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  1. 1. Manthan :increasing the employability of youth (experience with learning concept ) skills : how to increasing employability in India (we are presenting some tools and techanics regarding to the current problem of employability ) team member vivek vaghasiya Umesh viradiya mahesh vaghasiya mitesh lakhani pankaj kasvala
  2. 2. Current ration of unemployebility of pg and graduate student in India
  3. 3. Labor Last Previous Highest Lowest Forecast Population 1217.00 31-12-2012 1202.00 1217.00 359.00 1218.30 Employed person 28999.00 31-12-2011 28708.00 28999.00 17491.00 29027.23 Unemploye d person 39774.00 31-12-2007 41466.00 41790.00 24861.00 39797.00 Unemploym ent rate 3.80 31-12-2012 9.40 9.40 3.80 3.10
  4. 4. In India graduate unemployment ratio are increasing in day by day because of no recourse in industries and service sector. • How to manage this ratio we are providing different different solution regarding to that is beloved.
  5. 5. Some tools • Learning with earning concept for youth • We all team member are a student of mba and we are running earning with learning institute .. • Why unemployment ration increasing in day by day ?????????????? • Only one resume behind that is not proper education system in India • We are believe in book education but market reality are some thing different • Requirement of industries and service sectored are not full fill today graduate or post graduate because of we all have not practical market knowledge this is also called experience with education • Try to understand our market requirement what they really need and what we study in graduation and post graduation it s time to changing something in there for but problem is howwwww ???????? • At that time we are presenting one solution of this burning problem •How to increase employability of youth
  6. 6. Earning(experience ) with learning study concept • buster academy(Heart of real education system ) • What is buster academy ? • Buster academe is one types of organization they are providing real market need education to the student and it is totally free of cost • We are providing learning with earning program to the student. • Totally free ? • Yes we are offering to all the filled of student for comers &since and arts totally free of cost • How we well manage totally free education ? • We want to types with some of manger industries and service sector they will provide some work to the our student our student will expertise with current market with working to theme • At that point of view student are knowing there capability in employable or not and how increase there efficiency in the work and bright future
  7. 7. WHY buster academy • This innovative academy is to fill in many of the gaps – the gaps between a business schools • Education and the street knowledge that comes from the day – to – day experience of running a business and managing people.
  8. 8. Present situation of Indian business sector • Now a day so many economical crises have to been raised in Indian economics. Inflation rate are increasing day by day. Solution of this situation is to manage young work fours in right direction. • • Rupees are decreasing day by day to the compression of our import country. India have also called yagistan and we have millions of young bitts that situation and create a healthy economics. Need to give right direction of that young blood. • SOLUATION IS EXPERIENCE WITH LEARNING
  9. 9. Present situation of student • Burning problem of student is placement where there IS no scope .. • We are said burning problem of student is they have not proper knowledge regarding to the management of our economics . • Seek off book knowledge is not use full in man ten your position in market we need to make some thing different from other .
  10. 10. Model of buster academy we convert student idea in reality
  11. 11. Need of change • Nobody would be surprised when we say that Indian economy will be sluggish thermostats, and it will definitely be in crisis if not focused well now. Just because when we observe that management education itself is in crisis, how can we expect other spheres of management and our economy to be renewing and transformational?
  12. 12. End •Thanks a lot