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Unicorn DenMart Limited, New Delhi, Dental Chairs


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Suppliers of Dental Chairs, Dental Air Compressor, Scalers, Light Cure, Autoclave, X-Rays, Microscope, OPG, Lasers, and Radiology Sensors , Since its incorporation, Unicorn DenMart Limited is engaged in providing service, supplying and wholesaling of a wide range of Dental Products to our clients.

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Unicorn DenMart Limited, New Delhi, Dental Chairs

  1. 1. Gateway to The Best Dental EquipmentsGateway to The Best Dental EquipmentsGateway to The Best Dental Equipments
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. Only your friend can really understand your concerns and your dreams, intuitively, without you saying a word. So, before you can even ask us, we make the best international Dental Products available to you... We care about your goals. HE WHO GIVES BEFORE BEING ASKED IS THE ONE WHO TRULY CARES.Anonymous 2
  4. 4. India is changing. And so are the expectations of our customers and patients. They are now demanding international standards of services. This also applies to medical professionals and dentists. Can the Dental World meet these expectations? Yes, we can! As a Dentist, you are constantly upgrading your knowledge and skills to remain one of the best in the profession. Through perfection and thrustworthiness, you retain and also attract new patients. We, at Unicorn DenMart, see ourselves as your trusted back-end partner, supplying you the very best possible international dental equipment and service. Yes, we are the largest provider of international dental tools in India, with the largest service network. But our goal is to constantly and unceasingly improve our offerings and service to always stay your rock-solid wall of support systems. We are behind you all the way. And we would ask you to judge us by our actions, not just our words. Go Ahead, Stretch Yourself Beyond Limits. Expand Your Horizons. We’ll Always Keep Pace With Your Expanding Capabilities, And Your Need For The Best Equipment And Supplies! For more details visit : 3
  5. 5. Dr. Sushant Umre “Unicorn DenMart stands for quality equipment and great service. They have treated me and my practice as their own family. And with such a wide range of products we, at Dental Aesthetics,never have to look elsewhere. And now,with Unicorn getting into more services in dental technology, we are looking forwardtoagreatrelationshipinthefutureaswell.” The first Gnatus Dental Chair appeared in the early 1980s. R&D and innovation have been the company's formula for superlative quality and technology. Naturally, this led to a vast demand for its Chairs. Today, its Chairs are implicitly trusted in more than 130 countries and meet all the strict worldwide quality normsandlegislations.”
  6. 6. Gnatus Advantages Chair ª Boschmotorformovementcontorl ª Seamless upholstery made of Dupont material, prevents adherence of dust on the surfaceofthechair ª Availableindifferentattractivemetallic&laminatedcolourstosuityourclinicinteriors ª Doublearticulatedheadrestwithseesawmovementssuitableforpediatricpatients ª Antiskidrubberisedbaseprovidesbetterstability&rustprotection ª UniquenoncorrosiveDupontpaintonbothsidesofbaseplate ª AllplasticpartsofchairmadewithGEplastic ª OptionavailableforTFTattachment ª Multifunctionalfootcontrol ª Optionforlefthandeddentistry ª BioSystemavailableinallmodelsexceptGold&InovaPad ª Spittoonremovableinallmodelsforeasycleaning ª Cannulasremovable&autoclavableexceptGold&InovaPad DeliveryUnit ª TubingMadeinUSA-Superiorquality ª Antiretractionvalve ª Apointfor3waysyringe ª Watercontrolisonthehandpiececoupling ª Instrumenttrayfordentalequipments ª WaterUnit/AssistantSideUnit ª Ceramicspittooncanberemovedanddisinfected ª Inbuiltpneumaticsuction ª 3waysyringe(availableinselectedmodels) 3&5LEDDentalLight Long lifetime cold light. Low power consumption. Smooth high intensity beam. Free of mercury & any other polluting elements. Addsmoreadvantagestoyourwork. ZeroBackAcheStool ª Available with all Gnatus Chairs. Helps prevent Spondylitis & low back pain. GNATUS has developed withconsiderableinR&Dinvestment ª Up&downsoftmovements ª Adjustments of height & tilt are made through a side lever ª Adjustable from 50 to 70 cm of height with an adjustablering ª The backrest with tilt & height adjustment which providescomforttothelumbararea
  7. 7. G8 5 LED Dental Light with 3 axis movement Powered BOSCH Motor SYNCRUS G8 HE 3T 5 LED ª Removabledentist’s&patient’sfeetsystem ª Inbuilt 7 Programs…. 4 User Customizable Positions…, 3 Preset Programs (Auto return to Zero Position, Last Working Position and Spitting Position) ª 3 axis movement of cold & white 5 LED touchless sensor light (35,000 Lux)withvariableintensity ª Synchronized Chair Movement in the chair provides Trendelenburg Positionformedicalemergencies ª The Chair has a built in massage system in backrest & seat for complete patientcomfort ª SafetySystembelowtheChairbasetoprevententrapmentofanyobject ª 180degreemoveable waterunitwithprogrammableWaterControl ª ChromotherapySystemforstimulatingcomfort ª Waterheatingsystem ª Patientarmrest SYNCRUS G4 H PAD 3T 5 LED ª Inbuilt 7 Programs…. 4 User Customizable Positions…, 3 Preset Programs (AutoreturntoZeroPosition,LastWorkingPositionandSpittingPosition) ª 3 axis movement of cold & white 5 LED touchless sensor light (35,000 Lux) withvariableintensity ª Chairwithanticrushing&movementlockingsystem ª PneumaticlockingarmtopreventanyunnecessarydisplacementoftheUnit ª Multifunctional foot control with Joy Stick pedal for activation of air rotor handpiecewithchipblower/watercutfacility ª 180degreemovablewaterunitwithwaterheatingsystem ª Removablespittoonforeasycleaning ª Dedicatedswitchesfortriggeringwaterflowinspittoon&cupfiller 5 LED Dental Light with 3 axis movement Powered BOSCH Motor G4 Metallic Sky Blue Metallic Pink Metallic Copper Metallic Green Laminated Silver Laminated Light Green Laminated Light Blue Laminated Metallic Navy Blue Laminated Metallic Red ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 / ISO 9001:20080499 * TFT & Intra Oral Camera are optional Items 4
