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  1. 1. Team Details: Co-ordinator: : Shubham Mishra Jitendra Singh Madhusudan Sharma Madhur Gautam Manoj Sharma Enhancing The Quality Of Primary Education
  2. 2. India churns out enormous money on primary education every year however proficiency of this major concern Key data of Indian primary schools:- Hurdles in providing compulsory primary education to all children:- A. Lack of social awareness :- major part of society in rural areas is unaware of value of education in their life. Result-parents do ’t allow their children to go to school. B. Inadequate number of teachers :- 1. Problem of teacher deployment i.e. 12 lacs posts are vacant in India and student to teacher ratio=46(20 in south Korea) 2. 25% of teachers bunk schools yearly Result- poor attention and prolong absenteeism of students. C. Poor infrastructure facilities:- Government primary schools lacks in infrastructure, as,- 1. 45% schools do ’t have separate toilets for girls 2. 39% schools do ’t have even playgrounds. 3. 2000 primary schools are running under trees and tents. 22 lacs students (10%) shifted to private schools. D. Ineffective Teaching methodology 1.Poor degree of curriculum making boring teaching environment. 2. . In CTET 2011,99% candidates fail . An NCERT report says B.Ed. Program is out dated and focus on rot memorization but not on learning. Result- quality of education falls and absenteeism of students. 56% Total no. of primary schools=nearly 13.64 lakhs Proper sanitation facilities in=25% of schools Pupil teacher ratio in primary schools=46 Literacy of India=74%...but.. Srilanka=95% Nepal=89%
  3. 3. Ensuring primary education through grass root changes in system and society- Increase social participation in education system Ensuring teacher presence in school Comparable infrastructure 1. Recruit graduate AGANBARI women and they also teach rural household ladies in the same manner of ASHA scheme of NRHM. 2. Organise Monthly Awareness camps to inform parents about government new schemes and motivate them to send their children to nearby school. 1.Recruit quality professional teachers by national level written exam with an interview. 2. Implement biometric attendance system in schools that is directly connected to state education dept. 3. Craft a new post of EDUCATION INSPECTOR for every 10 villages to ensure proper functioning of every primary school. 1.Make proper drinking and toilet facilities in every school. 2. Ensuring cemented seating arrangements that will require no maintenance. 3.Make interactive classrooms for nursery standard to attract children to schools so parents ould ’t feel inferior to send their student to primary school. Snapshot of solution proposed Student centred Teaching methodology 1. Follow LEARNING BY PLAYING technique for teaching up to class-2 in which elementary concepts like addition ,subtraction by creative activities. 2 An NCERT report says on it. this show s present B.Ed programme is outdated. so design a new innovative programme to train teachers.
  4. 4. •Education inspectors are appointed per 10 villages to vigilance primary schools operation in his field. •His role is ::-- •to check attendance of teachers.students weekly in biometric system and able to take disciplinary action on the spot. •ensure strict implementation of government policies like midday meal , compulsory primary education. •Check every aganbari centre once in a month and give status report to district authority. •penalize principal of primary school if there is not appropriate drinking and sanitation facilities. EDUCATION INSPECTOR:- A Guard for primary education • According to forbes,46.3% of 5th standard children could not read a 2nd Std . textbook(that subsequently increases to 51.8%in 2011 and 53%in 2012. • New methodology will focus kindergarten and primary(1-5) separately-- • In kindergarten:- Teach elementary concepts like addition ,subtraction, basic language y er al a ti ities o ly a d play ga e like playi g do tors for tea hi g ody parts, food and nutrition and use songs to learn poems. • For primary std.- appoint teachers in a m • Make mandatory play school for nursery class in which student will free to play only. this is to increase attraction for small age student to school. Glimpses of new teaching methodology • Educational qualification is graduation so that they have the capability to teach and motivate house hold ladies and tell them about government policies. • Extra 2000/month will be provided to them for it. • Each Anganwari will teach students from 9am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm to house hold ladies. • Approximately 7 lacs anganwari centres are in rural areas .this scheme will literate above 21 lacs women in India. New role of AGANBARI KARYAKATRI : Description Of Key Elements:
  5. 5. Road map for Implementation Of Proposed Solution: EDUCATION INSPECTOR INFRASTRUCT URE 1. We need 64 thousands education inspectors for approximately 7 lacs of primary schools. 2. Educational qualification:- 3. graduates having good assessment skills. 4. Recruitment process:- yearly organized national level written test conducted. And further candidates are interviewed for their assessment and motivational skills. 5. Salary:- 20000 per month. Total expenditure will be Rs 200 crore per annum 1. 45% of the primary schools do not have toilets. Estimated cost will be Rs 620 crore (Rs 10000 each).{school toilet designs, NEP}. 2. Every year before starting new session renovation of buildings done, to have a quality comparison with private schools. 1. Every school has biometric machine to register attendance of teachers and students. 2. education inspector will inspect weekly the system. 3. Attendance will directly send to district head office. In case of guilty, salary of respective teacher will deducted. 4. In weekly inspection, if EI finds a student regularly, then direct teacher to contact his home. BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM
  6. 6. Primary school operation Teachers and student attendance record Aganbari centres EDUCATION INSPECTOR DISTRICT HEAD OFFICE KEY FEATURES OF NEW SYSTEM:- 1.- All the primary schools operation like student development,teacher presence are supervised by their respective inspector. 2. Education inspector will give its monthly feedback about every primary school and aganbari center to district office.. 3. Separate teaching methodology for kindergarten and primary standards. Road map---
  7. 7. Funding for scheme: Total fundin g requir ed Salaries of new post Infrastructure cost Free of cost issues Education inspector (20000/month) Aganbari(additional 2000/month) Development of toilets and yearly rennovation New teaching methodology 200 crores 620 crores nill
  8. 8. The proposed model of primary education faces key concept and implementation risks Challenges and Risks Mitigation factors • Government should apply this prposal in small states like chattisgarh and goa.After success apply it to other states. • District authorities should have strong vigilance on education inspectors for preventing them for corruption 1. Government has to end the post OF Aganwari supervisor for Education inpector. 2. Traditional thinking for not sending girls to school will be biggest hurdle. 3. To motivate teachers for effective tea hi g a ’t do e y la s. 1.Implentation of biometric systems lot of efforts and funds. 2. Education inspector should not involved in corruption. # Concept Risks # Implementation challenges