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  1. 1. Team members: Abhay Mittal Gagan Vashishtha Ankush Pandey Ila Varshney Sahil Varshney Zakir Husain College of Engg & Techology
  2. 2. Suggestions o Standards syllabus system o For regularity teachers o Stop Midday Meal & Alternatives o Reduce the burden of teachers o Well maintained checking team o Others
  3. 3. Standard Syllabus System:  Government should set a standard syllabus for each district for a given time(like for a month one chapter).  That syllabus has to be completed by each school. And it will be responsibility of teachers.  Checking team should check regularly that is syllabus till that month is completed or not? And how much student gain knowledge.  If significant number of student don’t gain , than ask teacher for the reason and if reason isn’t satisfactory than take action against teacher & principle.
  4. 4. Regularity of teachers :  Biometric attendance system for teachers should be install and for absent take action as per the rules.  Timings should be change. As there is a good number of lady teachers than there is problem to reach on time in summer and they try to leave early in winter. (Time can be 9:00am to 2:00pm).
  5. 5. Stop Midday Meal:  Midday Meal Yojna should be stop. We have seen in our survey that once is is 8:45 or 9:00(in summer) by cock student stop study and wait for meal(or goto there home for Bartan).  After accident of Bihar peoples are afraid of sending their children to schools .  An Alternative : We can provide grain and other things for children from the public distribution shop on the basis of number of children in a family.
  6. 6. Reduce burden of teachers:  In our survey we found that most of the teachers were busy in different activity other than teaching students (Like maintain data and others). Government should reduce this burden and let them free to teach their students.  If government wants some work from teachers other than teaching(or related), it should be in summer vacation as government also pays for these days like other employees.
  7. 7. Well maintained checking team:  A team should be maintained checking team in which one District incharge, 3-5 Sub district incharge, Some members for a particular area(or village).  Team must be focus on education than the things like boundary wall, ramp and other things.  Strict action must taken for irregularity in study than other stuff.
  8. 8. Others :  Peon should be there in each school. As cleaning room and other like these stuff has to be complete by either by student or by teachers.  There must be one or two class before first class in primary schools.  Sports and games activity should be encourage by teachers.  A Department that can be part of PWD should form that will take care of school building in all manners.  There can be a reservation scheme in higher for student of primary school.