  8. 8. Powered BOSCH Motor G3 F NEW 3LED G3 H NEW 5LED ª Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients, headlocksystemwithlever ª 3 axis movement of cold & white 5 LED touchless sensor light (35,000Lux)withvariableintensity ª Multifunctionalfootcontrol ª Overhead delivery unit with pneumatic locking arm, feather touch control panel, allow up to 5 working terminal - 3 point for air rotor, one3waysyringe ª Removable & Autoclavable silicon pads, pressure gauze & inbuilt LED X-Rayviewer ª 60 degree movable water unit, removable spittoon, cup filler with electricalactivation,hotwateractivationswitch(optional) ª ProximitySensor:Autocontrolthespittoonwater ª 2suctionpoints,1 pointfor3waysyringeinassistantarm ª Double articulated headrest for handicapped & paediatric patients, headlocksystemwithlever ª Sensor based 3 LED proximity sensor Dental Light with a variable luminousIntensityof30,000Lux ª Multifunctionfootcontrol ª Traditional Delivery Unit with pneumatic locking arm, feather touch controlpanel,allowupto5workingterminal ª 3 point for air rotor, one 3 way syringe, removable & autoclavable silicon pads, Pressure gauze on the side of the delivery unit & inbuilt LEDX-Rayviewer ª 60 degree movable water unit, removable spittoon, cup filler with electricalactivation ª Hotwateractivationswitch(optional) ª ProximitySensor:Autocontrolthespittoonwater 5 LED Dental Light with 3 axis movement 3 LED Dental Light G4 G3+ G3 Powered BOSCH Motor ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 / ISO 9001:20080499 5 Silver Gold Red Lilac Light Green Navy Blue White Orange Mint Green Light Blue
  9. 9. G2 H E 2T HS ª TheChairhasanoverheaddeliveryUnitwithpneumaticlockingarm ª Inbuilt4Programs….3Customizableprograms&1autoreturntozero ª Lightunitwithgradualadjustmentofintensity8,000-25,000Lux ª Multifunctionalfootcontrol ª Separate touch pad on the side of the delivery unit to control the chair operations ª ChairwithLEDbasedX-Rayviewer ª TheChairisavailableinvariousmetallic&laminatedupholstery Gold Powered BOSCH Motor ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 / ISO 9001:20080499 Metallic Sky Blue Metallic Pink Metallic Copper Metallic Green Laminated Silver Laminated Light Green Laminated Light Blue Laminated Metallic Navy Blue Laminated Metallic Red Powered BOSCH Motor G2 F E 2T ª The Chair has a traditional delivery unit with lockable hangers ª Inbuilt 4 Programs…. 3 Customizable programs & 1 auto return to zero ª Light unit with gradual adjustment of intensity 8,000 - 25,000 Lux ª Multifunctional foot control ª Separate touch pad on the side of the delivery unit to control the chair operations ª Chair with LED based X-Ray viewer ª The Chair is available in various metallic & laminated upholstery Inova Pad 6
  10. 10. G4 BioVacSec BioClave 12 Ltr BioClave 21 Ltr Motorized Suction AC X-Ray ª Dryrunningsystemwhichdrainsbygravity ª Doesnotconsumewaterinitsoperation ª Can be installed anywhere,without the need of water point nearby ª Lowpowerconsumption-lessthan0.45kwh ª Reservoirwith1litercapacity ª Verylownoiselevel ª Servesupto3dentalclinics ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 / ISO 9001:2008 ª N-type semi automatic autoclave ª Front loading bioclave with a capacity of 12 Ltr/21 Ltr ª Microprocessor controlled ª Ensures bio-safety & sterilization of non porous instruments ª Completes dry cycle with semi - opened door ª Door lock with safety system against accidental doors opening ª Complete cycle - 60 minutes ª Stainless steel chamber & 2/3 stainless steel trays for surgical instruments/implant kit Autoclaves ª 70 kV/7mA Toshiba Tube ª Focal Spot 0.8 mm, Focal Length 20 cm ª Exposure time 0.06 to 3.2 seconds ª Digital display & soft touch buttons ª Double Pantographic arm for soft & accurate positioning of tube ª Tube Head & cone are internally Lead coated to prevent scattering ª Highly efficient for sharp radiography Timex 70 E APPROVED 7
  11. 11. Set up 60 years ago, Anthos makes Italian Dental Chairs that are true masterpieces. These technological marvels are designed to become extensions of your mind and preferences. That is why world-leading dentists in the developed and developing economiesmakeAnthostheirfirstchoice.
  12. 12. “We at Dr. Chugh's Dental Centre imported the first Anthos Unit ever brought in India in 1988 and went on to pick 4 more Anthos Chair Units over the years, the most recent one being installed about a month ago. These include 2 Kishar Units and 2 A3 Units. I have sourced these units from various dealers of Anthos and the most recent purchase has been from UnicornDenMartLtd. The Company and its engineers have been maintaining and servicing all these 5 Units for the last about 15 years and it has beenaverysatisfactoryexperience I have always found them to be very extremely cooperative, prompt and thorough as service providers and would highly recommend both the Product & Services provided by Mr. Shammi Gumbhir, MD Unicorn DenMart and his team to one andall. Iwishthemallthebestandsuccessalways.” Dr. Rajiv K Chugh
  13. 13. CLASSE A5 CLASSE A3 PLUS ª OptionavailableforextraWideorNarrowbackrest ª Seamless upholstery for total patient comfort with double articulated headrest ª Movablerightarmrest ª AluminumalloyChairtopreventrusting ª Synchronizedmovementofseatandbackrest ª 7 Programs in the Chair which include 4 Programmable working positions,PresetAutoreturntozero,Spittingandlastworkingposition ª Trendelenburgpositionfordentalemergencies ª Safety system on chair base and backrest and assistant side to prevent entrapment ª Chairbasecanalsobeusedforoperatingthesuctions ª Instrument control panel incorporates with 3 figure numerical display forgreaterdatareadingprecision ª WithVenusPlusLLEDlight(3,000-50,000Lux) ª Extra wide back rest & seat with Seamless upholstery for total patient Comfort withdoublearticulatesheadrest ª AluminumalloyChairtopreventrusting ª Movablerightarmrest ª Synchronizedmovementofseat&backrest ª 7 Programs in the Chair which include… 4 Programmable working positions, PresetAutoreturntozero,Spitting&lastworkingposition ª Safetysystemonchairbase,backrestandassistantsidetoprevententrapment ª Chairbasecanalsobeusedforoperatingthesuctions(high&low) ª The LCD display illustrates instruments speed & other several icons provide informationondentalunit/operations ª WithVenusPlusLLEDlight(3,000-50,000Lux) ª CeramicSpittoonwithprogrammablewaterunit ª Assistant instrument table, fitted on articulated arm for 2 suction (low&highsuppliedwithDURRVS250Ssuctionsystem) 102 113 106 136 135 115 132 134 103 123 101 137 121 130 ISO 13485:2003 Venus Plus L LED Light Venus Plus L LED Light A5 A3 Plus 8
