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  1. 1. Manthan topic: The tremendous influence of money power especially black money on elections is one of the major evils associated with the electoral process. Urgent reforms are required to curb this menace which threatens the foundation of our democracy. Fairness at Play: Introducing electoral reforms to reduce the influence of money and muscle power in politics Team Details AGRIMA SHRIVASTAVA MUSKAN UPADHYAY Team Coordinator: RAHUL SINGHAL HIMANSHU GUPTA ANUSHKA SRIVASTAVA 1
  2. 2. Causes of the problem Poverty •In 2010, the world bank reported that 32.7% of the total Indian people fall below the internatio nal poverty line of US$ 1.2 5 per day and hence the corrupt ministers offer money against the votes and win the seats. Unemployment •Almost 80% of the population of the country is educated but almost 60% of them are not having a job and hence when offered money they agree to do anything and cast votes for these candidates. Dishonesty on part of one unemployed individual increases corruption and these people may also be used as a muscle power to misguide the voters. Unawareness •people are unaware how much there votes value and they sell it for money. According to a survey ,the voters voting to bring a change in system were only found to be 36%. Why can money buys votes?? influence of manpower Misuse of power by the political leaders on the weak sect of community/society leading to harassment . Corruption: due to which communication gap between harassed part of society and the police Overbearance : communities get under pressure of the more powerful society due to their needs of food and shelter Electoral sytem : weak electoral system which is non-responsive to society’s complaints and expectations 2
  3. 3. •1.For spreading the awareness amongst the voters by several campaigns and programs specially those living in rural areas. •2.Of making a panel of officers who are responsible to manage the unrest in the election areas and are authorized to cancel the elections in that areas Awareness •Additional safety measures to ensure there are no loopholes in polling process •Fair selection Of Election Comission and Transparency to examine after result declaration •Recording and verifying the address and contact details to ensure genuinity of voter, so that election commission can get back to the person to verify any possible influence on the voter Fair Election committee: •Electronic machines as well as chit system •The votes should be recorded in electronic machines and simultaneously a chit in ballot box system should be followed •. Proper verification of the address and contact details,so that election commission can get back to the person if any charges are found against him/her. Declaration and freezing of assets : verification and vigilance : Proposed Solutions ●Periodic and surprise vigilance, raids ensure no wrong means are used to influence voting and also for peaceful polling process 3
  4. 4. there should not be liablity to the government just supreme court election commission must be an autonomous body •No kinds of Criminal background. •No relation to any political party. •Not financially prone •Autonomy to the chief electoral panel. Selection •Central officers: day to day working of Election Comission, candidate registrations, result recording and declaration •Polling Officers :sent autonomously to preside over the polling process at different cities to ensure safe operations •Undercover Vigilance Comission: conducting raids, surprise checks in constituencies to ensure no money or manpower influence on voters Work domain Implementation of the solution 4
  5. 5. • Awareness about how to file a grieveance • Voter awareness schemes and advertisements to be increased. • school to school and college to college expansion of voter rights. • Publishing about the candiadates in dailies prior to election. • Publications of employment oppurtunities and depicting possible fraudulent means of earning money as crime against nation and family. Awareness Implementation of the solution Voter slips with photograph will be distributed by the EC; they will have the exact location of the polling booths and the serial number of the ballot. Proper Police protection be deployed during the time of polling. Declaration and Freezing of assets on declaration of candidature helps to keep a check on unrestricted flow of money. Vigilance officers must be kept under cover and must be rotated from time to time and place to place and must be capable of pulling off sting operations. 5
  6. 6. IMPACTS OF THE SOLUTION The proposed solutions will be able to eradicate the problems in majority of places where money laundering might get exposed and thereby lead cancellation of candidature. Vigilance and different departments can ensure that there is no misuse of money or manpower to mislead the voters. Verification always helps in consolidating the effectiveness and authenticity of voting process. Periodic surveys can be conducted in order to inquire about any possible influence on polling / voting. More number of voters get encouraged to vote and further contribute in the formation of the government. A complaint box can also be set up addressed straight to EC regarding any possible tainted polling process. 6
  7. 7. Transparency of polling process • Mitigated by public declaration of findings which results in insuring of integrity of any part of electoral process. Corruption • Mitigated by frequent transfers and internal vigilance like cctvs and also vigilance officers. Overbearing of EC by manpower • Mitigated by proper police protection but the anonymity of undercover vigilance is a must & very crucial to ensure lesser influence on polling. Challenges to Proposed Solutions 7
  8. 8. Facts and Figures One notable example of outright violence was the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack, where followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh deliberately contaminated salad bars in The Dalles, Oregon, in an attempt to weaken political opposition during county elections. In Tamil Nadu election, lots of free items such as laptops, rice, cattle , gold etc were promised and are being given. Is it not a bribe only to be given in future after winning the election. The CM is now asking Delhi for fiancial support. The same thing will happen in other states where elections are announced. The Election Commission should curtail such type of promises as otherwise the party which offers the maximum free distribution will win the election. There will be no money left for real development work. 8
  9. 9. Facts and Figures A special drive should be launched to update the lists of history sheeters, declare absconders, fugitive criminals and such persons who were reported to have indulged in electoral offences like booth capturing, intimidation, impersonation in each police station falling in each and every Assembly Constituency and record of such updated listed should be handed over to the District Election Officers and Returning Officers concerned when asked for. Issue of license for arms should be totally prohibited during the period commencing with the date of announcement of elections. This ban should be continued to be operative till the completion of the election procedure. 9
  10. 10. • Preventive Law & Order Action to ensure conduct of peaceful, free and fair poll during the General Elections/Bye-elections : ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA • Let’s talk about books and politics,November 2012. • Electoral reforms or voting • The most expensive elections in • The constitution of india:,article 242 • The process of election in India: • right to vote under indian constitution: a critical analysis: • Right to Vote - Constitutional Rights List References 10