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  1. 1. Crime Against Women Scope of the problem Rape Kidnapping & Abduction for specified purposes Homicide for Dowry, Dowry Deaths or their attempts Torture - both mental and physical Molestation Sexual harassment Importation of girls female foeticide. Causes of the problem Is it the so-called culture and myth in India, where men were and are still considered to be the bread-winner, Patriarchal dominated society of India? Non acceptance of Girl right from the time the parents know that the foetus is a girl thereby leading to Killing the female foetus and female infanticide. The Girl’s Parents who consider it their obligation to give dowry whenever demanded and thus feeling that whenever a girl is born in the family it would be a huge drain on their financial resources. Reasons for selecting a specific topic We live in the twenty-first century and yet we see and tolerate violence and yet the so-called educated and literate bear violence and pay a price of their life. Are we going to be silent and join the oppressors. High time we engage in this cause to stop Violence Against Women which include spreading the message asking girl’s parents not to engage in giving dowry for their girl’s marriage, stop forcing a woman to stay in an abusive relationship, accept a rape .
  2. 2. 3 Gender sensitization SUGGESTION : Awareness should be created among the masses especially in the rural areas about the importance of women in the real world. Repeated workshops and sessions with successful women should be organized in such areas in order to boost up their confidances. And the national and state council should make sure that such workshops are conducted regularly and aesthetically and not just for the sake of it. 1. Importance of girl child 2. Importance of male-female sex ratio and some more should be the important topics for the workshops 4. Families with a single girl child should be given some amount of money to encourage people for the same 5. Activities such as bell bajao andolan , shoutings etc. should be encouraged and media should be used as weapon to support women. Partnership with the voluntary sector organizations As mentioned in the policy by the government there are hardly any NGO's with whom the govt collaborates with. SUGGESTION : The interaction between the ngos and govt should increase so that all the victimised women which approach these ngos can get proper redressal 2. Setting up of national and state councils to look after the policies set by the government. SUGGESTION : No strict actions are being taken by these councils. These councils should not consist of the members of the ruling party. Instead it should have individuals who truly care about the safety and integrity of women. These councils should be set up by the supreme court and the individuals should be selected on the basis Of the work that they have already done in these areas. total of 2,28,650 incidents of crime against women (both under IPC and SLL) were reported in the country during the year 2011as compared to 2,13,585 incidences in the year 2010 recording an increase of 7.1 % during the year 2011 .These crimes have continuously increased during 2007-2011 with 1,85,312 cases in the year 2007, 1,95,856 cases in the year 2008,2,03,804 cases in the year 2009 and 2,13,585 cases in the year 2010 and 2,28,650 cases in the year 2011. National policy for the empowerment of women is the government’s meaure that they have taken to improve the state of women in our country.
  3. 3. Merits of the proposed solution in comparison to the existing alternative(s) With the existing features we know that the crime is only on an increase hence the government needs to pull up their socks to bring about a radical change If the above mentioned points are kept in mind the following things will happen 1. The people will be more aware of all the actions that the government is undertaking in order to bring improvements in the current situation with the media involvement 2. People will become more open and th respect for women will increase hence there will be decrease in the disrespectful crimes against women 3. If ngos get a strong support from the government, they both can work together and help in eradicating problems that women face in their day to day lives. 4. If people become gender sensitive then, they will respect women. And hence think twice before taking any step that will bring disrespect towards women. 5. With the activities such as bell bajao andalon etc women will be able to raise their voice against the crime that they face.
  4. 4. Implemenation of Solution • High level description of key steps involved in implementing the solution • The Government needs to develop an interaction with ngo’s so that all the victimised women which approach these ngo’s should get proper redressal and good care of the women should be properly taken in these ngo’s. • The government needs to setup national and state councils whose job should be to look after the policies made by the government and the members of the council should see that all the policies are properly implemented and there should be no loopholes in the policies of the government. • Stakeholder(s) involved at each step While executing the proposed solution many stakeholders should be included in making the government policies for the safety and integrity of the women. Instead of selecting individuals from the ruling party Youth and young individuals should be given a chance who have already done work in the safety or integrity of women. The individuals should take even a harsh decision if required and should be able to change the government policies for the betterment and safety of women.
  5. 5. • Financial and human resources required at each step For implementing the proposed solution for the safety of women financial and human resources are required at each step to ensure security and betterment of women. • In the case of Voluntary Sector organisations the government should provide regular funds so that organisations should be able to take better care for women. • In the case of setting up of national and state councils human resources like youth and determined people are needed who have already worked in this area and should be able to propose better government policies and should be able to take harsh and strict decisions. • In the case of Gender sensitization masses should be made aware about the importance of girl child in a family. In this case media can play an important role in making people aware about the importance of women in real world. In this case financial help from government should be provided to media to make people realize their mistake. • In the case of the families with single girl child government should provide incentives and financial help to encourage other families to have a girl child. • In the case of andolans in order to ensure security of women the masses should come to support all the andlans for the betterment and rights of women. In this case also Media can play an important role in educating people about the importance and rights of women.
  6. 6. • Scalability to measure the impact of solution Uptil now, most of the people especially women are not even aware of the rights that they possess. If the mass approach of media which grips the country currently is used to educate as well as create awareness regarding the laws as well as the policies and various steps taken at the governments end then the problem that we currently face will be diminished and we surely can come out strongly from the same. Hence the scale at which the proposed solutions can be measured is very large as the common masses will get the opportunity to criticize as well as appreciate the policies being made. Hence our policy makers will get a better idea as to what the common people want and how satisfied are they with the decisions being made Sustainability of the solution Since we boast that our nation is a democratic nation which has a government that stands by the tagline : By the People, for the people and of the people, the proposed solution is completely apt and sustainable as it will be under constant media glare as a result of which people can keep a regular check on the improvements. Also the media will force the policy makers and descison takers to be on their toes and on guard all the time. Hence according to us it will be a long lasting people- government friendly solution which will be accepted by one and all. Impact of the solution
  7. 7. Give us Freedom not FEARDOM