilities in education and health sector for their children and themselves. • All government banks should provide easy interest loans and high interest rate fixed deposits for single women.
  8. 8. COST STRUCTURE FOR CENTRAL CRIME BRANCH TotalFundingRequired Organization Cost Information Cost Women Police Commissioner Joint Women Commisioner Other Officers Software(ERP) Hardware 30 lpa 2 crore s pa TOTAL FUND REQUIRED :- 2.3 CR
  9. 9. Source of Funding • Government should impose tax on the richer segment of society which should be invested for women empowerment or for running the NGOS Taxation • 0.25% of the CSR activity by corporate should be invested in women empowerment Corporate
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  11. 11. Walk to equality: ensuring safety and empowerment of women.ANNEXURE-2
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