  14. 14. CLASSE L6 CLASSE A7 PLUS L6 A7 Plus ª Newcompactdesign,new“freestand”unitbody ª New light weight medical arm, compact shape, maneuverable, greatmobilitywithgreat flexibilitytoergonomics ª Optionforcontinentalorsidedeliveryunit ª AluminumalloyChairtopreventrusting ª Synchronizedmovementofseat&backrest ª 7 Programs in the Chair which include… 4 Programmable working positions, PresetAutoreturntozero,spitting&lastworkingposition ª Safety system on chair base, backrest and assistant side to prevent entrapment ª Chairbasecanalsobeusedforoperatingthesuctions(high&low) ª The LCD display illustrates instruments speed & other several icons provide informationondentalunit/operations ª WithVenusPlusLLEDlight(3,000-50,000Lux) ª CeramicSpittoonwithprogrammablewaterunit ª AssistantInstrumenttable,fittedonarticulatedarmfor2suctionsystems 102 113 106 136 135 115 132 134 103 123 101 137 121 130 Venus Plus L LED Light ª 4X3programmableworkingpositionsalongwithzero,spitting&lastworkingposition ª Aluminiumalloychairforlongevity&preventscorrosion ª EasilyremovableseamlessSKAIupholsteryforcleaningpurpose ª Mechanicaldoublearticulatedheadrest(optional-pneumaticheadrest) ª Trendelburgpositionfordentalemergency ª Safetysystemonchairbase,backrest&assistantsidetoprevententrapment ª Temporaryinterruptionofsuctionthroughchairbase ª WithVenusPlusLLEDlight(3,000-50,000Lux) ª Suitableforendodontic,restorative&surgicalprocedures ª A peristaltic pump (optional) allows sterile irrigation liquids to be used during oral surgeryorimplantoperations ª EvolutionmultimediaofcontrolpanelFULLTOUCH(Optional) Venus Plus L LED Light ISO 13485:2003 9
  15. 15. ª Newcompactdesign,chairwitharticulated&motorizedlegresttofacilitatetheaccessibilityofthepatient ª Newlightweightarmandgreatflexibilitytoergonomics ª Optionforcontinentalorsidedeliveryunit ª 4X3programmableworkingpositionsalongwithzero,spitting&lastworkingposition ª Aluminiumalloychairforlongevity&preventscorrosion ª EasilyremovableseamlessSKAIupholsteryforcleaningpurpose ª Mechanicaldoublearticulatedheadrest(optional-pneumaticheadrest) ª Trendelburgpositionfordentalemergency ª Safetysystemonchairbase,backrest&assistantsideto prevententrapment ª WithVenusPlusLLEDlight(3,000-50,000Lux) ª Suitableforendodontic,restorative&surgicalprocedures ª Aperistalticpump(optional)allowssterileirrigationliquidstobeusedduringoralsurgeryorimplantoperations ª EvolutionmultimediaofcontrolpanelFULLTOUCH L9 102 113 106 136 135 115 132 134 103 123 101 137 121 130 All Anthos Chairs come with Durr Dental Suction System VS 250SISO 13485:2003 CLASSE L9 Venus Plus L LED Light 10
  16. 16. Anthos, born for the world thanks to a wide range of solutions, modern practical design,global service and close collaboration withdentalprofessionals. Anthos,Italy's number one manufacturer of dental equipment, delivers treatment centres designed to suit each dentist's personal operating style. The widest of ranges, design, renowned quality and user-friendliness are the key values of this brand, which in 60 years has conquered the dental professionworldwide. Anthos addresses professionals who are looking not only for dental equipment, but also a functional instrument whose value fits well with the economic aspects of their business activity. Mission Anthos firmly believes in reliability, a feature incorporated in everysingleoneofitsproductionprocesses. Our mission, then, is to seek out solutions and develop products that boost the dentist's ability to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment for pathologies of theoralcavity. An indispensable tool on one hand, a dental unit complete in everysenseontheother. Thanks to the underlying technological configuration,open to all integrated Anthos systems,Classe A7 Plus can be expanded, immediately or at a later date, with ultra-high performance instruments,X-Ray and multimedia systems and advanced hygienesystems. 11
  17. 17. Dental Microscope
  18. 18. G6* & G3* Dual Iris Diaphragm Extension Arm Fine Focus Adjustable Eyecups Carr Binocular Extender Light source housing with 2nd optical light source ª G6 model has six steps of magnification (2.1X to 19.2X) ª G3 model has three steps of magnification (3.2X to 12.8X) ª Modularity - will accommodate upgrade & retrogrades without high cost ª Binocular with 220 degree articulation ª LED light source ª Fine focus frame of 20 mm ª 6 mm fibre optic bundle diameter ª Application - Endodontic Applications, Restorative Dentistry, Periodontal Applications ª Advantage - The advantages of improved precision & ergonomics, ease of documentation, the ability to communicate with patients, staff & colleagues are clear G6 G3 Mag. Factor 0.33 0.5 0.8 1.25 2 3 0.5 1 2 Mag. Level 2.1x 3.2x 5.1x 8.0x 12.8x 19.2x 3.2x 6.4x 12.8x FOV(dia-mm) 95 62 39 25 16 10 64 32 16 12
  19. 19. Specifications Binocular tubes 0-210 degree inclinable Eyepieces WF 10X/18 mm with eye guards, diopter adjustment +5 mm Optional: WF 12.5X/18 mm Apochromatic magnichanger 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X Objective f-250 mm, Manual fine focus Optional Accessories : f-300 mm, f-400 mm NuVar system with focal length adjustment from 300-400 mm Light source 27W LED- 75k LUX Built-in filters Green or Yellow Vertical movement of arm +250 (500 mm) with power saver light cut-off at park position Microscope carriers +155 degree PRIMA Mμ A perfect blend of ergonomics, design, performance & economy. Outstanding optics, efficient LED illumination system and a fluid mechanical arrangement integrated in its compact design provides optimum performance & reliability time after time. OperatingSurgicalMicroscope Versatility & Performance – All In One 13 Introducing Optional Additional Accessories also available
  20. 20. RadiologyRadiology
  21. 21. AERB Approved X-Ray Units AERB Approved X-Ray Units Digital SensorsDigital Sensors GENORAY XPress DG
  22. 22. XIOS XG Select XIOS XG Supreme Never Before 5 Yrs Warranty ª CMOS - APS Technology (Breakthrough in Technology) ª Unique replaceable cable ª Faster sensor-change ª Flexible expansion ª Brilliant HD image quality with 33.3 LP/MM resolution with XG Supreme Highest in the world ª Wi-Fi cable free transmission (Optional) for easy room-change with sensor ª Complete set of positioner Simple cable replacement HD image quality Flexible expansion 14
  23. 23. Powered by Schick ª CMOS with APS technology ª Available sizes (active area): a. 0 (18x24 mm) b. 1 (20x30 mm) c. 2 (26x36 mm) ª Round edges for patient’’’’’'s’ comfort ª Superior image quality ª User friendly software ª Essential in successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment ª Superior image quality with reduced scan time with low x-ray dose or radiation ª Plug-in type USB 2.0 PC guarantees the user convenience and simple interaction ª Flexible cable - bend resistant and strain relief ª ORIS WIN DG SUIT. Integrated program for diagnosis, communication and patient database tool with implant stimulation THE NEW FRONTIER OF DENTAL IMAGING THE OPTIMUM IMAGING DEVICE FOR YOUR DAILY PRACTICE ª Available in Sensor Size 1 & 2 ª Sensor Dimension : Size 1 (39 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm) Size 2 (43 mm x 31 mm x 5 mm) ª Active Surface : Size 1 (30 mm x 20 mm) Size 2 (34 mm x 26 mm) ª Sensor Resolution 20 lp/mm ª Gray Scale 14 bits (16384 gray scale) ª Integrated with Quick-vision software 1.2 DIGITAL IMAGING MADE SIMPLE 15
