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  1. 1. Sunrise States: Realizing the growth potential of North-East Team Details Team Coordinator-Sandeep Walia Team members- Ayushee Agarwal, Niranjan Singh, Sahil Dhingra and Shambhavi Shah
  2. 2. Nurturing The Hidden Potential Of The North Eastern Region The Northeast region of India comprising of eight states: o Assam o Nagaland o Manipur o Arunachal Pradesh o Mizoram o Tripura o Meghalaya o Sikkim It is surrounded by many countries such as Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and China, is the setting for a multitude of conflict that undermines the idea of India as a prosperous and functioning democracy. In the past this region has faced numerous problems such as:  The Naga insurgency still remains one of the oldest unresolved conflict in the World.  This region is also very poorly connected by road to other parts of the country which makes the supply of goods very difficult and this also leads to the inflation of various basic amenities such as petrol, cooking gas and various edible products.  The northeast is the hotbed of militancy due to its porous borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan. The main reason of these tensions is that the tribes in north-east are largely of Tibeto-Burman/Mongoloid stock and closer to Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is ethnically, linguistically and culturally very distinct from other states of India. Northeast is territorially organized in such a manner that ethnic and cultural
  3. 3. specifications were ignored during process of delineation of state boundaries in the 1950. Child labor and malnutrition have haunted north east since several years For years the northeast part of our country has been ignored by the central government. It has been neglected both economic and social development.  It is geographically a very vulnerable zone as 98% of its borders are international, but this also gives it an opportunity of foreign trade.  The verdant mountains of the North East conceal not only the odd militant, but also a rich culture of art and handicrafts passed on from generation to generation.  The resource rich with its expanses of fertile farmland and huge talent pool could turn into India’s most prosperous region. It is of paramount importance that the region, as a collective identity, embarks a vibrant journey to realize dreams of a better future. The development in northeast would also raise India to higher levels of inclusive economic development
  4. 4. The beautiful city of Gangtok A Brief about the solution proposed: 1. Creation Of SEZ’s A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that is designed to export goods and provide employment. SEZs are exempt from federal laws regarding taxes, quotas, FDI-bans, labor laws and other restrictive laws in order to make the goods manufactured in the SEZ at a globally competitive price. Unfortunately there are no currently functioning SEZs in the northeastern region. SEZs will allow various foreign and Indian industries to set up in this region and automatically solve the problem of unemployment and increase the living standard of the people. 2. Realization of it’s Power Potential The region is endowed with perennial river and water bodies, therefore it has a huge hydroelectricity potential. States such as Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Meghalaya have huge potential in hydropower generation.
  5. 5. 3. Development of physical Infrastructure Road is an important mode of travel in hilly areas as other mode of travel is either too expensive or difficult. The road infrastructure is relatively deficient in north eastern region. The road length per unit area is higher only in Nagaland, Assam and Tripura. 4. Promotion of Cross Border Trade Cross border trade is most important medium of current wave of globalization. The North East is located between three major economies- East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. This North East has not been able to integrate and benefit from this advantage. Out of India’s export volume of about $254.4 billion, the Northeast’s share is only $0.01 billion.
  6. 6. 5. Skill Development According to study on development and employment generation potential of north eastern states, between 2011 and 2021, will have only 2.6 million jobs, whereas there will be 14 million job seekers. For this government should setup various institutions to enhance the skill of the people. 6. To develop a world class Tourist Destination North east region is stated as ‘Paradise Unexplored’ .This picturesque region is full of forested hills and lush green fields but receives little tourism compared to rest of India. The state government has to aggressively promote tourism as it will not only generate jobs but also make northeast famous in the entire world. Steps for implementation of the proposed plan 1. There are just 2 SEZs in Nagaland as declared by Government of India but none of them has started functioning. The government instead of just declaring should take some concrete steps to promote the establishment of more industries in this region. Because of it’s agricultural capabilities this
  7. 7. region has a potential of becoming a hub of food processing industries. Also since this region is largest supplier of tea, the government should promote use of modern agriculture techniques to increase production of it. 2. The government should keep the power projects as public-private partnership. It should also keep in mind that these projects should not displace large population of people as it results to widespread anger among people and also leads to negative publicity of the government. 3. The proper connection of north eastern region will help promote local trade. The various government departments such as NHAI and PWD should provide their expertise to local government to develop high speed freeways and highways. This will also help our defense forces in supply of goods, men and other amenities quickly which will strengthen India’s position against its vulnerable Chinese border. 4. As mentioned earlier the 98% of northeastern border is international. The government should help the state government to establish one of a kind North East Cross Border Trade Centre which will both promote cross- border trade and also be a watchdog to keep a check on trading. 5. The government should establish more technical institution like IITs and NITs which will help make more and more people professionals in field of IT and communication, since the presence of this sector is nil in this area. Since forest and agriculture are such a major part in these areas state of the art Forest Institutions should be established in this region. These institutions will also teach people to preserve the degrading forests. 6. Adventure based tourism like Trekking, Mountaineering, Skiing will also make North east a famous international tourist destination. Government should invest and promote in building up more hotels, guest houses and other tourist facilities to promote tourism. It is also responsibility of people to be more accepting to outside world, for years these areas have been
  8. 8. untouched by even other people of India. The local police should also be trained in english to help and manage tourist’s problems. In spite of large number of snow covered mountains there are very less adventure sports in the North Eastern Region.
  9. 9. Economic Impact The per capita income of Indian states is stated below: The above statistics indicate that the per capita of most of northeastern states is lower than the all India average. If above steps are followed it will help in increasing above statistics, this will directly lead to increase livelihood of local people. The North Eastern states are ‘undiscovered gold mine of opportunities’ that we are yet to cultivate. It is of great economic and strategic importance to our country.
  10. 10. Social Impact If the government is able to develop our North Eastern region it will make it a cultural hub where people from all across the country visit and even work. It will also allow the local people to be open to all kinds of opportunities. It will also help people of other states to understand and respect the people and culture of North Eastern region. It will be a step further towards nationalization of our country. Challenges Faced  The government should take special steps to make sure the process of implementation of above given steps is corruption free. As we are that recently many protests are going on to make sure that corruption is vanished from our country.  It is a responsibility of both people and government to keep a check on corruption. Anti corruption institutions such as CVC and CBI should make sure that this region is corruption free. The RTIs applied from this region are also very low as compared to other areas. Thus citizen should also realize the power of this tool.  The local people should be more accepting to the local world and understand that violent insurgencies would be only harming the image of their state. If they wish to protest it should be peaceful. They should make whole India realize their current condition so that they have the support of whole country in their development.  With the current Indo China relation the government should realize the strategic importance of north east states as major part of this region shares its border with it. It can also help to ease the current tense situation by allowing more cross border trade with it.
  11. 11. Conclusion Thus with the implementation of solutions as proposed, a process can be set in motion that could support the north east in its endeavor to contribute to economic resurgence of home region as well as to development of rest of the country The implementation of the above steps will have an immediate impact on poverty reduction at community level. The North East which has been virtually cut-off from our country should become a Cross Border Trade hub where people from all parts of the country come in search of opportunity and better lives. It will create a distinct identity of this region. The gift of nature which has been undiscovered for so many years should be open to the whole world, its mesmerizing beauty and serene mountains can make it a world class hill station. For years tea has been major export item from north east and it is time that it should also enter alternate export markets.
  12. 12. Appendix: References:  Conflict in northeast India: Issues, causes and concerns By Philipp Heimerdinger & Tshering Chonzom  North East Summit- 2013 By PWC India  Press Information Bureau ,India List of Acronyms:  CVC-Central Vigilance Commission  PWD-Public Works Department  NHAI-National Highways Authority of India  SEZ-Special Economic Zone  FDI-Foreign Direct Investment  IIT-Indian Institute of Technology  NIT-National Institute of Technology  RTI-Right To Information