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  1. 1. •40:1 Student teacher ratio •Chalk and slate :inappropriate method of teaching •No stationary available •Old traditional unproductive way of teaching •Lack of basic infrastructure to support primary education
  2. 2. • Education equity not uniform throughout nation • Corrupt education system • Lack of proper transportation • Rural people do not know worth of education • Girl education and safety at stake • Courses prescribed are inappropriate,impractical • Students are not interested in studies rather mid day meal.
  3. 3. •Ratio should be 25:1 •Stationary should be provided on regular basis •Education buses, pay in computers, inculcating of animated and diagrammatic study material, and way of teaching should be of innovative level •Govt should provide a research analysis to the problem so as to make it children friendly •Basic infrastructure for supporting the primary education should be implemented. • Primary education system should be governed centrally throughout nation.
  4. 4. • Recruitment procedure should be privatised. • Transportation facility should be included in a way that it employs employment to the people.(like small vehicles should be provided excluding taxes and less rate of interest.) • Schemes like provision of employment to the family as well as food and grains should be provided. • Skits and plays should be done by the govt. To incorporate the interest to the students. • Three times attendance should be done to check on the students bunking. • Direct approach to the higher facilities in case any problem arises.
  5. 5. • Grouping of 3-4 villages and calculating the school going population of the children along with the facilities prevailing in those areas • A proper consensus of facilities should be preplanned and provided under the supervision of gram panchyats. • Facilitating educational movies/shows done in the villages by the private school authorities near by so as to educate children and bringing them to reality. • Private schools should provide free education to meritorious students from the villages and the government should impose taxes if not done in favour. • Schools should be opened nearby so as to consider the safety point of view for the girls as well as boys. • Harsh punishment should be given to those male teachers who indulge themselves in molesting and harassing girl child . • Primary curriculum should be reorganised and the study hours should be lessened.
  6. 6. • There should be a school between 500 students. • If a small child is working their parents,the work honour employer should be punished • Punishment should be given if a student does not come to school. • A prize should be given after completion of primary education. • If a students does not come to school police should visit his/her house. • Age limit for government body for primary education should 20 to 45 years
  7. 7. • The parliament should pass the bill in regard to primary education and the government should look into this problem seriously. • The implementation of fine and other punishments should be under the sarpanch of the village. • Educational helpline number should be available to complain. • Government should impose laws for private industries, firms, universities to actively participate for enhancement of primary education. • Financial support from private industries and universities should implemented • Regular seminars for enhancing knowledge of teachers and to make them acquainted to diversification in field of teaching. • Central surveillance team should be set to ensure functioning of the primary education system.
  8. 8. • Students will get proper chance to interact with teacher • Poor students will get chance to learn. • Animated and diagrammatic study will create interest in students • Basic infrastructure will help in improving the concentration of students towards study • Centrally governed education system will work more properly. • Transportation will make easy conveyance. • Strict regulations will prove to be fruitful. • Parents will be motivated and they will send their children to the school. • Due to private procurement procedure quality of teachers will be improved
  9. 9. • Financial problem is one of the major challenges. • Basic infrastructure should be maintained. • In state like Bihar there is 50% female reservation in grampanchayat and most of them are illiterate. • Condition of road is not so good for educational buses. • It may be tough for central government to regulate education system of all state. Mitigation factor • 1. 95% of india's rural populations are within 1 km of primary schools. • 2. RTE: teachers are freed of most non teaching activities
  10. 10. • DISE- district information system for education report 2012 • http://www.firstpost.com/india/why-the-state-of-indias- primary-education-is-shocking-598011.html • http://schoolreportcards.in/media/m52html • http://www.theguardian.com/global- developement/poll/2012/apr/26government-education- budget-poll