  24. 24. MAX70 HF/DC X-Ray ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) ISO 13485:2012 (ISO 13485:2003) Wall Mount Ergonomics, Sophisticated Design & Ecology Technical Specification :- ª X-Ray Tube Toshiba ª Tube Voltage, Selection 60-65-70 kVp ª Tube Current 1- 8 mA ª Exposure Time 0.01 to 2.54 sec (Step-0.01) ª Focal Spot 0.8 x 0.8 mm ª Total Filtration >2 mm Al ª Focal Length 20 cm (short cone) 30 cm (long cone) ª Primary Radiation Area diam <60mm ª Absorbed Power 800 VA max ª Power Supply / Frequency 230V/50-60Hz ª Easy reading due to back lighted display ª Equipped with connector for remote controls (keys & buttons) ª Separate master control ª Wireless remote control SHOTMAX (optional) ª Easy Cleaning ª Class IIB Medical Device APPROVED 16
  25. 25. Compact Outside - Smart Inside APPROVED APPROVED GENORAYPORT-X II ª Portable, compact & wireless DC X-Ray ª 60kV/2mA Toshiba Tube ª Focal Spot 0.8 mm ª Exposure Time (0.01-2.0 sec) ª Graphic LCD display ª IOPA film & Radiovisiography sensor compatible ª Round type beam limiting device ª Total filtration 1.8 mmAl ª 60-70 X-Ray shots on film or 90 to 100 X-Ray shots on Sensor once battery is recharged ª Internally LEAD coated to prevent excessive exposure & dispersion of radiation ª Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery ª Patient & tooth selection mode ª Very useful for multi-chair clinicsISO 13485:2003 XPress DG - AC X-Ray Wall Mount ª 70 kVp/ 8mA with Toshiba Tube ª Digital display & soft touch buttons ª Soft scissor arm for accurate positioning ª Tube head & Cone are internally Lead coated to prevent scattering ª Remote control for exposure ª Focal Length 20 cm ª Time Range between 0.01 second to 0.99 seconds 17
  26. 26. Highly rated for their superior quality and unsurpassed cost performance, NSK's products sell in over 135 countries around the world. For example,S-Max M Series contra-angles allow cost- effective powerful cutting. Durable and quiet, NSK's superb patented triple-grip is a pleasure! While the Ceramic Bearings are25%harderthansteelbearingsbutonlyhalftheweight.
  27. 27. “I have been using the NSK Surgic Pro Physio Dispenser for overayearnow. It is a simple yet powerful tool featuring all that I require. The foot control provides easy access to controls needed during surgery. There are 64 programs, each of which can be customised with torque, speed and irrigation individually and can be accessedviathefootcontrolduringsurgery. The NSK Surgic Pro has helped enhance and easy my surgical practice and I find it easy to recommend this amazing tool to all implantspecialists.” Dr. Ajit Nagda
  28. 28. Endodontic Equipments Endo-Mate DT Endo-Mate AT Endo-Mate TC2 ª Variable Speed ª 9 programmable memory ª 6 head angles for ease of treatment ª Push type Ultra miniature head ª On/Off switch on hand piece ª Wide screen provides high visibility ª Compact desktop unit for all types of rotary files ª 20:1 standard gear head ª Auto reverse -1 ª Speed range : 100-13,000 min (With 20:1, 4:1, 1:1 geared heads) ª Torque Level : 0.8~6.5 Ncm (When using 20:1 Handpiece) ª Battery / AC operated ª Simple 5-key operation ª Light weight ª Cordless unit ª Alarm Function alerts ª Variable torque ª Variable speed ª 5 Programs ª 16:1 standard gear head -1 ª MSpeed range: 100-2,250 min (With 20:1, 16:1, 10:1, 4:1 geared heads) MPAS head is equipped with built in probe ring which enable to use your Apex Locator with the Endo-mate TC2 & DT systems ª Connection for Apex Locator (For Short Shank) ª 20:1 / 16:1 reduction MPAS Head ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 ª Fits all major brands of Ni-Ti Rotary Files ª Torque Control, with integrated auto-reverse function ª Large Screen Size for immediate visibility ª Convenient On/Off Switch ª No of Programs 9 ª Max. Torque 7 Ncm (with 20:1 head) ª Dimensions W268 x D230 x H130 (mm) ª Weight 342 gms only ª 20:1 standard gear head -1 ª Speed Range 100-13,000 min ª AC operated 18
  29. 29. Implant Motor Surgic Pro+Surgic Pro Optic / Non-Optic -1 ª Flexible Speed Control between 200 ~ 40,000 min ª Optic /Non Optic Brushless micromotor with the lowest noise and vibration level ª Upto 8 User-programmable preset memories ª Hands-free operation via foot control unit ª Powered with Advanced Handpiece Calibration ª Autoclavable handpiece ª Programs : 8 ª Max. Output/ Max. Torque : 210 W/ 80 Ncm ª Max. Pump Output : 75 mL/ min Optic ª Surgic Pro+ with 210W high power ª 5~80 Ncm powerful torque -1 ª Wide speed range of 200 ~ 40,000 min ª Large backlit LCD Display to see & check the displayed data ª User can save upto 8 preferred settings (speed, torque, coolant flow and rotational direction) ª Control Unit with advanced hand piece calibration for torque & speed accuracy ª Data Accessibility - Treatment data can be accessed & downloaded using a USB memory stick. (USB memory stick is optional) ª Data storage facility - Can record the date, speed, rotational direction,torque, gear ratio, coolant solution flow volume upto 100min, with no special software needed ª 20:1 Reduction Hand piece ª Progressive foot control Ultrasonic Surgical System Optic Variosurg3 ª 3 Modes (SURG, ENDO, PERIO) ª Selectable Burst Mode ª 9 Programs (SURG x 5, ENDO x 2, PERIO x 2) ª Adjustable LED Light Intensity ª Automatic Cleaning Mode ª Feedback Function, Auto Tuning Function ª Dynamic Link Feature, Major Power Boost ª LED Handpiece with 2 m cord ª Frequency : 28-32 kHz, Maximum output 25 W ª Irrigation flow rate : 10-80 mL/min ª Multifunctional foot control (FC-78) ª Basic H-S - Kit : (H -SG1, SG3, SG5, SG6D, SG7D, SG11) & Tip Holder ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 19
  30. 30. Apex Locator - Ipex II ª Auto-detects the apex accurately in any conditions, dry or wet ª Three different alert sounds depending on the location of the file tip, ensuring precise procedures ª The NSK iPex has multi-frequency measuring technology ª Large Hi-contrast LCD screen ª Audible warning system, Auto power shut-off ª Battery : Continuous operation of 60 hours ª Display : 3 color LED indicating of file movement inside the canal Handpieces Self Illuminating LED ª ªCanbeconnectedtoanystandardairrotorcoupling,installationnotrequired ª ªHighIntensity&StableselfLEDIlluminationthroughminipowergeneratorª ª LEDIntensityof18000Luxforenhancedvisibility ª ªStainlessSteelBody ª ªIntegratedShaftBearingforsmoothervibrationsª ª CleanHeadSystemtoprevententryoforalfluids&othercontaminants ª ªQuattroWaterSprayforeffectivecooling ª ªCellularGlassOpticforenhancedvisibility ª ªAvailablein-MiniHead:M500L&StandardHead:M600L ª Stainless Steel Body ª ISB turbine ª Cellular glass optics -1 ª Ceramic bearings ª Single spray ª Speed 360,000~450,000 min ª Power 9W ª Clean head system The World’s Smallest Head Non-Optic ª Stainless Steel Body ª ª Ceramic Bearings ª ISB Turbine ª Clean Head -1 System ª Push Button Chuck ª Miniature Head Speed : 380,000-450,000 min -1 ª Quattro Spray ª Standard Head Speed : 340,000-410,000 min ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 20
