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Xeltronix, Hyderabad, Basic Electronic Trainer Kits


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Manufacturing and supplying a quality array of Electronic Trainer Kits, we ensure that our products would serve the customers in the best possible manner. Our Products are Transistor Characteristics( CE,CC & CB ) With Meters, Trainer Kit for LDR With Meters, Characteristics Of Fet With Meters, Characteristics Of UJT With Meters, RC Coupled Amplifier Trainer Kit, Feedback Amplifier Trainer Kit ( Four Types ).

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Xeltronix, Hyderabad, Basic Electronic Trainer Kits

  1. 1. Reckoned firms engaged in manufacturing and supplying a quality array ofElectronic Trainer Kits, we ensure that our products would serve the customersin the best possible manner.
  2. 2. - Profile -Xeltronix, a sole proprietorship firm based at Hyderabad (AP), India, wasincorporated in the year 2005. Since then, we are engaged in manufacturingand supplying a quality array of Electronic Trainer Kits. Products offered by usare Basic Electronics Trainer Kits, Digital Electronics Trainer Kits, Amplifiers &oscillator Trainer Kits, Application Trainer Kits, Analog & DigitalCommunication trainer Kits, Fiber Optic Trainer Kits, Function Generators,power Supplies and Digital Panel Meters. Owing to their premium quality ourproducts are widely demanded in Research Organization and TechnicalInstitutions. These products are liked for enhanced precision, durability andsuperior quality. Experts are hired by us, which are tirelessly working with us to mark presenceelegantly in the market. Our employees are qualified, energetic and young andensure that high quality products must be delivered to the customers at cost-effective prices. Kites offered by us are easy to operate, self explanatory and donot need any external components apart from an Oscilloscope which helps tostudy the output. Professionals working with us help us to assist in maintainingcordial relations with our customers and building up various new contacts, whichhelp us to expand our business.
  3. 3. Basic Electronic Trainer Kits:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronic trainer kits, which aremade by using standard quality materials and components that are sourced from ourtrustworthy vendors in market. All these products are widely demanded by our esteemedcustomers due to our prompt and timely services. Transistor Trainer Kit for LDR With Characteristics( CE,CC & Meters CB ) With Meters Characteristics Of Fet Characteristics Of UJT With Meters. With Meters
  4. 4. Amplifiers & Oscillators Trainer kits:We are also offering them a vast collection of Amplifier & Oscillator trainer kits, which aremanufactured by using supreme quality components and latest technologies. RC Coupled Amplifier Common Collector Trainer Kit Amplifier Trainer Kit RC Coupled FET Amplifier Feedback Amplifier Trainer Kit Trainer Kit ( Four Types )
  5. 5. Digital Electronics Trainer kits: Basic Logic Gates Trainer Half & Full Adder/Subtractor Trainer Kit Master Slave JK Flip Flop 4 Bit Decade Counter Using NAND Gates Trainer
  6. 6. Electronic Application Trainer kits:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Application Trainer kits LCR Series & Parallel Time Constant Of CR Resonance With Ac Analog Circuit With Digital Meter Meter Transient Response Of Ohms Law Trainer Kit LCR With Square Wave With Meters Generator
  7. 7. Analog Communication Trainer Kits:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Analog Communication Trainerkits Amplitude Modulation Frequency Modulation And Demodulation And Demodulation Balanced Modulation Phase Locked Loop Using Trainer 565
  8. 8. Digital Communication Trainer Kits:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Digital Communication Trainerkits Pulse Amplitude Pulse Width Modulation Modulation And And Demodulation Demodulation Pulse Width/Position ASK Modulation And Modulation And Demodulation Trainer Kit Demodulation
  9. 9. Fiber Optic Communication Trainer Kits:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Fiber Optic CommunicationTrainer kits Fiber Optic Analog Fiber Optic Digital Transmission Trainer Transmission Trainer Laser Diode Intensity Basic Fiber Optic Trainer Modulation Trainer For N/a & Fiber Loss Measurements
  10. 10. Test & Measuring Instruments:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Test & Measuring Instruments Digital Function Digital Dual Regulated Generator Power Supply 0 - 30 Volt, 2 Amps Digital Panel Meters 3 1/2 Digit Display
  11. 11. AC Bridges:We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of AC Bridges Anderson Bridge Trainer Schering Bridge For Kit Measurement Of Capacitance Kelvin Double Bridge Maxwell Inductance Trainer Kit Bridge Trainer Kit
  12. 12. Control System Lab Trainers: Time Response Of Second Trainer Kit for Synchro Order System Transmitter & Receiver Programmable Logic DC Servo Motor Trainer Controller Trainer Kit
  13. 13. Other Products: Characteristics of SCR Photo Transistor with Meters. Characteristic Trainer Kit DIAC Characteristics Thermistor with Trainer Kit Galvanometer Characteristics Kit 13
  14. 14. Other Products: IGBT Characteristics CMOS Characteristics Trainer Kit Trainer Kit MOSFET Characteristic PN Junction Diode Trainer Trainer Kit Kit 14
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2005Nature of Business Supplier ManufacturerTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian SubcontinentPrimary Competitive Good Financial Position & TQMAdvantage Large Production CapacityContract Manufacturing Buyer Label Offered Design Service Offered
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:XeltronixMr. Nihar ChoudhuryNo. 81, G3, Manikanta Apartment, Venkateswar Nagar, A. S. Rao Nagar,SecunderabadHyderabad - 500 062, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaWebsite: