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Instech Systems, New Delhi, Geophysics Equipments


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The Leading Manufacturer and supplier of disinfection control system and infection control equipment. Owing to our quality proven range we have been able to carve a niche foothold in the industry such as Steam Sterilizers, Flash Sterilizers, Bulk Sterilizers, ETO Sterilizers, Pass Box, Wash Station With 2 Sinks, Linen Fold Table, Free Standing Basket Rack, Motorized Lift Table, Hydraulic Lift Tables, Fully Electric Bi-Position Painless Delivery Table, Motorised Lifting Multi-Position C-Arm Compatible Table, O.T. Lights - IS-24T, O.T. Lights - IS-7Rz, O.T. Lights - IS-5Rz, O.T. Lights - IS-4 Rz...

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Instech Systems, New Delhi, Geophysics Equipments

  1. 1. Vg Salient Features and Specifications of INSTECH AUTOPSY TABLE (Elevating Pedestal Type)  Fabrication with SS 304 quality Stainless Steel with all welded construction free from rivets and bolts for smooth bacteria free surfaces. Hydraulic Power Pack to allow for height adjustment as per user requirements. Adjustable Head Rest  Perforated Body Supports  Hydro Aspirator (with vacuum breaker along with control valve for cold water and NRV for Back flow prevention)  Spray Hose Assembly with control valve, nozzle and NRV for back flow prevention along with 10 feet long Flexible Hose  Mixing Faucet with Goose neck shaped Spout and wrist blade handle  Double Bowl Sink  Rapid & Positive Drainage System are all standard feature.  Digital Scale with Platform for weighing different body parts  Full Length Engraved Scale for measurement of size of cadaver  Grossing Plate/Station for organs  Complete safety for operation with all electrical parts and sockets as per latest safety standards to the extent applicable to this class of equipment.  Easy to install with connections and ports for Water Inlet, Drainage & Power Point easily available to the user for connection.  Easy to service with removable access panel. Service and operation manual supplied as standard.  Dimensions (mm): 2640 L x 850 W  Height Variable Range: 810 to 960 mm.  Sink Size (mm): L 350 x W 300 x D 200.  Power Requirement : 230 V, single phase 50 Hz AC or 400 V, Three phase AC as per user requirements. INSTECH INSTECH AUTOPSY TABLE (ELEVATED PEDESTAL TYPE) INSTECH AUTOPSY TABLES have an ergonomic design to enable the user an easy access to the subject from all the sides. All GOOD ENGINEERING PRACTICES like Heliarc/Argon arc welding with all edges and joints with radii grounded smooth for hygiene, ease of cleaning and safety are followed. INSTECH Autopsy Tables come in different versions to meet the varied requirements of Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Research Centers and Forensic Science Laboratories. “INSTECH means value for money and time”
  2. 2. INSTECH INSTECH AUTOPSY TABLE INSTECH AUTOPSY TABLES have an ergonomic design to let the user have an ease of operation. The design enables the user to have an easy access to the subject from all the sides to perform different actions from all sides. All GOOD ENGINEERING PRACTICES are followed during the process of fabrication. All units are rigorously tested before dispatch to ensure unfailing performance at user place. INSTECH Autopsy Tables are ideally suited for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Research Centers and Forensic Science Laboratories. These are available in different versions to meet the requirements of varied user segments. Different Versions include Straight Table, Table with Support for Different Body parts, Table with Body Parts Supports and Sink. All these versions are available in adjustable Bullet feet or Sturdy swiveling Castor wheels (2 Nos. with brakes and 2 Nos. without brakes). The sizes and other parameters for different versions are summarized in the table below. VERSION STRAIGHT TABLE STRAIGHT TABLE STRAIGHT TABLE WITH BODY WITH BODY SUPPORTS SUPPORTS AND SINK DIMENSIONS 2100 L x 650 W x 900 2100 L x 800 W x 900 2400 L x 800 W x 900 H (mm) H H SINK SIZE N.A. N.A. 300 L X 400 W X 250D (mm) SUPPORTS N.A. Yes Yes