  31. 31. Handpieces 1:5 Increasing ª Titanium Body with Scratch Resistant DURACOAT ªª Cellular Glass Optics ª Clean Head System ªª Push Button Chuck (X95L/X95, X25L/X25, X15L/X15) ªª Micro Filter (X95L/X95,X25L/X25,X15L/X15) ªª Quattro Spray -1 ª ForFGburs( 1.6) ª ªCeramicBearingsªª Max.Speed:200,000minø ª Titanium Body with Scratch Resistant DURACOAT ª Cellular Glass Optics ª ª Clean Head System (X85L/X85, X10L/X10, X20L/X20) ª Push Button Chuck (X85L/X85,X10L/X10,X20L/X20,X35L/X35, X70L/X70, X75L/X75, Ti- ENDO) ª 64:1 Reduction ª Single Spray ª For Ni-Ti File ª ª 360º degree -1 Rotation ªª Max.Speed:300min For Endodontic Application Brushless Micromotor LED optic MicromotorControl Unit With Feather Touch Switches NSK S-Max M95 / 95 L 1:5 Electric Hand piece system ª IncreasedTorqueªª Bettertactilesensationªª Minimumdamagetosoftpulpaltissuesª ª Durable&QuietHandpieceªª CanbeusedwithanyinternalsprayMicromotor ª ªThesmallest1:5speedincreasinggearheadwithQuattroWaterSprayportsª ª 25%harderCeramicBearingswith50%lightweightthanconventionalstainlesssteelbearings ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 21
  32. 32. The name Biolase is synonymous with Dental Lasers, with the maximumpatentstoitscredit. Through intense research,Biolase discovered the unique light wavelength (PATENTED), which, combined with water, could cut teeth without damaging tooth or bone. There is no need for anaesthesia with WaterLase© and significantly less trauma to thetooththanwithahighspeeddrill. Thistechnologyre-inventedthefutureofdentistry! Subsequently, Biolase has educated and certified more clinicians in laser-assisted dentistry than any other organization in the world.
  33. 33. “The iPlus Waterlase which we are using now is a very impressive & useful piece of clinic equipment, we are proud of owningit... The products offered are good,and the prompt service backup offered always makes Unicorn DenMart our very first choice for dentalequipment.” Dr. U V Gandhi & Dr. Nipa Gandhi
  34. 34. Diode Lasers The next generation Total Diode Solution ª High power : 10W gives exceptional speed ª 940nm is a superior diode wavelength ª Graphical touch screen ª Applicator tips : Autoclavable, easy to mount & use ª 3 different ComfortPulse modes, 1CW & Pulse modes ª Optional 20 minute full mouth whitening handpeice & gel kit ª Optional LLT handpiece ª Class IV laser ª Weight 1.13Kg Soft Tissue Diode Laser Soft Tissue Portable Diode Laser The Laser for every Dentist - every day ª Highly Portable pen shaped diode laser ª Finger Switch Laser Actuation ª 10 factory loaded presets, 2 user options ª Battery operated ª 940nm Wavelength, Max. Peak Output Power 5w ª 2 ComfortPulse modes, 1 CW mode ª Multiple diameter, Autoclavable bendable tips in multiple lengths ª Handpiece with 3 way navigation button for set up ª User friendly display & navigation on the handpiece ª Less than 100g with battery attached ª Class IV laser ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 22
  35. 35. Most Advanced All Tissue Lasers ª All Tissue Wavelength 2780nm ª 2 models : 300mJ (0.1-8w) and 450mJ (0.1-9W) ª Pulse repetition rate : 10-50Hz ª Class IV laser ª Updated user interface ª 2 Handpieces for maximum versatility ª Extremely light & Flexible titanium fiber cable helps eliminate user fatigue ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 The best selling All Tissue Laser The Dual Wavelength Laser ª Dual Laser Wavelength ª Intitutive & Intelligent Graphical Interface ª Enables Biologically Friendly Dentistry ª Provides Great Return on Investment ª Max Power 10W ª 600mJ Max Pulse Energy ª Pulse Duration: Hard tissue (60 micro Sec) soft tissue (700 Micro Sec) ª 2 ilase (940nm diode laser) charging Slots ª Class IV laser ª Pulse rep rate 5-100 Hz 23
  36. 36. DURR Dental is the pioneer that introduced the first oil-free compressorfordentalmedicinenearly70yearsago. Numerous benchmarks and trend-setting standards can be traced backtoDURR. Naturally, compressed air systems from Durr Dental have always been the World No. 1, and are found in practices and clinics all overtheworld,foreveryneed.
  37. 37. Dr Paresh Kale “Vistascan is a total solution to my Ioradiography need. It is like conventional film radiography, with a digital output. It has all advantages off conventional and RVG both, with inconveniences of neither.”
  38. 38. Tornado Compressors Unbelievably Powerful - Super Silent TORNADO 1 TORNADO 1 (With membrane-drying unit) TORNADO 2 TORNADO 2 (With membrane-drying unit) 2 + 1* Years Warranty 2 + 1* Years Warranty red designdot award winner 2011 ª 100% continuous operation possible ª State-of-the-art dry-air system - thanks to membrane technology ª Antibacterial inner tank coating ª Approx 15% less energy consumption ª Individual voltage variants for easy installation ª Robust and long-lived - designed for continuous operations Made in GermanyISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2007 Suction System ª Continuous high suction power of 250 l/min at the cannula ª Robust VS suction technology with automatic separator to seperate liquid from solids ª Guarantees high reliability ª High suction performance within seconds ª Flexible installation by custom-made program & functional accessories VS 250 S Hygienic & Ergonomic 24
  39. 39. Made in GermanyISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2007 Vistascan Mini Easy Compact and Easy...!! Image Plate Scanner Market leading PCS image plate technology ª Rapid image availability ª Compact design ª Ideal chair-side appliance ª Sophisticated operating concept ª PC interface via USB & LAN ª High image quality ª Common intra-oral sizes (0,2) ª Penta Prism technology Image Plate Scanner with Touchscreen ª Top image quality ª High-resolution touchscreen 4.3”” inch ª Scan Manager for optimum workflow ª For all intraoral formats (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) ª Reliability - thanks to internal memory ª PC connection via WLAN/LAN ª Standalone mode possible ª Penta Prism technology for scanning Vistascan Mini View Compact, Fast & Efficient !! 25
  40. 40. In 16+ years RUNYES has established itself as the leading Asian producerofsterilizationequipmentfordentalprofessionals. Thecompany has deep knowledge in the field andstrives to be the mostrespectedtechnology&designtrendsetterandinnovator! Runyes products satisfy the latest European norms and regulationstopleasethemostdemandingdentists.
