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  1. 1. Protecting the Vulnerable: Enhancing the quality of primary education Team details: 1. Anchal Varshney (Co-ordinator) 2. Dushyant kumar sengar 3. Ankur Shrivastava 4. Harsh S. Kulshrestha 5. Mayank Mishra • College: ZHCET, AMU A-TEAM
  2. 2. PROBLEMS FACED Attendance of teachers in primary school is found to be drastically low. Teachers are not well trained to deal with students of comparatively lower I.Q. level. High students teacher ratio or shortage of teachers in almost all of the schools. Lack of motivation in students to attend classes in school. Poor level of infrastructure of schools. Teacher’s /staff are assigned duties in election campaigns and other surveys resulting in loss of education.
  3. 3. Teacher’s Attendance Problem SOLUTION MODEL PROPOSED  Around 29% of teachers were found to be absent on random visits to schools.  Setting up surveillance facility as new attendance marking scheme.  In this, a surveillance system will be set up in the center of the city (comprising of appropriate number of servers) which will connect all the primary schools of the city  Mobile phones should be provided to teachers fitted with GPS so that their location can be feed in a computer database system connected to call tracker
  4. 4. How Attendance Will be Marked? Primary schools all over the country have a general timing from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Teachers will be asked to give a call to an automated voice response system from 7:00am to 7:30 a.m. & 12:00p.m.-12:30 p.m., this no. will be linked to an automated surveillance system. If both times, the GPS position of the teacher is found to be correct under specified timings, the attendance will be marked. For a teacher if the call is received between 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. , first four times in a month will be exempted from punishment From fifth time onwards if call is received between 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. or later then half day attendance will be marked & consequently half day salary will be deducted. *Note: Attendance system is devised in accordance with comfort of teachers.
  5. 5. 600 districts across india 1000 primary schools*/district Avg sum retrieved by half salary reduction: Rs. 2000/month/school Total amount recovered: Rs.120 crores/month* Surveillance system/ district= Rs. 30,000* Total installation cost= Rs. 2crore* Budget proposed for Surveillance system Surveillance system includes: appropriate number of internet servers, GPS system along with computer system(s). * All of the above data provided are approximations.
  6. 6. Improving Quality and Quantity of Teachers • Selection criteria should be improvised. • Cut-Off/ percentile system should be preferred over merit/percentage system. • Cut-Off/percentile will be determined in accordance with the number of vacancies i.e. top ‘x’ candidates would be selected for ‘x’ vacancies. For Quantity • Internship programme should be brought in impact while employing teachers. • Candidates must undergo an internship program for 6/12 months in a primary school. • Feedback will be obtained from respective faculty & students before allotment of permanent posts. • Regular training programmes for teachers. For Quality
  7. 7. Improving Infrastructure of schools Providing proper Sanitation facilities Estimated budget: 60 crores* Providing primary Electrical facilities (Fan and light in each room). Estimated budget: 90 crores* Providing Amusement facilties (indoor games, swings etc.) Estimated budget: 180 crores** Providing Computer education Estimated budget: 600 crores** * • Sanitation(Rs. 2000/school) & Electricity(Rs. 3000/school) have to be provided only in around 50% schools unequipped with them i.e. in approx. 3 lac schools. ** • Amusement(Rs. 3000/school) & computer(Rs. 10,000/school) to be provided in all schools (approx. 6 lac )
  8. 8. Motivation of children *Certificates of volunteering will be provided to students by state government.
  9. 9. Solution for Miscellaneous problems  Teachers must not be assigned duties in election campaigns and other surveys.  Instead an another central survey team should be formed to deal with such grueling tasks.  Female teachers should not be appointed in remote areas due to security reasons.  If possible proper conveyance services should be provided to teachers particularly for females.  Motivation of teachers: Certificates/awards should be provided to teachers for outstanding contributions on an annual basis.
  10. 10. *Independent Budget Model* 600 districts 1,000 schools/dist rict Surveillance : Rs.2 crores Sanitation: Rs. 60 crores Electricity: Rs.100 crores Amusement : Rs. 180 crores Computer: Rs. 600 crores Half day salary reduction* (Rs. 2,000/month): Rs. 120 crores/month Internship savings**(Rs. 10,000/month): Rs. 60 crores/month Total saving s: Rs. 180 crores per month Total one time investment: Rs. 942 crores approx. * Assuming that at least Rs. 2000/month collected from teachers of each school as half day salary. ** Rather then employing teachers directly if teachers are appointed on internship basis then only 50% salary will be provide to them for internship duration. This saves half basic salary of a new permanent teacher.• `