  3. 3. INSTECH AUTOPSY SET INSTECH AUTOPSY SET includes the following instruments made from high quality stainless steel of 410 grade. Instrument Quantity 1 Blow Pipe 1 2 Amputation Saw 1 3 Post Mortem Scissors 1 4 Bowel Scissors 1 5 Combined Hammer 1 with Chisel 6 Chisel with 1 detachable cross handle 7 Bipod Skull Rest 1 8 Brain Knife 1 9 Catlin Knife 1 10 Cartilage Knife 1 11 Chain Hook Set of 3 12 Dissecting Forceps 1 13 Scalpel 4 PAGE 2 FULL VIEW OF INSTECH AUTOPSY SET IN THE WOOD BOX with labeling INSTECH CUTTING DISCS FOR ELECTRIC AUTOPSY SAW INSTECH MOTORIZED AUTOPSY SAW OSCILLATING AS WELL AS ROTARY MOTION, VARIABLE SPEED FOTSWITCH TO PERMIT SLOW AS WELL AS HIGH SPEED, JACOBS CHUCK ACCOMMODATES ANY SIZE PIN, WIRE OR ATTACHMENTS UP TO AND INCLUDING ¼” DIAMETER. CHANGE FROM ROTATING TO OSCILLATING MOVEMENT IS SIMPLE. OPERATES ON 230V, 50HZ, AC ONLY. INSTECH SYSTEMS INSTECH HOUSE 9144/3, Multani Dhanda, For more details contact: Pahar Ganj, New Delhi-110055 Mr. Surinder Pal 9873069138
  5. 5. Hospital Infection Control is a priority agenda for every Hospital Administrator. The establishment of high quality standards for hygiene, disinfection, aseptic patient care, and sterilization of surgical instruments is an absolute must in the demanding scenario What is Hospital Infection: Infectious diseases are caused by the spread of pathogenic micro-organism to patients during their stay in hospitals. Most of these micro-organisms are non sporiferous and fairly sensitive to heat. These are killed or made inactive i.e. disinfected by heating to a temperature above 85°C. Unlike the non sporiferous type, sporiferous micro-oganism (tetanus bacteria) germinate spores and develop in multiples under favourable conditions. These spores are resistant to heat. Such sporiferous micro-oganism can be killed or rendered inactive by Sterilization i.e. heating to a temperature of 121°C or above. goods are then transported back to the end user. The CSSD is a manufacturing unit like producing sterile items. It comprises of followings areas:- 1. SoiledArea 2. CleanArea 3. SterileArea - Higher degree of specialization leads to better results. - Increased efficiency due to proper utilization of equipments and manpower. - Inventory control, packing and distribution becomes optimal. Advantages Of CSSD - Enhanced component life. - The staff is able to concentrate on core competencies. an ISO 9001 company, we understand the need for hospital infection control and patient care. Our extensive work in this area, the feedback of the users and efforts of our dedicated team, have enabled us to offer you a comprehensive solution to your infection control needs. Our products are as follows:- From INSTECH SYSTEMS to the Hospital World At INSTECH SYSTEMS, Central Sterile Service Supply Department Gradual increase in the awareness of hygiene, disinfection and patient care and a need for higher economy and efficiency has forced all the modern hospitals to employ a Central Sterile Service Supply Department (CSSD). All the soiled items from different wards, theatres and special departments are collected in the CSSD for further processing like cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.The processed - Steam Sterilizer - TableTop Flash Sterilizer - E.T.O. Sterilizer - Bed Pan Washers - Endoscope Washer - Drying Cabinets - Scrub Stations - Heat Sealing Machines - Gauze Cutting Machines - Magnifying Lamps. - CSSD Furniture &Transportation accessories. baskets and containers in order to facilitate the transportation and handling of soiled and sterilized items. This system protects both the surroundings and the sterile goods from being reinfected. Used for internal transport of components and instruments within the CSSD. Used for external transport of baskets to and from the CSSD to the different departments. Basket trolleys are used for the transport of empty Baskets back to the CSSD. The instrument trays are ideally suited for keeping instruments brought in for disinfection and sterilization and for subsequent transport to point of use. We at "INSTECH" with over 18 years of experience in the field of sterilization and Disinfection are not just equipment manufactures; we are solution providers for your needs. Table Trolleys: Baskets Trolleys: Distribution Trolleys: Instrument Trays: Total Solutions the Baskets: The Baskets are the centralized handling unit within the CSSD and for external transport. The Basket are compatible with all cleaning/ Disinfection/ Sterilization Equipment and Handling / Storage systems. The Baskets can be stacked one above the other when loaded and into one another for compact storage when empty. Basket Rack: Basket Ra£ks are fabricated in stainless steel for storing Baskets. The arms of the racks are designed to hold baskets perfectly in a horizontal plane. Storage Shelf: Storage shelfs are fabricated in stainless steel suitable for floor and wall mounting. All edges are ground for easy cleaning. APPLICATION ANALYSIS DESIGN MANUFACTURING INSTALLATIONCOMMISSIONINGTRAINING MAINTENANCE FEEDBACK DISTRIBUTION TROLLEY TROLLEY STACKABLE BASKET BASKET RACK INSTRUMENT TRAY STORAGE SHELF
  6. 6. Steam Jacket FullyAutomatic Cycle Flash Sterilizer In order to obtain a rapid preheating and to maintain a uniform temperature in the chamber during the process, "INSTECH" Steam Sterilizers are with steam jacketed. The doors are pneumatically operated vertical sliding type. On commencing the process the door closes automatically and opens only after the cycle is complete. Optionally manual pressure lock type doors can be provided. A safety interlocking device prevents steam entering the chamber when the door is open and also keeps the door locked when the chamber is pressurized. The "INSTECH" Sterlizer is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller for automatic operation. A user friendly key pad with graphic display unit, provided for easy operation and process monitoring. Recorders for temperature, pressure, date and time are also incorporated. "INSTECH" Steam Sterilizer is available with an integral electric steam generator or with a connection to an external steam supply. Integral steam generator is preferred to maintain consistency in the quality of steam, an important factor in the sterilization process. Sturdy Flash or High Speed Sterilizers are available in a wide range of models to suit your every need. All models are automatic and the superior technology guarantees precise sterilization. Apart from OT duty it is equally useful in Clinics, Dispensaries and Nursing Homes. All though the time taken by this process is a fraction of the normal time, there is no compromise with the basic sterilization capability. The Flash Sterilizer is always equipped with a variety of standard programmes to cater to your wide variety Door Safety Interlock Internal or External Steam Supply of sterilization requirements. The machines are easy to install and require only a power connection. These ensures gentle Sterilization for your most delicate instruments like surgical sharps, optics, electrical devices and plastics without being damaged by heat, moisture and pressure. The EO Sterilizer are economical, easy to install and maintain since water source and compressed air are not a must. It only requires a power outlet and dedicated exhaust pipe to the outside. Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers (Environmental Friendly - CFC Free Operation) 100% Ethylene Oxide gas is used for sterilization cycle. Ozone-depleting chemicals or other compounds considered harmful to the environment like CFCs or HCFCs are not employed. Handling, Storage & Transportation Accessories Understanding the importance of correct handling, storage and transportation practice, "INSTECH" utilizes special standardized instrument trays, Reception of Soiled Items: Soiled items from operation theatres, wards, out patient clinics and other departments arrive in this area by trolleys or by lifts in the same instrument trays, baskets and containers in which these were delivered in. Manual cleaning and disinfection of the trolley is done next to the reception area. After processing, goods from the CSSD are transferred to the concerned department in the same trolleys, baskets and containers. Proper cleaning and disinfection is necessary before sterilization in order to protect the instruments, staff and the work area. Steam, hot water and ultrasonic waves are the most common disinfecting agents used for removal of inaccessible soil such as adhering tissue, dried blood and scales. Equipments for manual cleaning are available for items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected by automatic machine. Work Table with Wash Stations are provided with hot and cold water Faucets along with compressed air connections for setting up the spray gun rinser. The fully stainless steel body ensures proper hygiene. Cleaning and Disinfection: Work Table with Wash Stations: The "Two Tank" Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has an Ultrasonic tank and a Rinsing tank. The "ThreeTank" Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has an Ultrasonic tank, a Rinsing tank and a Drying tank. These machines are user friendly with economically designed controls which ensure effective automatic operation of the system by way of: - Fully automatic water