  41. 41. Dr. Shradha Nichani “IthasindeedbeenapleasureworkingwithUnicornDenMart. You are doing a great job. You have been successful in giving meroundtheclockandverypromptserviceinChennai. Your service engineers are polite and prompt and always have asmileontheirfaces. Even the back up for Biolase is great. Keep up the good work. Lookingforwardtoagreatrelationship.”
  42. 42. ISO 13485:2012 AC X-Ray Unit - RAY 68 Floor Mount Wall Mount APPROVED APPROVED ª 70 KV/ 7mA with Toshiba Tube ª Soft scissor arm for accurate positioning ª Tube head & Cone are internally Lead coated to prevent scattering ª Remote control for exposure ª Exposure Time 0.06 - 2.0 second ª Focal Length 20 cm, Focal Spot 0.8 mm ª Microprocessor controlled 26
  43. 43. Autoclaves QI-15L / SEA 15L-N-LED ª N-Type front loading fully automatic with dry cycle autoclave ª 15 Ltr capacity & micro processor controlled ª Wrapped/unwrapped, non-porous, solid instrument can be sterilized ª Double safety lock on the door ª Silicon Gasket prevents any leakage of air ª Can be used at (121°C & 134°C) sterilization ª 2 Storage tanks for fresh and used water ª No. of Tray 3 FENG 22L / SEA 22L-B-LED ª B-Type front loading fully automatic autoclave with 3 vacuum cycle & dry cycle ª 22 Ltr capacity & micro processor controlled ª Wrapped/unwrapped, porous, solid instrument including cotton swabs can be sterilized ª Bow & Dick test qualified ª Digital display of pressure & temperature ª Double safety lock on the door ª Silicon Gasket prevents any leakage of air ª Can be used at (121°C & 134°C) during sterilization ª 2 Storage tanks for fresh and used water ª No. of Tray 3 ISO 13485:2012 ISO 13485:2012 Water Distiller ª Provides 100% distilled & pure water for all applications ª Overcomes the need of water purifier ª Most economical & cost saving - easy to use & clean ª Thermostat for temperature control ª Automatic switch off at the end of the process ª Capacity 4 Ltr 27 22 Litres
  44. 44. Our aim is to always be your support partner by providing you dental equipments that have an excellent cost-value ratio. Forthis,wesearcharoundtheworldforthesegems. Sometimes, these brands might be new, but trust us, we have examined them with great care. Because our first responsibility is toyou!
  45. 45. Dr. Khushboo Garg “Unicorn DenMart, a one-stop dentist solution, delivers outstanding customer services. Additionally, I have always seen themofferinternationalproductsthataretop-of-the-line. Their willingness to go that extra mile for my Gnatus,is commendable. Thank you Unicorn,for making MY MULTISPECIALTY Dentistry soEASY.”
  46. 46. A8000 IIA PEADO ª Cartoon,Dinosaurshapechair ª 2SafetyBells ª HalogenLightwithvariableintensity ª TFT screen with memory card for playing videos to attract patient’'sattention ª Rotatablewaterunitwithcartooncuspidorwithwatercannulas ª BigLEDX-RaycumOPGviewer ª Assistantsideunitwithfeathertouchcontrolpanel ª Optionforwarm&normalwater ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 Peado KLT-6210 N1 Optional : Traditional Delivery Unit Green 0# Blue 3# Dark Blue 4# Yellow 6# Orange 7# Pink 8# Light Green 9# Dark Green 10# Red 11#Light Blue 1# Star ª Overhead delivery unit with pneumatic locking arm, wide instrumenttray&feathertouchcontrolpanel ª ProximitysensorbasedLEDLightwithvariableintensity ª 1PresetPosition&AutoreturntoZeroPosition ª Programmable water unit with glass spittoon along with option ofwarm&normalwater ª Assistant side with feather -touch control unit, 3 Way Syringe, Low&High(Cannulaonly)vacuumsuction ª Moveable foot control contains function of chair movements & waterunitcontrol ª Acottonholderwithextrautilitytray 28 Now available with LED Light
  47. 47. Flare Green 0# Light Blue 1# Middle Blue 3# Yellow 6# Orange 7# Pink 8# Apple Green 9# Red 11# ª Traditionaldeliveryunitwithwideinstrumenttray ª SensorbasedHalogenDentalLightwithvariableintensity ª 1PresetPosition&AutoreturntoZeroPosition ª Programmable water unit with glass spittoon along with option ofwarm&normalwater ª Round Joystick on chair base to control chair movements & aseparatefootcontrolforair&watersupplyinthechair ª 1LEDX-Rayviewer KJ-917 Portable Dental Chair With Unit & Stool ISO 13485 (2003) / AC:2007 /AC:2009 CHAIR ª Lightweight&sturdy ª Comfortable&safeforupto100kg ª Backadjustsfromuprighttospineposition ª Adjustableseatheightfrom8”””"to22"” ª Comesinstrongpaddedcase ª Foldeddimensions: 23”"X34”"X8"” ª Retractablehandleforconvenienttransportation MOBILEUNITINCLUDES(BRIEFCASE): ª 1-SalivaEjector ª 1-AirRotorPoint ª 1-Built-in Air Compressor ª DU32L + DS08 + DLG101 ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 ª 1-3 Way Syringe ª 1-Air Motor Point ª Built in Suction 29
  48. 48. Dental Air Compressors DA5001 Suitable for 1 Dental Chair DA7001 Suitable for 2 Dental Chairs DA7002 Suitable upto 2-4 Dental Chairs DA7003 Suitable upto 5-8 Dental Chairs Model Power L/min dB(A) Bar Ltr. Dimensions (MM) (L X W X H) DA5001 550W / 0.75 HP 115 52 6-8 22 410 x 410 x 520 DA7001 750W / 1.0 HP 152 53 6-8 30 410 x 410 x 650 DA7002 1500W / 2.0 HP 304 54 6-8 50 710 x 425 x 730 DA7003 2250W/3.0 HP 456 55 6-8 80 920 x 425 x 725 ª Medical grade air ª Oil free - low noise ª Epoxy coating prevents rusting inside the tank ª Moisture drain facility ª Air filter with an outlet ª Wheels for easy displacement (provided with DA7002 & DA7003) International Quality, Oil-free, minimal noise... ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 Light Cure Units EZEE CURE Cordless LED ª HighpowerLED,purelydentalbluelight 2 ª Intensity-1000mw/cm ª ColdLEDLight ª Threemodes:Continuous,Ramp&Pulse ª HighcapacityrechargeableLi-onbattery, lowbatterydetection ª Suitableforallbrandsofresinmaterials ª Max.time40seconds ª With1blackprobe WOODPECKER LUX V ª Threemodes:Continuous,Ramp&Pulse 2 ª LuminousIntensity->1200mw/cm 5W ª ColdLEDLight ª Digitaltimesetting:0-20SecforLEDcuringlight ª FullColorLCDdisplay ª Inter-changeablebatterypack,withbothseat&directcharger ISO 13485:2012 / AC:2012 30
