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  1. 1. - PLUGGING THE LEAKS IMPROVING REACH & EFFICIENCY OF PDS TEAM DETAILS- Coordinator -Anam Singla( Co-members-Megha Aggarwal( Rahul Sagar( Ritesh Sankhala(
  2. 2. Identification errors(i.e unable to recognize the beneficiaries)-like non existing beneficiaries i.e “GHOST” or duplicate i.e having multiple identity. PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM(PDS) which provide food to 65million household suffering from the myriad amount of leakages and diversions of subsidized food grains. According to the report about 58% of the subsidized food grains issues doesn’t reach the targeted beneficiaries.. PROBLEMS Migrations-as the person would unable to get the benefit of these subsidies due to far away from the domain ,where subsidies given. Decentralization of system is absent-less power or access is given to the states due to which the schemes couldn’t reach far away up to the corners of the INDIA .for example BPL survey conducted by the ministry of rural development doesn’t perform well instead it works much more efficiently on the platform provided by the states. Following Targeted scheme and not universalized-in case of universalized scheme the leaking of subsidies be reduced as the market price and the subsidized prices remains same . Time delays – intermediates which are present at the various level from the centre -> to states->districts->village level due to which more time is being consumed on each transfer . Lack of social security-villages where these schemes are implemented according to the government mainly contain illiterates who are in lack of security were unable to fully access these schemes. Shifting priorities-as the requirements of a persons change from time to time ,as it was better food initially then after ,better education for his/her children then better living conditions and many endless needs but due to this public distribution system was unable to give access to these.
  3. 3. State % of BPL cardholders reporting foreign particles presence in PDS grains Andhra Pradesh 0.2 Himachal Pradesh 100.0 Assam 100.0 Bihar 77.8 Kerala 82.4 Karnataka 35.1 West Bengal 37.7 Uttar Pradesh 50.9 SCOPE OF EXISTING PDS Qualitysurvey People complaint substantial presence of foreign particles and high moisture content, which is much poorer than the market grains, thus depicting quality level of food grains. Inclusion&Exclusion errors These error occurred due to imperfect ways of BPL identification. Inclusion errors. like when APL families usually pick their stock, which let BPL stock low- down, impact over the government’s budget .Highgearleakage During 2003-04, the 16 large States were issued 14.07 million tonnes of BPL quota from the Central Pool. Of this, around 5.93 million tonnes had delivered to the BPL families and 8.14 million tones intended for them but never reached them. PDS came into existence to create a healthy nation of its healthy people, but existing system doesn’t provide us that much guarantee. The quality of food grains declined and are just sufficient to make you sick. Even the quality being distributed to APL & BPL families are different. WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF ME??
  4. 4. REBUILDING THE STRUCTURE OF PDS THROUGH DIGITALIZED FPS(FAIR PRIZE SHOPS) & AADHAAR CARD A SHORT GLIMPSE-HAVE A WATCH Identity through AADHAAR CARDS Installation of digitalized & Web System on FPS Packages system Effective Delivery System & Acknowledgement System. Handling troubleshooting of digitalized system 0 5 10 15 20 25 before after • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT-Increase to a certain level. • MIGRATION-will definitely in case of Delhi where migrations are decreasing in recent news . • GHOST EXISTENCE-will get removed totally=0 • DUPLICATIONS=0(ZER0). OUR ESTIMATIONS=NOT EXACT WE WILL TAKECARE OF YOU..
  5. 5. EFFECTUATION THROUGH AADHAAR CARD AADHAAR AS UNIQUE EXISTENCE too much cards make it bulky for our system so here , we work only with the aadhaar card which provide unique no. to each and every individual. AADHAAR SELECTING THE BPL’S AADHAAR ID’S TO CENTRE • on the basis of these aadhaar they select the BPL’s through the procedure of appointing the government worker in the specified area , who with all the documents including the electricity bills and some amount of income of the individual and his family ,decides whether he should be IN or OUT. • If IN, then the aadhaar id’s of the whole family will be submitted along with the documentary information. //PRECAUTION-integrity to all id’s should be provided.// • These documentary information along with the aadhaar id’s through web goes to the BPL officer of the districts(here we are creating a new office & say we appoint BPL officer having the status of GRADE-A.) WORKING OF AADHAAR ON FPS These id’s or say it as unique number will be given to the centre directly , which through a certain software help create a list of id’s which works everywhere. 1.A BPL individual comes to the depo’s along with the aadhaar card. 2.Then his id should be matched by the id’s in the list. 3.If matched //CONDITION APPLIED// 4.Then through the identification of his finger prints or eye’s recognition h/she will be given the packet full of rice(just say it in the figurative way…never mind )
  6. 6. LET’S INSTALL A FAIR PRICE SHOP(FPS) SETUP OF DIGITIZATION SYSTEM WHERE TO FIT FPS? CONNECT WITH THE CENTRE System contain computers on fair price shops ,well 3G internet , scanner for finger prints.. and packets of food which we are going to distribute. Setup without connection will become effete , so it should be well connected and efficiently communicated. INSTALLATION OF SOFTWARE We try to provide each and every privilege to BPL individuals ,so why not we try to facilitate FPS as close as possible to them. BY DOING SO- • Their transportation cost will remain with them. • Easily availability of food packages. • Women safety –they easily go alone to FPS. //PROVIDE FPS AFTER PASSING EVERY 1 TO 2KM//
  7. 7. PACK THE FOOD…!!! BARCODED PACKETS Equal size packets-//LETS WORK WITH AN EXAMPLE// 1. Lets put 1kg in each packet with a barcode on it. 2. Barcode will give the acknowledgement of food transferred and our system’s efficiency . 3. After packaging during delivery of stock, each packet coming out of the private company(which the govt. is hiring in contract) will be in the record through bar codes. P PACKETS WORK IN FPS- Every BPL holder will register from which particular FPS he will buy his products. In this way every FPS will need a counted no of packets . During selling , packets will be again scanned, hence calls for the accountability of the stock. //Vantage point// • Leakages will remove to a large extent. • Accountability will enhance. • Fallacies during weighing of food grains will completely sweep away (as we are directly handing over packets to the beneficiaries ).