filling. - Automatic exposure to cleaning, rinsing or drying for predetermined time and Auto Shut- down. Spray Gun is the most valuable cleaning instrument for hospitals, laboratories and all establishments where effective cleaning is a must. makes it possible to clean instruments quickly and thoroughly by water and compressed air. The instruments likeThermometers, Goggle, Cabinets, Handles, Bed protectors etc. can be cleaned easily by the Spray Gun. Washer Disinfector "INSTECH" Washer Disinfector is specially designed for cleaning and disinfecting the laboratory equipments, surgical instruments, dishes, plastic bottles, flasks, Spray Gun Ultrasonic Cleaners The Ultrasonic Cleaning machines from "INSTECH" guarantee perfect cleaning of all delicate instruments used in Hospitals. The "Single Tank" Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has only an Ultrasonic tank.
  7. 7. trays, breast-pumps, anaesthetia appliances etc. by means of different inserts and cassettes. - The items are flushed with cold water to remove blood & albuminous substances. - They are then chemically cleaned with hot water and detergent. - Finally disinfected with hot water and steam. Washer Disinfectors are available in single or double door construction. Double door models are for mounting in the wall between the clean and unclean area. User friendly Microprocessor Controller ensure reliable and accurate operation. Disinfection is carried out automatically in three stages. The front panel is convenient to operate and designed to see all functions at a glance. The operation can be manual or automatic according to user's selection. The Endoscope Washer is equipped with the most efficient and precise self diagnostic system which detects any failures and requires low maintenance. "INSTECH" DRYHEATING CABINET "INSTECH" Drying Cabinets are suitable for drying and sterilizing of equipments in medical and research laboratories where uniform temperature and high degree of reliability is demanded. Machinfabrik Drying Cabinets are fully automatic for high process accuracy ad reliability. The accuracy of the process is ensured by: - Digital Temperature which ensures accurate and uniform temperature. - Electronic Timer to accurately control the drying period. - Power cut-off against overheating. - "INSTECH" dry heat cabinet provides special cassets and inserts for drying tubing, hoses, etc. Sorting, InspectionAnd Packaging Linen Fold Table Work Table Magnifying Lamp . After disinfection and cleaning the items enter a clean area where inspection and packaging is done before sterilization. Packaging plays a vital role in effective sterilization. The tables have stainless steel top and shelves fitted on a S.S. Stand. The Linen Fold Table is specially designed for ergonomic and efficient inspection and packing of critical hospital linen. Linen Fold Table is provided with an illuminated and translucent table top for easy and thorough inspection. The Gauze Cutting Machine can also be mounted here. Complete S.S. unit with bench top & tubular stand used for sorting & processing of soiled as well as clean material. The sealing machine is used for sealing plastic or paper bags before sterilization. The Magnifying Lamp is used for inspecting the traces left on instruments and surgical appliances after cleaning. ControlAnd Packaging Table Sealing Machine Sterilization Sterilization is the most effective method for deactivating or killing the sporiferous microorganisms. "INSTECH" manufactures a wide range of Sterilizers for every need. "INSTECH" High Vacuum Steam Sterilizer "INSTECH" High Vacuum Steam Sterilizer is ideal for sterilization of instruments, fabrics, hoses, tubings, liquid etc. Pulsating Deep Vacuum To sterilize fabrics and wrapped instruments. mechanical air removal from the chamber is important.This ensures uniform penetration of steam.Ahigh performance and efficient vacuum pump takes care of this by means of automatic pulsating prior to treatment.This ensures removal of all air pockets from the load. In the "INSTECH" Steam Sterilizer the post vacuum treatment ensures vacuum drying of the load before unloading. Endoscope Washer: Endoscope Washer is compatible with ocular or video-endoscopes for all Waterproof endoscopes and a variety of high level disinfectants. By controlling air pressure and water resistance, the machine guarantees perfect washing and disinfection of both the outside and inside of the endoscope. The system protects the inside of the Endosope against any possible damage.
