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  2. 2. 3 2 1 FINANCING OF ELECTION EXCEEDING THE LEGAL LIMIT AND BUYING VOTERS BOOTH CAPTURING AND LOW TURNOUT GRAPH IN ELECTION. LACK OF TRUE REPRESENTATIVE OF POLITICAL ATTITUDES PROBLEMS “At the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man, walking into the little booth, with a little pencil, making a little cross on a little bit of paper…..”
  3. 3. Affidavits for MP’S- 533(2009) • MPs with criminal charges - 150 (28.14 %) • MPs with serious criminal charges - 72 (13.51 %) • Total criminal cases against MPs - 412 • Total serious IPC sections against MPs – 213 CRIMINAL RECORDS AGAINST MPS ILLITERACY AMONG VOTERS BOOTH CAPTURING EXCEEDING FINANCIAL LIMIT • Maximum voters are illiterate regarding giving vote ,thats why are hijacked by candidate with money . In many rural part of india booth are captured by using arm power and hence money power . Many candidate exceed there limit of money decided by election commision in buying illiterate voters. HIGHLIGHTS
  4. 4. SMART WAY OF IMPLEMENTING ELECTION’S Every identity card must have a biometric password such as finger print,eye retina etc. He/She can vote to candidate of only his/her constituency from any part of india. Designing a unique machine such as ATM to be altered in every part of india. It is based on one time investment plan by election commission of india. Eligible candidate should be provided with unique identity card such as PAN card. PLAN HIGHLIGHTS
  5. 5. Online or apptitute based test should be conducted for candidate of general election regarding history,financial and economic problems,constitution,basic needs of nation. KNOWLEDGE BASED TEST  Ammend the constitution to keep away criminals away from parliament.  Team should be formed by election commision which will confirm the true representative attitude of candidate . OTHER URGENT SOLUTION PROPOSED SOLUTION
  6. 6. COMPUTER BASED EXAMINATION- In an election time , there must be a procedure of conducting an EEE i.e(ELECTION ENTRANCE EXAM) so that the candidate who stand for an election must know about our nation,that would help the nation to be free from il- literate leaders. COMPULSORY MAINTENANCE OF ACCOUNTS BY POLITICAL PARTIES AND AUDIT THEREOF BY AGENCIES SPECIFIED BY THE ELECTION COMMISSION The Commission considers that the political parties have a responsibility to maintain proper accounts of their income and expenditure and get them audited by agencies specified by the Commission annually Introducing the teams – As there must be some rules which are introduce by the ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA by generating the teams of some limited members which have the right to confirm the candidate for an election on the basis of rules as introduced by the government of india. DETAILED SOLUTION
  7. 7. Conducting computer test- Allow indian youth to enter in politics Allow literate person to enter into politics thus forming a dream india. Keeping criminals away from politics may help to reduce use of muscle powerin politics Advanced machine help to reduce- booth capturing during voting. budget of election which are allocated by indian government. Increment in voting percentage - Today: Government formed at 27%  After introducing of advanced machine: Government will be formed at 45% or more IMPACT
  8. 8. ECONOMIC CHALLENGE- Process of implementation regarding advanced machine may take time and a huge budget which is not possible for india which going through the era of economic crisis . POLITICAL CHALLENGE- As all the bill must be passed by parliament so many MP’S of house may not ready to include computer based test and to keep criminal away from politics as they know that they will fail to satisfy this conditions . SOCIAL CHALLENGE- It is also possible during implementing machine that many voters are handicapped or blind . In such case a unique technology must be used regarding biometric password. CHALLENGES
  9. 9. HOW TO IMPLEMENT campaign should be started by election commission during elections in rural areas to ensure that voters are not giving votes in any muscle pressure or because of money Special budget should be passed by government for use of advanced technologies , thus providing a financial solution and help of NGO should be taken time to time IMPLEMENTATION
  10. 10.  Resarch papers by various journalists. Final report by MLC election task force. Various laws and constitution ammended by supreme court Google reports and demonstrated powerpoint slides. APPENDIX