  8. 8. DELIVERY & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT USE OF TRUCKS(our way for transportation of the packages)- when trucks are loaded, their information like truck no, source place, destination, quantity to be transfer needs to be registered before delivery. After reaching destination, an acknowledgement of receiving needs to be send by receiver through the web based system . This will help in creating a database and an averred transactions. 1.We are going to provide a shop no. which is also unique. Example-beneficiary will decide from which shop no. h/she going to fetch the packet full of grains. //HELPS IN PROPER DELIVERY = LEAKAGES AVOID// 2.For this system to work a BPL individual should have to register his or her id’s no. to particular FPS ( example –say before 10days so that FPS maintain his data & that much amount he will delivered.
  9. 9. TROUBLESHOOTING-WAY TO SUCCESS SOFTWARE MAINTAINANCE RECORD MAINTAINANCE CALL CENTRES IF (SOFTWARE WORKS) THEN ITS OK ELSE(IT WILL DISPLAY “CRASH”) IF (SHOP KEEPER KNOW HOW TO REINSTALL// HERE WE ARE GOING TO PROVIDE THEM WITH PROPER WORKSHOPS AND CD’S OF SOFTWARE//) THEN ITS SIMPLE AND SPEEDY ELSC IF (FPS HAVING PHONE NO. OF DISTRICT BPL OFFICE) THEN CALL AT TOLL FREE NO. RECORD =PROPER IMPLEMENTATION 1.BPL FAMILY RECORD -Here we will inspect after every 1year whether h/she is in or out //inspection done by the govt. employee which will be hired by the Sub divisional Inspector// PROBLEM COMES..!! WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY? SOLUTION COMES…!! BPL INDIVIDUAL ITSELF – Here we make it mandatory that if any individual wants some benefits and continue to receive it, they have to come here for their inspection. //SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT WAY// 2.RECORD AT FPS-individual should register his id’s to particular FPS before 10days of collecting the packets. If in case of migration ,registration from that particular shop should be canceled by the individual and new registration on that new area (after migration)should be done. //In this case new FPS head will conform through its old FPS head// 3.Record at each BPL office –its under the BPL officer 4.Record under centre will directly link up with each BPL office & its data record. TRING!! TRING!! SO HERE WE WILL GOING TO PROVIDE PROPER TELEPHONE FACILITY TO EACH FPS THROUGH WHICH H/SHE WILL DIRECTLY CONTACT WILL THE PRIVATE COMPANY//FROM WHERE FOOD IS COMING// AND TO THE DISTRICT OFFICE IN CASE OF ANY INTRRUPTION. PROBLEMS COMES TO BPL INDIVIDUAL ALSO- IN THIS CASE- TOLL FREE NUMBER SHOULD BE PROVIDED,WHICH WILL WRITTEN BLOCK LETTERS ON THE BOARD OF FPS.
  10. 10. CENTRE THROUGH PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP Centre States godowns FPS 5 Private companies BPL office FPS 4 FPS 2 FPS 1 FPS 3 FPS 7 FPS 6 subsidies BPL officer 1 2
  12. 12. •Present budget of government is 750 billion , out of which 230 billion is used by the fake beneficiariesEconomical PDS structure •In this structure PDS benefits will be provided to BPL families having 2 or less than 2 children (born after implication of PDS) A Way to population control •In women insecure country like India this PDS structure will bring women out of their roofs so it will empower them. Women empowerment •State government will sell food grains to the authorized contractor at the market price and afterwards Centre will directly supply subsidies to the private companies. State level leakages •With the use of Aadhaar card, beneficiary just need to inform about his change of FPS (avoiding remaking of ration cards and save money & time).Ease of migration CONSTRAINTS OVERCOME OUR MOTO- KUPOSHAN BHARAT CHODO JAI HIND CENTRE PRIVATE FOOD GRAINS GODOWN