  8. 8. INSTECH PASS BOXES (STATIC TYPE) INSTECH PASS BOXES are fabricated under the supervision of qualified engineers due to very nature of the service required from these boxes. These are designed to maintain complete ISOLATION between the two adjoining environs while facilitating the transfer of goods between these. Precise alignment of the doors aided by resilient Gaskets ensure the Air Tight environ in these Pass Boxes. SIMULTANEOUS opening of both the DOORs is precluded by the State of Technique Electromagnet Locks coupled with supporting circuitry and door lock/open sensors. Basic Construction consists of SS 304 grade Stainless Steel Sheets and square pipes with Satin or Mat finish. Other options in material and finish are also available as per user requirements. See through facility by Poly Carbonate or toughened glass windows. Resilient Rubber Gaskets and spring loaded door locking latches ensure tight mechanical locking. Electromagnetic Locking gets invoked when power is ON. INSTECH INSTECH PASS BOX
  9. 9. For critical applications, battery backup is also available to ensure the electromagnetic Interlocking in case of Power failure. INSTECH PASS BOXES are available in Dynamic as well as Static configuration. The static version is the simplest form which provides for transfer of goods from one side to the other in still air conditions. The advanced version of dynamic type ensures the flow of HEPA Filtered Air to ensure a shower bath of the goods when these are transferred from clean to Ultra Clean or Sterile side. The schematic depicted in the above Picture is self-explanatory. UV light is available optionally for UV Sterilization of the Goods. Power requirement is 230 V, Single Phase 50 Hz AC. Standard available sizes (mm) 600 F 600 D 600 H 750 F 750 D 750 H 900 F 900 D 900 H Sizes as per user need also possible. INSTECH SYSTEMS Head Office: Factory: INSTECH HOUSE 59, Rajender Nagar 9144/3, Multani Dhanda, Industrial Area, Mohan Nagar, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi-110055 Ghaziabad, U.P. For more details contact: Mr. Surinder Pal 9873069138 INSTECH DYNAMIC PASS BOX
  10. 10. INSTECH INSTECH MORTUARY CABINET INSTECH MORTUARY CABINETS have an ergonomic compartmentalized design with separate doors to let the users have an ease of operation. The front panel allows access to inside parameters. The lockable doors ensure safety and security of cadaver. Adherence to GOOD ENGINEERING PRACTICES during the process of fabrication allows reliable performance. All units are rigorously tested before dispatch to ensure VALUE FOR MONEY invested by the user. INSTECH Mortuary Cabinets are ideally suited for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Research Centers and Forensic Science Laboratories. These are available in different capacities to meet the requirements of varied user segments. Each stretcher is designed for supporting the dead body (Max. Weight 160 kg). It has telescopic design to render ease of handling to the users. Inside Temperature is maintained at 20 C TO 80 C or -200 C depending upon the model selected by the user. Inside wall is made from SS 304 grade Stainless Steel Sheet. INSTECH MORTUARY CABINET (CAPACITY 2 BODIES) Outside wall is made from either SS 304 Stainless Sheet or Enameled PCRC sheet as per purchase order. Sturdy swiveling Castor wheels