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  1. 1. INCREASING THE EMPLOYBILITY OF YOUTH Statistics about the unemployment of youth in India Factors effecting the unemployment of youth. Effects of the unemployment. Measures to be taken to avoid unemployment. Development of India by increasing the employbility of youth.
  2. 2. Statistics about the unemployment: The working population of India is going to be approx. 800 million people by 2016.. posing an enormous challenge for providing adequate education and employment. India would add to 130 million workers in the global market in this decade. A major challenge would be to create jobs for additional 71 million people by 2013 who would be joining the work force. Over 58 per cent population of India is below the age of 24 years. That means the figure stands at 564 million people below the age of 24 years. That means… the number of unemployed people by 2012 in India would be twice the population of USA. !!
  3. 3. Reasons and Causes of Youth Unemployment & Entrepreneurship: Socio-Cultural Factors as Inhibitors to Entrepreneurship In some of the countries the social and cultural outlook of the societies may not encourage initiatives and entrepreneurship. Many societies expect the youth to obtain education that enables them to get a job and earn salary to support the family. Economic compulsions too can push the families to encourage youth to look for jobs and not look at opportunities. In some cases certain caste or class of people are habituated to practicing certain occupations and thus entrepreneurship becomes a prerogative of certain sections of the society. Some other societies are risk averse and tend to play safe, while many communities believe in their children pursuing defense services opportunities or social service opportunities and so on. Economic & Political Factors Economies which are not growing are grappling with huge unemployment problems and this is affecting the youth too. When the economy is down and the business is not doing well, there will be no opportunities for small entrepreneurs to provide services to support the economy and business.
  4. 4. Industry Support & Patronage In any industry, it is largely the business sector that provides opportunities for support services and creating new networks of business enterprises. Similar to their role in social responsibility, Industry can create a very strong platform to help develop the youth and give them the support and guidance as well as opportunities to the youth. In society where the industry enterprise is not very significant or not very active, there can be no encouragement for youth entrepreneurship. Finance & Business Support One other biggest hurdle faced by each and every entrepreneur is the lack of financial backup and funding as well as guidanceOne other biggest hurdle faced by each and every entrepreneur is the lack of financial backup and funding as well as guidance required to incubate new business. Most often those who attempt to start any enterprise do so borrowing from family and friends . After a while the business starts to suffer due to lack of funds and they end up in a debt trap. Banking and financial assistance should be made available easily and this can happen only with the active support and engagement by the government. Political factors Political will and focus to focus on youth in the country and to create a positive environment that encourages youth to dream and work towards realise their dream is very much necessary in any society. It is the political will that can spearhead the Youth revolution. Absence of stability in the political situation of the country and the political party’s outlook towards this area can make or break the youth entrepreneurship’s growth. Education System & Orientation In most of the countries today the education system is geared to enabling the youth to pass out with their qualifications based on academic knowledge and prepare for seeking a job. There is little or no focus on building and equipping the students with leadership, building awareness and giving them training for entrepreneurship. Of late there is a trend to introduce special courses and training modules on entrepreneurship in many of the universities
  5. 5. Youth unemployment is being recognised as one of the problems that could grow into global proportions in the coming years causing social and economical •problems for the societies •The youth will be stressed and undergo frustration. •India cannot be grown financially. •The government cannot provide any facilities as it is financially weak. •Poverty will be increased. •Indi a cannot be grown in all the sectors due to the unemployment. EFFECTS OF UNEMPLOYMENT: •Indi a cannot be grown in all the sectors due to the unemployment. •The illiteracy rate will be increased. •The corruption will be increased. •There are many disadvantages as the unemployment increases.
  6. 6. MEASURES TO BE TAKEN TO IMPROVE EMPLOYMENT : 1. Integrated Rural Development Program : Government had to introduce IRDP to create full employment opportunities in rural areas. Under this program agriculture, animal husbandry, forests, fisheries, small and cottage industries, construction of roads and canals etc. are to be developed. By this program we can Create opportunities for the employment of the youth .we can develop the employment opportunities in the rural areas.
  7. 7. 2. Employment Exchanges: Government had to set up employment exchanges offering information on the possible vocational avenues. These exchanges do not provide employment directly but are of great assistance in directing the job-seeker to the possible areas of the employment. The people in the Rural areas cannot know about the opportunities in the vocational avenues by this employment exchange they cannot about it.cannot about it. 3.Employment Guarantee: The government had to introduce the Employment guarantee scheme through out the India. This Scheme has been launched in many states such as, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala, Rajasthan etc. Under the scheme unemployed persons are given economic assistance 4. Small and Cottage Industries: In order to reduce unemployment, government if has made special efforts to develop small and cottage industries. The unemployment rate can be reduced.
  8. 8. . 4. Small and Cottage Industries: In order to reduce unemployment, government if has made special efforts to develop small and cottage industries. The unemployment rate can be reduced. 5.Self-employment to Educated Unemployed Youth: The Government had to provide loans and had to encourage educated unemployed youth to start the self employment who have no other financial resources. By this the youth can be employed and they can provide employment opportunities to the other unemployed youth. 7. Training for Employment: The main drawback for the youth to be unemployed is the lacking of the communication skills soft skills technical skills and all the skills required for the employment. The Government had to give training and support for the unemployed youth to improve their skills for getting employed. 6.Financial support by Government: The government had to give encouragement and financial support for the youth who wanted to start the business. The Government had to Provide loans. The unemployment rate will be decreased .
  9. 9. The other measures to be taken for development of employment: Technical and skill oriented educational programs should be initiated by public and private institutions in India. developing mechanism for improving accountability. adeveloping mechanism for improving accountability. The youth should be persuaded and encouraged to pursue careers in line with their vocational interest than being attracted to those careers which given them status and high income. The schools. Colleges and other institutions should have facilities for vocational and emotional counseling and voluntary organizations can play an important role in offering such services. keeping in view the socio economic conditions of the country, competitions and opportunities available, the youth should set up realities goals and priorities- The youth should be engaged in social services and encouraged to develop a feeling of pride in our country. a
  10. 10. DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA BY EMPLOYMENT As the employment of youth increases the India will be developed Financially. Poverty will be decreased Literacy rate will be increased. As the India develops financially it can provide all the facilities to the villages. India will be developed economically. India will be developed in all other sectors As the students are educated there will be no misuse of government funds As the India increases economically the government can provide all the facilities for the people. The India will be developed in many factors as the employment of the youth increases.
  11. 11. PPT PRESENTED BY: College name: CMRIT[HYDERABAD] 1.Tammali Srinivas. 2.Basam Nagarjuna. 3.Nandyala Rajashekar Reddy. 4.Poreddy Vikranth Reddy. 5.Shanmukh.