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  1. 1. Boosting skillsets – Increasing The Employability Of Youth
  2. 2. The Crew Ankur Gupta (Team Coordinator) Anmol Gupta Anshul Vishal Ajeet Singh Ashish Kumar We, the innovative minds pursuing B.Tech in pre-final year of Electrical Engineering from JSS Academy Of Technical Education, Noida, wish to focus on the most vulnerable, “EMPLOYABILITY OF YOUTH” “The long tail of employable graduates are getting missed out by corporations.”
  3. 3. Problem Statement Matching today’s youth with employment needs is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole – there are too many and they lack the right skills. The organized sector is doing more training even while hiring new recruits with higher educational credentials. Supply Demand An economy with a large percent of unemployable qualified candidates is not only inefficient but also socially dangerous. The quality of intake by different industries is now a major factor and has been now very badly tempered by the quality of education at the college level. Employability has now also been affected badly because of the regional differences such as Delhi which has now emerged as an educational hub and on the other hand, Bihar And Jharkhand seems to be paradoxical. Education and training system greatly lack in modernization and rationalization required to stimulate more productive and more competitive economy. A large proportion of employable graduates are ending up without any opportunity which is now resulting into a great fall in the Indian economy.
  4. 4. Present Scenario We Observe Absorption of higher skilled workers Polarisation of labour markets Further pressures on individuals to gain skills and ‘good’ jobs Disparagement of lower-skilled jobs, and workers The strategic use of temporary workers discourages and avoids provision of opportunities for further skill development. Education and training systems further lacks in modernization and rationalization. Engineering Graduates being absorbed in many different job profiles. Though candidates are possessing appropriate qualification, but they are unable to exhibit the right competence. According To Nation Sample Survey Office, more than 10.4 million youths are unemployed in India. Temporary workers gain and develop their skills base themselves. 17.45 2.68 9.22 40.69 9.22 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 IT Services IT Product Hardware Networking BPO KPO Employability of Engineering Graduates in Different Sectors %Graduates
  5. 5. Causes  Expensive Education System  Poor learning outcomes  Poor Field Knowledge  Speaking and communications skills  Low employability skills (soft skills)  English  Presentation skills  Etiquette and hygiene  Work ethic  Not adaptable or portable  Low numeracy  Low computer/IT familiarity  Lack of multi-skills  Poor opportunities for Entrepreneurship  Poor status of women in the society  More emphasis on the number of colleges rather than the quality of the colleges The result shows the same trends as observed globally, they need to be interpreted from a nuanced perspective Graduates coming form non metros are disadvantaged to a certain extent. This is mainly because graduates from non metro cities have a poor exposure to Computers and they also have poor English speaking skills. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 IT Services IT Product Hardware Networking BPO KPO Employability – Males vs Females Males Females 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 IT Services IT Product Hardware Networking BPO KPO Employability – Metros vs Non Metros Metro Non Metros %Graduates%Graduates
  6. 6. Proposed Solution To Be run by the help of Managing Officers. To be Headed by the Honourable Prime Minister  Government Funded  To incorporate the work of different governmental and non governmental organization together.  To Evaluate the present process of Training  To act as the interface between trainees and the corporate world.  To act as a contact point for all companies  To assist students in becoming ready for the corporate world.  To organize workshops for youth for skill development  To visit different training institutes and schools.  To introduce the concept of e-Learning  To redesign the present curriculum.  To introduce new technology in labs.  To provide placement support.  To improve and suggest new innovative methods of teaching.  To introduce modern technological methods of leaning. The Root cause of the problem of Unemployment of youth we found is the “LACK in The modernization and innovation in the present method of Education and the Training system” . To incorporate the requirements of the volunteers with government corporate funding Formation Of ”MISE” Committee (Modernization & Innovation of Skill learning and Education) Volunteers To be drawn from various service professions, retired executives and graduate students . “MISE” Together will work with different Aiders.
  7. 7. Aiders MISE Committee ITI NSDC Compan -ies NGOs Ministry of Labour and Employme -nt National Employ - ment Service • More than 12000 in India and present in rural areas. • Can provide more reach to the students. • Infrastructure can be utilized to develop the skills. ITI • To Focus significantly on underprivileged sections of society and backward regions of society and unorganized sectorNSDC • To build the culture, skills and supporting the entrepreneurial growth of youth.NGO • Provide Job To The Trainees • Contact different companies for the vacancies.NES • Provide Job to the trainees • Provide fund to the committee. Ministry of Labour and Employment • To arrange specific skills as required by the company. Companies
  8. 8. - Social Awareness - Workshops - Presentations - Sign And Display - Online Advertisements - Television Promotion - Press Release - Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Classified Ads Creating Awareness - English Proficiency And Communication Skills - Computer Literacy Education - Skill Development - Ware Housing - Basic Accounting - Presentation Skills - Organised Retail - Basic Manufacturing Skills Boosting Skillsets - Government Funding - Sponsorships Industries - Training And Skill Development Organizations - Business Associations - Social Entrepreneurs Funding - Committee President - Chief Executive Officer - Chief Operation Officer - Retired Executives and Officials - Skilled Volunteers - Willing Mentors Organizing Members Implementation i. Online/Offline Registration ii. Skill Test Attaching Volunteers iii. Interview
  9. 9.  Cheaper Skill Development Courses.  Reach to The Rural Areas  It will Itself create large employment  Proper Utilization of Present Technology.  Better understanding.  Development of skills as per the required market.  Proper Employment opportunities.  Improvement in the quality of the employees for the industries.  It will prove as an easy mode of skill learning for young job seekers.  Expensive Development Courses  Lack of Situation Awareness  Very less Use of technology.  Improper understanding by students.  Lack of proper skills .  Less employment opportunities.  Very less number of suitable employees with the skills as desired by the industry.  Pressures on individuals to gain skills and good jobs. Towards Enriched Future Proposed Solution At Present
  10. 10. Impact Of MISE Volunteers • Over 25000 skilled volunteers will be recruited. • Approaching a career change. • Can search in a variety of ways that meet there preferences. • Volunteering as a path way to employment report. Trainees • Over 3 million trainees to be benefited at initial step. • Proper personality development. • Assessment of improvement in skills and knowledge by pre and post questionnaire. • Development of skills as per the present market. Placement • Proper placement support by direct contact with the industries. • Establishment of proper linkages between the industries and the trainees. • Will provide hands on experience in management and organization. • Will provide guidance on creating a clear career plan. Integration With Main Stream • Proper degree to be awarded. • Short term diploma courses.
  11. 11. Conclusions Will help in improving the standard of living for graduates. It will reduce the recruitment cost of organization. It will also lead to the skill development of a large number of mentors. It will itself create large number of employment. It will also help in improving the Per Capita Growth of the country. It will help a large number of unaware skilled graduates to meet their job requirements. It will benefit the unskilled graduates by developing their skills providing them more opportunities.
  12. 12. Appendix  Project report on “Changing Modes of Employment: Problems of Skill Development and Qualities of Work” by “Catherine Casey”  Project report on “Skills Development Strategy” by “National Skills Authority & Department of Labor”.  “National Employability Report” by Aspiring Mind.  Project report on “Youth And Employment” by “Amir Ullah Khan”  Presentation by National Skill Development Corporation.