with brakes are standard for ensuring ease of mobility. Telescopic Stretchers made from SS 304 roll in & out on Guide Rails (Made from Anodized Extruded Aluminum Channels or SS 304 sections) with Nylon Rollers supported on Bearings with minimal effort and allow loading & unloading of cadavers with maximum ease with self-locking facility when closed. In situ PUF Insulation ensures not only tight temperature control by ensuring minimal heat transfer / loss but also low duty cycle for the refrigeration system and low running cost as a result of low power consumption. Generously rated Refrigeration System with hermetically sealed compressor, air cooled condenser, evaporator coil form the heart of AHU. The refrigerant employed is environmental friendly R-134 Non CFC. Automatic Deicing (defrosting) cycle to melt the ice formed on the cooling coil due to moisture in air to ensure efficient operation and a reservoir for collecting the water formed is provided. Air Circulation (FORCED) is provided with generously rated axial/ centrifugal blowers to ensure uniform temperature with minimal temperature gradient. Vapor Proof Lighting with Switch provided as standard. Digital temperature Controller cum Indicator with Pt 100 sensor PID Type for Indication and control of inside temperature is provided as standard. Audio/Visual alarm with mute facility for Temperature fluctuation beyond acceptable limits, Power Failure Alarm, Door Open Alarm. Safety Thermostats are provided as standard. Data Acquisition in Real Time Mode with date and time on Pen Drive is optional feature.
  11. 11. INSTECH MORTUARY CABINET PAGE 2 INSTECH MORTUARY CABINETS are of Standard size and these are available in following capacities to suit the requirements of varied users. Single Body, Two Bodies, Three Bodies, Four Bodies, Six Bodies. As the needs grow an organization can add further units and since the sizes are standard these can be aligned side by side. Air handling units are an integral part of the main unit but the same can be modular also and it can be assembled at site with ease. Since the units are bulky these should be normally requisitioned by chartered vehicle or a reliable carrier for ensuring safe delivery. For transit safety purposes Wooden Crate packing is available on request but it is worth its price as the same ensures safe and sound delivery. Power: 230V Single Phase, 50Hz AC INSTECH MORTUARY CABINET (CAPACITY 6 BODIES) SPECIFICATIONS: Inner Size of individual Cubicle (mm):W 685 x D 2140 x H 460 or more CAPACITY No. of Bodies Outer Dimensions (mm) (Maximum) W D H Refrigeration Capacity K Cal/Hr Defrosting Cycle with Water Reservoir (Deicing) Data Acquisition by RS 232 Interface or USB Port 1 840 2500 1260 1500 Standard Cap.10 Lt Yes (Optional) 2 840 2500 1720 3000 Standard Cap.12 Lt Yes (Optional) 3 840 2500 2180 4500 Standard Cap.16 Lt Yes (Optional) 4 1640 2500 1720 5200 Standard Cap.18 Lt Yes (Optional) 6 1640 2500 2180 6000 Standard Cap.30 Lt Yes (Optional) All the specifications are standard subject to change due to our policy of keeping abreast with developing technologies to offer you the very best. INSTECH SYSTEMS H.O. INSTECH HOUSE, 9144/3, MULTANI DHANDA, PAHAR GANJ, NEW DELHI 110055. CONTACT: SURINDER PAL, MOB: +91 9873069138, E-MAIL: FACTORY: 59-60, RAJENDRA NAGAR INDUSTRIAL AREA, MOHAN NAGAR, GHAZIABAD,U.P.
  12. 12. INSTECH STEAM STERILIZER (AUTOMATIC) INSTECH ETO STERILIZER INSTECH AN ISO APPROVED COMPANY,OFFERS THE VARIOUS USERS, DIFFERENT MODELS OF FRONT LOADING AUTOCLAVES/STERILIZERS WITH STEAM AS WELL AS ETO FOR TABLE TOP PLACEMENT.THESE MODELS INCORPORATE SIMPLE TO ADVANCED FEATURES. THE USER IS AT LIBERTY TO OPT FOR MANUAL/SEMIAUTOMATIC/FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION WITH OR WITHOUT DATA RECORDING DEPENDING UPON HIS REQUIREMENTS AND BUDGET AVAILABILITY. Automatic operation (optional) of the Steam Sterilizers includes following features: Microprocessor based control with LED or LCD screen as interface/Power failure memory For auto re-starting of process on power resumption/ Status of the process indicated on the main panel /User friendly: single key press starts & completes process on its own and Supervision not required / Displays “process over” message on completion. Steam Sterilizers have following four Cycles as standard programmed in controller. 2 cycles for Wet and Dry Loads at 1340C -4 minutes and 1210 C -20 minutes 2 cycles for Wet and Dry Loads at 1340C - 12 minutes and 1210 C -30 minutes One cycle user programmable with following range of parameters. Wet Cycle: Temp: 1210C to 1350C, Time: 00 to 99 minutes. Dry Cycle: Temp: Ambient +50 C to 199º C, Time: 00 to 99 minutes. ETO STERILIZER ideally suited for heat sensitive material. Operates at 560 C under vacuum conditions, with automatic cartridge puncture device and individual reliable valves for vacuum line and sterile air admission line for air washes. Digital Temperature Controller & Timer and Analog pressure indication. Available in automatic & manual mode. CONSTRUCTION: Inner Chamber, Door Plate & all parts coming in contact with steam or ETO are formed from SS 304 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistant. Separators & shelves for allowing placement of different sized objects are provided. Silicon Rubber Gaskets for ensuring leak proof operation. These sterilizers have the Microbiological / Self sterilizing filter for sterile air entry for breaking the vacuum to allow for opening for unloading. INSTECH INSTECH STERILIZERS TABLE TOP (FRONT LOADING TYPE)
  13. 13. All Sterilizers are tested thoroughly for Pressure and Vacuum withstanding hydraulically. The safety aspects cover for safe operation of the equipment for subject matter to be sterilized, user personnel & environment. All electrical parts/ components are from standard companies (preferably with CE mark) to ensure reliability, safety and replacability. Raw material from reliable & tested sources are employed in the manufacture of these sterilizers and all good engineering practices are followed to provide the best to the customers for ensuring VALUE for MONEY INVESTED by them. INSTECH endeavors for ensuring Safe and successful sterilization for every medical procedure. INSTECH SYSTEMS Head Office: Factory: INSTECH HOUSE 59, Rajender Nagar 9144/3, Multani Dhanda, Industrial Area, Mohan Nagar, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi-110055 Ghaziabad, U.P. For more details contact: Mr. Surinder Pal 9873069138 INSTECH AUTOCLAVE TABLE TOP PAGE 2 INSTECH STEAM STERILIZER MANUAL MODEL SPECIFICATIONS: STERILIZER (type) ETO STERILIZER STEAM AUTOMATIC STEAM MANUAL OUTER DIMENSIONS(mm) F H D 630 450 580 F H D 630 450 580 F H D 470 390 420 Volume, Dia/Depth (mm) 30 Lt. , 300x 450 24 Lt.,300 x350 12 Lt., 225 x 310 M.O.C. Chamber / Door SS 304 Stainless steel Door Gasket Silicon Rubber Separators 2/3/4 Door Locking Positive with Micro Switch Actuation of Main Process Temperature Indication Digital LED/ LCD Timer Digital LED / LCD, Range 0-999 minutes CYCLE (No.) Type 2 in Automatic + 1 in manual option. 4 +1 Wet and Dry 1+1 Dry only No. of Water tanks Not applicable 2 0 Vacuum Pulses Pre / Post Standard Thermodynamic, 2/1 Air Purging only Electric Load 2.5kw 2.0kw 1.5kw Electrical specification 220/230Volts, AC, 50 Hz, Single phase Due to continuous development actual products may differ from the specs mentioned above. All the specifications are standard subject to change due to our policy of keeping abreast with