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  1. 1. Manthan Topic - Sunrise States: Realizing the growth potential of North-East Suggested answer-Three-tier Tourism As nature is the real treasure of north-east India Team Details:- 1.Nisha Agarwal 2.Priya Agarwal 3.Khushboo Sah 4.Sweety Jain 5.Shivani Bajaj
  2. 2. A glimpse of North-East India… • The North East, Fondly called the land of seven sisters, is a fascination place with enchanted frontiers. Bounded by China on the North, Bangladesh on the West and Myanmar on the South and East. • The region encompasses 262179 sq. kms about 8% of the country’s land (2001 census). • It is home to 39 million people, which is 4% of the India’s population (2001 census). • The region comprises the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. • Two third of the region consists of hilly terrain and rest is flat land and valleys including the Brahmaputra, Barak and Imphal valleys. • Ethnically, this diverse and heterogeneous region boasts of 209 tribes and 192 languages and dialects. • The seven states are divided into 72 districts, 412 blocks and 41240 villages. • Economically, the region is rich in natural resources of “TOT” (Tea, Oil and Timber). • It is indeed a veritable powerhouse with a potential of 50000 MW of hydroelectric power, more than 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas and an abundant reserve of fossil fuels. But it is not given the importance it should receive…
  3. 3. Northeast is now the new travel hotspot as shown under… 0 10 20 30 40 50 Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland Sikkim Tripura Arunachal Foreign tourist arrivals (All figures in %) State domestic tourist arrivals (growth rate from 2011-12) but still its real potential is unrealized.
  4. 4. Proposed solution:-Three-tier tourism A channel of various offices operating in each state with their respective zonal offices will report to the head office and will contribute towards increasing tourism sector in this area. Head Office State Office Zonal office Zonal office State Office Zonal office Zonal office State Office Zon al offic e Zona l offic e State Office Zonal office Zonal office State Office Zona l offic e Zon al offic e State Office Zona l offic e Zona l offic e State Office Zon al offic e Zon al offic e State Office Zona l offic e Zon al offic e
  5. 5. Let’s have a look on how this network will work… • Only one head office for the entire channel . • It will be having a server to which all state and zonal office will report. • It will be responsible for advertising and influencing the people to visit the area. Head Office • One office at each state ,thus total there would be 8 offices. • Its main task would be to develop and maintain the tourist places + motivating local people to participate. • It will serve as a chain between head office and zonal office and will be responsible for co-ordinating the functioning of zonal offices. State Office • Two to three office at each state • It will collect all information of the things which attracts in that area. • It will keep all the record of guides,buses,tourists,etc. Zonal Office
  6. 6. About Zonal Office:-  Vehicles may be hired initially.  Contracts with hotels and resorts must be established.  A pool of guides (local people) must be maintained . Establishing two office in each state thus total 8*2=16 office. Estimated cost (rent):- (10000*12)*16=rs.19,20,000 per annum. If each office have 10 members then total 16*10=160 employees. Volunteers must always be welcomed for their contribution.
  7. 7. About State Office:-  Establishing one office at each state thus total 1*8=8 offices.  It will act as a central hub for the zonal office of that area.  It will have all the records ,dataset and it will forward all the information to head office.  It will be responsible for the development and maintenance of various tourist places.  It will recognize the new tourist destinations.  It will encourage the local people to participate and contribute in the field of tourism.
  8. 8. About Head Office:-  To negotiate and deal with the “extremists” as it is rampant all over the north-east India , thus this office would be responsible for providing a sense of security to all tourists.  It would also be responsible for the development of the entire channel so that tourism can grow in this area. One head office for entire channel. Its main task would be promotion of tourism in north-east through various means.
  9. 9. ESTIMATIONS:- Estimated employees:- Estimated income:- May be on break-even point Initially but will double For sure in subsequent years. Estimated budget :- Estimated growth:- It can be estimated as people will say :- 40 million 350 employees A pool of guides and volunteers
  10. 10. Three-tier tourism:-Risks and mitigation factors Risks • Problem of funds. • Long gestation period. • Problem of extremism. • Lack of awareness among local people regarding tourism. • Guides may not be well trained. Mitigation solution • A brief presentation seeking funds may be given to Government. + Funds may also be raised from general public in this regard by making them feel the importance of tourism (promotional activity-responsibility of head office). • Working must be started during gestation period too (although at small scale during this period). • A team should be formed for dealing with this. • For dealing with this subject of tourism must be introduced in educational system. • A proper training must be imparted to guides before they actually practice it.
  11. 11. Appendix Reference:- • Report of “Times of India”. • The North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC). • A wining strategy for India’s North-East report by Akshay Mathur (Akshay Mathur is a Fellow of Geo- economics studies at the think tank, Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. He writes on international business, finance, economics and innovation). • Wikipedia. • Google. Thank you