  49. 49. Digital Piezon Ultrasonic Scaler WOODPECKER DTE - D5 Optic / Non-Optic DTE - D3 Optic / Non-Optic Fiber optic (LED) Handpiece ª Detachable & autoclavable handpiece ª Works on 3 modes : General, Perio & Endo ª Automatic frequency tracking ª With 5 Titanium Scaling Tips (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal) & 1 Endo attachment ª Power input : 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max) ª Output Power : 3W to 20W ª Frequency : 28 kHz + 3 kHz ª Dimension : 188 mmX159mmX81mm ª Mainunitweight:0.65kg Fiber optic (LED) Handpiece ª Detachable handpiece ª 2 modes ª With 5 Tips (3 S, 2 P) ª With Torque wrench ª Power input : 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A(Max) ª Output Power : 3W to 20W ª Frequency : 28kHz + 3kHz ª Dimension:74mmX56mmX38mmª Mainunitweight:0.2kg ª Detachable & autoclavable handpiece ª Works on 2 modes : General & Perio ª Automatic frequency tracking ª With 5 Tips (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal) ª Power input : 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max) ª Output Power : 3W to 20W ª Frequency : 28kHz + 3kHz ª Dimension : 196mmX134mmX80mmª Mainunitweight:0.62kg Inbuilt Scaler V2 / V3 Optic / Non-Optic 0 ª Based on Piezon technology ª Detachable Handpiece - can be sterilized at 135 C ª Works on 3 different modes : General, Perio & Endo ª Frequency tracking automatically, sustained ª Working at the best frequency point ª With 5 Tips and 1 Endo attachment ª Tips (G1-2,G2-1,G4-1,P1-1,E1-1) ª With 1 wrench,adaptor and footswitchª Grossweight:1.5Kg ISO 13485:2012 / AC:2012 31
  50. 50. Handpieces Super Torque Push Button Air Motor Air Rotor ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2012 / AC:2012 ª Speed350,000-430,000RPM ª Lightweight ª Available with Mini Head, Standard Head, SuperTorque &SuperTorquePushButton Tornado Handpiece (High Speed) ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2012 ISO 9001:2008 Strong Handpiece ª Speed35,000RPM ª Lightweight:56gm ª 1:1ratiohandpiece ª Autoclavable ª HPBurø2.35mm ª Speed35,000RPM ª Lightweight:46gm ª 1:1ratiohandpiece ª Autoclavable ª HPBurø2.35mm Straight Contra ª Most powerful turbine with 30 watts ª Very silent - thanks to 4 nozzle spray ª Head and sleeve out of stainless steel ª Durable ceramic ball bearings ª Small head dimensions for better visibility & access ª Protective Head System (PHS) ª Quick Stop Function (QSF) ª Clamping system with low vibrations for more precision ª Perfect hygiene: can be sterilized & heat disinfected Straight & Contra Angle Handpieces ª For use with burs that have a 2.35 mm bur shaft diameter ªEssentialdesignoutofstainlesssteel ªExternalSpray ªªPushbuttonchuck T4 Handpiece Turbines ª Essentialdesigninachrome-platedversion ª ªCeramicBallBearings ª ªSingleSpray ª ªUpto17Wattsª ª PushButtonHandpiece ª ªRecommendedBurrSize:1.6mm ª ªWithBorden2hole T4 LineT3 Racer 30 WATTS +50% MORE POWER* Made in GermanyISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 32
  51. 51. Micromotors Lab Micromotor ª Speed upto 40,000 RPM ª One spare carbon brush set ª Low heat generation suitable for long use Clinical Micromotor ª Speed upto 35,000 RPM ª One spare carbon brush set ª Low heat generation suitable for long use Forte 210 Micromotor Control Box ª 0-35,000 RPM ª Forward & Reverse direction selection ª Hand & Foot Operation ª Extra torque for smooth working FORTE 300 / F 300 II Brushless Lab Micromotor ª 0-40,000RPM ª Forward&Reversedirectionselection ª ª Inputpowersource: AC100-120V50/60Hz ª Output150W ª Progressivefootcontrol ª Lownoise&Vibration ª Built-inmicroprocessor FORTE 300 / F 100 EI-40 K Brushless Clinical Micromotor ª 0-40,000RPM ª Forward&Reversedirectionselection ª Inputpowersource: AC100-120V50/60Hz ª Progressivefootcontrol ª Sealedtypeforwater-proofduringthesterilization ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2012 ISO 9001:2008 33
  52. 52. ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 Digital White Star Bleaching Unit Floor MountChair Mount ª Easy to adjust at any angle position ª 1-30 min adjustable timer ª Wide LED display screen ª Wavelength : 420nm - 490nm ª Light intensity : 3 intensities 2 Max>6000 mw/cm LED Bleaching Unit ª Flexible arm gives user ease of use ª Works well on all types of stains - internal stains, tetracycline stains, flourosis ª Excellent results in single visit ª Wavelength - 450nm - 480nm 2 ª Intensity : 8000-10000 mw/cm ª Tank Material : SUS304 Stainless Steel ª Tank Capacity : 10 Ltr ª Time setting :1-60min adjustable 0 0 ª Temperature setting : 20 ºC-80 ºC adjustable ª High-performance transducer ª CE/FCC/RoHS tested and approval ª More quiet to operate in the hospital ª Special groove design for better waterproof Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner ª 3-colour LED display for digital timer, temperature settings & working status ª Digital timer : 1-30 mins full range timer ª Advanced programming : Temperature display, Solution usage timer ª Ceramic heater : Even heating, Durable ª Overheat protector : To prevent overheating & life of heater ª Dual heat protections : Heater turns off after 90 mins for safety ª Cooling fan : Improves heat dissipation & beneficial for continuous operations ª Degas features : Removes bubbles quickly ª Detachable power cord : Convenient to use ª Tank capacity : 3 Ltr 34
  53. 53. Intra Oral Camera ª Easytouse, noneedofadditionalsoftwareorcomputer ª Differentkindsofcaptureangletodisplayclearpictures ª Canbeusedwithoutdockingstation,picturessavedpermanently ª High-power capacity lithium battery, no need to connect with their adaptersandmaintainsalongservicelife ª OneCameraSleeve(25pieces)freeforeachunit Direct USB IOC EASY ª Resolution : 2 mega pixels, perfect image ª Optical Format : 1/4-inch (4:3) ª Interface : USB output ª Dynamic Range : 60dp ª Resposivity : LUX-see (550nm) ª No software required ª Plug & play - works immediately ª 2 blue LED doe carries detection Advance Cam IOC ª Intra Oral camera with 6 LED - CCD Sensor ª Memory - Camera 50 pic & USB 10,000 pic ª VGA & USB 2.0 signal Output ª Resolution : 2 mega pixels ª Compatible to USB, TFT Monitor without CPU ª Lens 0.02 inch pin lens ª Focus Range 8-12 mm ª Backup - USB device backup ª Display modes - Full screen & 4 split modes ª Intelligent function - Prevent dithering, Anti-alias edge ª Now available with Window 7 (Compatible) VGA + USB + AV MODEL USB Digital Pulp Vitality Tester ª Tests pulp vitality of an injured/non injured tooth ª Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed) ª Easy & convenient to operate ª Maximum stimulus - 80 ª 9 volt standard batteries ª Auto off after 3 minutes ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012 Univac Motorized Suction (Indigenous) ª Very powerful for one chair ª With auto drain ª Provision for Auto On/Off ª Suitable for Surgery ª Very economical 35
