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Ventech Systems Private Limited, Delhi, Air Engineering Systems


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Air Engineering Systems namely Air Pollution Control & Ventilation Systems/Equipments, catering to the precise needs of a wide array of Industrial Situations such as Air Cooling Units And Air Washers, Spray Painting Booth, Spray Painting Booth-Paint Booth Chamber, Industrial Air Cooling Systems, Dust Extraction And Collection Systems, Pneumatic Conveying System..

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Ventech Systems Private Limited, Delhi, Air Engineering Systems

  1. 1. VENTECH Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a global solutions provider in Air EngineeringSystems namely Air Pollution Control & Ventilation Systems/Equipments,catering to the precise needs of a wide array of Industrial Situations.
  2. 2. - About Us -We are a group of Engineering professionals having years of adequate experiencein the field of AIR HANDLING TECHNOLOGY, Delhi acquired by servingMultinational company namely : FLAKT INDIA LTD. (Now ABB).With a humble beginning well over a decade ago, the manner in which VENTECHhas conducted itself through its expertise is a direct outcome of the professionalcommitment duly clubbed with technical ingenuity of the people involved in thisset up and who over a period, have developed their expertise by working inMulti-national companies of repute in the field of AIR HANDLING TECHNOLOGY.Climate Control, regulations and conditioning to the precise needs of a widearray of Industrial situations, and across differing climate zones, is both an Artand Science. Therefore, it was only logical for the promoters of the Group havingadequate experience in the field to take a step into this direction.The philosophy of treating each and every customer, his requirement and hisconditions as separate and unique, and to design from scratch for each such setof parameters as opposed to the standard solutions has paid rich dividends.Creative design incorporating innovative concepts coupled with a passion fordelivering only the very best, sticking to pre-determined schedules andcontinued after sales monitoring and upgradation back up, has been the hallmarkof the total commitment to our customers. The group has separate Design andMarketing set-ups duly backed-up with fully equipped manufacturing support tocater to the varied needs of customers and in our pursuit to reach marketleadership in perpetuity, and go from success to success as we expand marketsacross industries and geographically.The Company, therefore , came up with dedicated services to its customers whowere quite satisfied with its optimum design and competitive pricing.
  3. 3. Air Handling Products: Air Cooling Units And Air Spray Painting Booth Washers Spray Painting Booth- Paint Booth Chambers
  4. 4. Air Handling Systems:We manufacture air handling systems in various sizes and capacities. Our range of airhandling units includes single skin air handling units and double skin air handling units.These units are highly efficient and are appreciated for unique design filter frame andunique gasketing arrangement. Available with integrated automation controls, these arehighly reliable and requires low maintenance. Industrial Air Cooling Dust Extraction And Systems Collection Systems Pneumatic Conveying Fume Extraction And System Scrubbing Systems
  5. 5. Rotary Air Locks:We manufacture Rotary Air Locks in various sizes and capacities. Rotary Air Locks-Air Lock Air Lock Valves Assembly Rotary Air Locks Rotary Air Locks-30 MM DIA
  6. 6. Fume Extraction & Scrubbing Systems:We manufacture Fume Extraction & Scrubbing Systems in various sizes and capacities. Fume Extraction & Fume Extraction And Scrubbing Systems Scrubbing Systems-Fume Scrubber Fume Extraction And Fume Extraction Scrubbing Systems- Scrubbing Unit
  7. 7. Cyclone Separators: Cyclone Separators- Cyclone Separator Unit Cyclone- 1500 Dia Cyclone Separation Twin Cyclone Seperators Equipment
  8. 8. Pressurization / Dust Proofing & Ventilation Systems:We manufacture Pressurization / Dust Proofing & Ventilation Systems in various sizes andcapacities. Pressurization / Dust Pressurisation & Proofing & Ventilation Ventilation System Systems Pressurization / Dust Proofing And Ventilation Systems
  9. 9. Air Cooling Units: Air Cooling Units-Air Air Cooling Units Washers (Air Cooling Units) Air Cooling Units-Single Air Cooling Unit Skin Air Cooling Unit
  10. 10. Air Handling Systems Accessories:We manufacture Air Handling Systems Accessories in various sizes and capacities. Air Handling Systems Evaporative Air Cooling Accessories-Spray Nozzles Pads Air Grilles Air Handling System Accessories
  11. 11. Industrial Air Cooling System:We manufacture Industrial Air Cooling System in various sizes and capacities Air Cooling System- Air Cooling System-Supply Ducting Network Air Ducting Main Air Cooling Unit That Cooling Systems Delivers Cooled Air
  12. 12. Industrial Humidification Systems:We manufacture Industrial Humidification Systems in various sizes and capacities. Cold Storage Electronics Humidification Humidification Textile Humidification Tea Humidification System Systems
  13. 13. Axial Flow Fans: Mine Ventilation Fan Green House Fan Axial Flow Fans Bifurcator Fan
  14. 14. Bag Filters: Bag Filters Systems Bag Filter Unit Pulse Jet Bag Filter Bag Filter Assembly
  15. 15. Centrifugal Blowers: Centrifugal Blowers-SISW Centrifugal Blowers-DIDW Blower- Belt Driven Blower Configuration Centrifugal Blowers-DIDW Centrifugal Blower Fan
  16. 16. Other Products: Industrial Humidifiers Filter Section Ducting Network Air Pressurisation And Ventilation 16
  17. 17. Other Products: Air Ducting Handling Air Handling System System Roof Extractors Turbo Air Ventilator 17
  18. 18. Other Products: Acid Fume Scrubbers Packed Bed Scrubber Vertical Impingement Cyclonic Scrubber Plate 18
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1997Nature of Business Manufacturer Service ProviderTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesPrimary Competitive Good Financial Position & TQMAdvantage Large Product Line Large Production Capacity Provide Customized Solutions
  20. 20. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Ventech Systems Private LimitedMr. V. K. Arora / Mr. Rishabh AroraNo. 511, Vikasdeep Building, Laxmi Nagar District Center, Vikas, MargDelhi, Delhi, IndiaWebsite: