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  1. 1. DREAM VISION 2014 Ensuring safety and empowerment of women.
  2. 2. INDIA , is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. CAPITAL:DELHI. People in INDIA believe every women IS ,WAS AND WILL BE Equal to Godess(godess lakshmi,godess saraswati, durga, kali). 16 december 2012;our capital state ‘DELHI’ witnessed a horrifying situation . Why ? we have no answer ?why there is no improvement in society? Country is loosing its prestige ..! social revolution is required to save women from the shackles of patriarchy. "The most fundamental issue is that the mindset of our society has to be changed. Giving women equal status as men is a very big challenge and the wall of discrimination against women has to be demolished“. 66 Years of Independence but still women is not having freedom… our 6 fundamental rights are never used by woman why ?
  3. 3. FACTS: About 10% of all the crimes committed in the country are those of women abuse.B  30 lakh girl children were lost to female infanticide during 2001-2011.  A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India.  After 60 years of independence, 1 in 3 women in India are still illiterate.  Only 39.5% women in India are economically active, compared to 80% in China.  10.9%vi of the female population owns land, and among agricultural workers the figure drops down to 9.3%.  Less than 40% of women give birth in a health facility.  Domestic Violence.  Discrimination .
  4. 4.  In 2008, just over 18 percent of the seats in national parliaments were held by women.  Discrimination and violence against girls and women not only abuse their human rights, but also rob society of critical energy, economic production and creative talent.  In this contemporary world, women need to gain the same amount of power that men have. Now, it is time to forget that men are the only holders of power. In India, women are still facing different obstacles in male-dominated cultures. The things are related to women’s status and their future. ”WOMEN EMPOWERMENT “  RISE OF WOMANHOOD:We have to accept the fact that things are not going to change overnight but because of this we cannot stop taking action either. At this juncture the most important step is to initiate ground level actions however small it might seem. The ground level actions should be focussed towards changing the social attitude and practices prevalent in the society which are highly biased against women. This can be initiated by working with the women at the root level and focusing on increasing women’s access and control over resources and increasing their control over decision making. Further working on the aspect of enhanced mobility and social interaction of women in the society would positively influence all round development and empowerment of women in India. One of the major aspects of women empowerment in India is to change the attitude of society towards women. The problem in India is that the society never worked on the premise of gender equality from a long-long time. Atrocities and discrimination against women is a way of daily life in Indian society. There is an attitude which
  5. 5. still prevails in India where women are considered to be only worthwhile of household activities and managing the children  . The pardah system, child marriage, dowry system are testimonies to this truth. Women have never been part of the mainstream society in India and they are still considered as a great liability. If we just look at the sex ratio it will show the plight of women in India. It is the lowest at around 933. Female literacy is just 54.16 % as per 2001 Census. In Indian parliament and assemblies women have never represented more than 10%. Most of the women workers in India are outside the organized sector. Administrators, managers, professionals combined together and technical workers on the other hand are the lowest at 2.3% and 20 % respectively. Now these figures gives the real truth of the actual mentality of the society which has restricted women, marginalized women and discriminated against women quite openly. Can we achieve women empowerment in India with these alarming and dismal figures Safety?  Instead of asking women to “take care” it was time that men actually did something to make the country safer for women. According to Hindu mythology, the word ‘Ardhanarishvara’
  6. 6. meaning "The Lord whose half is a woman". What is the value of a man without a woman? We shouldn’t forget that there are many temples in our country devoted to the Goddesses and men also use to visit the temples for worshiping them. We need both male and female each other. We must work all together and both needs each other to survive and flourish.  One should help oneself .  Fear of being unsafe.  Newspaper daily states in which cases related to women exploitation has been increasing. what is the reason ?. Today women is more smarter and independent than before. some bad attitude people targeting women easily and doing what they want without any fear. In our country there are many laws built to save women from these activities but these laws are theoretical and we can't safe by this. we have to take safety measures to save us and others too. we are independent so why not we become stronger to fight with these activities ?  MEASURES TO BE TAKEN CARE:  Discrimination against women in all walks of life  Ending gender inequality and gender bias  Ending violence against women  Cooperation among women  Educate people  For protection of woman there should be proper security day & night.
  7. 7.  Apps using goole maps ; to locate position.  Security must be increased during night times.  Couselling should be given to people.  Government must set laws where people fear to do a crime.  Fast track courts.  Proper judgement.  Laws and bills must be given by government where violence fears to get violent.  NGO’S must be given charge to do regular workshops in schools and college for developments of mind set.  These days, women have established themselves that they are equal to men. They have now forsaken their homely image and are making a major contribution to global innovation of the country. They are working in different fields with man by doing hard work.  It is said that women are the pillars of the economy of the world. We just need to think that women particularly from India who purchase the precious ornaments like gold, diamond, silver, platinum and et al. They also pay money for cosmetics items which brings livelihood to millions. They have the most imperative role of the family who keep it together.  Hence country should have have powerful women in responsible positions and there safety should be taken care of.  “A woman is like a tea bag: you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” ~Nancy Reagan
  8. 8. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~Diane Mariechild
  9. 9. Measure the degree of progress of a country by degree of progress which woman have achieved. CONCLUSION: The right thing! Instead of complaining about system, lets start doing our bit. Remember much of what affect our lives is around us , governed by us, Be the change ourselves first that we want to see...old saying charity begins at home holds true. Because 49% votes are of women as slogan states “hum sarkar bana bhi sakte hai aur gira bhi”.
  10. 10. JAI HIND!!