  54. 54. Autoclave Vitale 12N Type ª Digital pressure gauge with LED bar ª Unique Program of Sterilization ª Capacity 12 Ltr ª Keyboard control in turquoise ª Chamber with 2 trays in anodized aluminum ª Drying with door closed jar ª 16 security systems ª System micro-controller ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 Autoclave Vitale 22 B Type ª LCD display, user friendly interface ª Unique touch panel with easy clean surfaces ª New slide safe lock design, easier to open & close ª Automatic deaeration and depressurization ª Short cycle and high volume pre and post vacuum pump for perfect sterilization result ª Efficient safety systems, pressure release valve, computerized diagnosing, alarm system ª 5 sterilization programs Dental Sealer - Sella I Dental Sealer - Sella II ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 ISO 13485:2003 ª Sealing length : 30cm, Sealing width : 8mm ª Economic,practical, exquisite design, applied to food, medicine etc ª Copper transformer, stable quality,durable ª High quality silicone rubber piece, higher heat resistance, longer service life, ensure better effective sealing ª Designed to avoid cutting accidents & protect hands ª Sealing length : 30cm, Sealing width : 12mm ª Bi-directional operational handle design ª PC board with automatic temperature control, available for continuous using ª Beep-alert (for heating Status) ª 100W energy saving design ª Comes with integrated cutter with 100,000 times cutting guarantee & roll support X-Ray Film Viewer ª LED light source, working life over 100,000 hours ª Can be mount on the wall or work place on the desk with 3 positions ª Fashionable design ª Intensity of light : >3000 LUX Luna 36
  55. 55. Mixer Amalgamator ª Digital device with ergonomic design, safe & highly economical ª Plastic armature and wide window ª Digital Display to set the mixing frequency and time selection (1-99s) ª Uses pre-dose capsules of alloy and mercury ª Time and oscillations can be varied with an amplitude 25nm & frequency of 4350 oscillations/second ª Easy to use, stable, extremely quiet and easy to clean and maintain Galilean, Dental Surgical Loupe (Model 2.5 X & Model 3.5 X) Head-Light for Loupe ª 2.5 or 3.5 times magnification ª Offers widest field of view with adjustable focal length ª Flip up facility ª Convenient fastener makes it useful for everyone ª Optimal magnification ª Also available model GL4-3.5X & GL3-2.5X UV Chamber ª S.S. Chamber with 12 S.S Trays ª Imported UV tube ª Emits UV light ª Effective tool for avoiding contamination of instruments once sterilized or autoclaved ª Can maintain & preserve instruments for days without any fear of contamination ª Door switch interlock prevents emission of UV light as soon as the chamber is opened to avoid any harmful effect on operator ª Electronic circuit for instant start of tube Air Polisher ª Ergo comfort, extremely light weight design & well considered weight balance for easy handling, thus, minimized hand & wrist fatigue ª Smooth 360 degree swivel ª Simple one touch connection ª Twin nozel system for improved polishing power ª With anti-retraction valves ª Dimension 14 inch X 9.25 inch ª LED light Slim OPG, X-Ray Viewer Table Top/Chair Mount 37
  56. 56. Straight Cabinet ª Imported Dental Cabinets & Trolley ª Structure made of steel frame 0.9 mm & 1.2 mm thick. The main structure has double steel layer ª The top is made of durable artificial marble (cauterization resistant and easy to clean) ª European style rail guide & flip return design - different drawer compartment satisfies different requirements ª Stainless steel tap - ensures to prevent cross-contamination ª Top grade ceramic wash basin, ash-bin hidden under it & controlled by knee (easy to operate, prevents cross-contamination) ª Multi-functional shelf can be used for small equipments Model No. Size in mm Height Width/ Depth Length Straight Cabinet 880 490 2250 Mobile Dental Cabinet 820 500 500 Mobile Dental Cabinet ª High quality stainless steel with anti-fingerprint ª Different size drawers according to usage ª Concealed resistance track ª Artificial marble tabletop with wear & corrosion resistant, anti-penetration, no stain & easy to clean ª Wheels with soft movements ª Stylish & durable handle ª Contains 5 different size - 5 nos. drawers Lab Bench ª The characteristic of the bench is powerful suction & low noise ª Adjustable work place light ª Lowerable arm rest ª Gas firing & high pressure spray ª Airhand nozzle ª Socket & Noiseless dust collecting system & dust drawer ª Complemented with bench ª Size : 120 cm(L) x 60 cm(W) x 80 cm(H) ª Suction volume : 18-27L/S ª Multipurpose utility tray ª Can be used with any dental chair Utility Tray TFT Clamp ª Highly durable with PVC quality ª Permits vertical as well as horizontal movements ª Can bear weight upto 5 kg ª Compatible with any TFT monitor 38
  57. 57. CS3R ª Trolley entirely made in stainless steel 304, fitted with 3 fixed shelves and 3 universal sockets ª Overall Dimension (in cm) : 390(L) x 390(W) x 800 (H) Dental Trolley ª Trolley with steel frame and three fixed shelves, available in powder coated metal ª Fitted with 3 universal sockets ª Ergonomics, functionality, unique design and compact shape, makes it an essential component of every dental practice. ª Overall Dimension (in cm) : 400(L) x 400(W) x 820 (H) ª Shelves Dimension (in cm) : 400 x 270 ECOCAR F3VC ª Electrified trolley with 2 fixed shelves in tempered glass ª One drawer and a convenient base for electronic footrests ª Inside the column are housed 3 universal sockets & their exist holes for the power cables for electronic devices ª It is with a steel frame fitted with 3 universal sockets and 3 adjustable shelves in powder coated metal ª The height of each shelf can be adjusted according to the different needs ª Ergonomics, functionality, unique design and compact shape, makes it an essential component of every dental practice ª Overall Dimension (in cm) : 400(L) x 420(W) x 800 (H) ª Shelves Dimension (in cm) : 400 x 270 FLEX3 39
  58. 58. WOODPECKER DPEX III ApexLocator Introducing 1 ª Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different color indicates the trajectory of the file clearly ª Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technology and automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate ª Autoclavable file clip, file hook, file probe. Avoiding cross infection effectively ª When doing the measurement, the changes of the sound can indicate the position of the file in the root-canal Specifications :ª ª Power : 3.7V/750mAh ª Power consumption : 0.5W ª Screen : 4.5“”””LCD ª Main unit weight : 385gm ª Dimensions : 138mm x 77mm x 107mm 40 * Accessories shown may not be a part of standard equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.