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  1. 1. NOURISH TO FLOURISH Malnutrition is a medical condition caused by an improper or insufficient diet
  2. 2.  25% of all hungry people worldwide live in India  Malnutrition has shown a great extent concern in women , children and the elderly  Malnutrition increases the risk of infections and infectious diseases, it also weakens every part of immune system  In 2005, 40% of women in rural areas and 36% of women in urban areas were found to suffer from mild anaemia  In urban areas, overweight status and obesity are over three times as high as rural areas  Anaemia is found in over 70% of individuals in states : Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, and Jharkhand
  3. 3.  Due to pregnancies and breast feeding, women have additional nutrient requirements whose lack causes malnutrition  Lack of adequate calories and proteins  Essential nutrient loss due to diarrhoea or chronic illness  Poverty and increasing food prices  Minimization of agricultural productivity due to climatic destructions, over population, land conversion, and agro fuel production  Elderly have a large risk of malnutrition because of unique complication such as changes in apetite and energy level, chewing and swallowing problems
  4. 4. Eradication programs taken by government :  Mid day meal scheme in schools  Integrated child development scheme  National children's fund  National plan of action for children
  5. 5. Pregnancy period malnourishment occupies approx. 46% space in malnutrition. It affects both mother as well as her child leading to by birth malnutrition in child One step regarding the major problem may control half of the malnutrition. Earlier many steps and programs were adopted to eradicate the problem but improper implementation and abundant of challenges have caused them to fail Since malnutrition is a result of several causes and problems so eradication of each cause by an individual is not the proper implementation so its better to point out any one major problem and work on it
  6. 6.  MBC is valid for 3 years from birth  Weekly and monthly check up by hospitals as per requirement  Overall surveillance by NGO  NGO’S working period: up to 3 month of dispatch from hospital-weekly observation 3 month to 6 month-monthly observation 6 month upward up to 3 years-quarterly observation  Complete support of RTI  Suggestion: regarding care and prevention from malnutrition and family planning
  7. 7.  Recruitment in health department and NGO  Corruptions  Bad quality of food provided under the eradication program  Economical challenge
  8. 8. feed one person , just one person and if you can afford to feed more than one please do so