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sricure herbs india private limited
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Sricure Herbs (India) Private Limited, Panchkula, Herbal Formulations


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Manufacturer & Exporter of Herbal Medicines, Herbal Gripe Water, Herbal Protein Powder, Herbal Anti Flu Oral Drops, Herbal Eye Drops, Herbal Liver Care Capsules, Herbal Gum Paint, Herbal Granules, Herbal Soaps & Shampoos, Herbal Eye Drops, Herbal Nasal Drops, Herbal Tonic Syrup, Herbal Liver Care Syrup, Herbal Cough Syrup, Herbal Oral Syrups, Ayurvedic Cream, Herbal Body Odor Cream, Herbal Hair Oil, Herbal Massage Oil, Herbal Oils etc.

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Sricure Herbs (India) Private Limited, Panchkula, Herbal Formulations

  1. 1. sricure herbs india private limited formulations.  We  have  a WHO-GMP  complaint  state  of  the  art  manufacturing  facility  at  Panchkula,  India.   We   are   pleased  to   introduce  ourselves   are   one   of  the   leading   manufacturers   and  exporters   of   herbal   An ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 company Sricure  Herbs  (India)  Private  Limited  was  established  in   2006  with  an  endeavor  to  combine  the  beneHits  of   the   ancient   Ayurvedic   Science   along   with   Modern   technology.   Since   then   we   have   experienced   a   tremendous   growth   in   the   demand   for   herbal   We   have   a   distribution   network   across   20 states   in   India   and   are   formulations,  both  home  and  abroad.   constantly   expanding.   We   are   also   exporting   tablets our   Lebanon, Algeria, Russia and many more countries.   We  are   in   the   herbal   formulations  to  Liberia,   Ghana,   Uzbekistan  and  Philippines, capsules process   of   expanding   our   footsteps   to   other   African   and   Asian   countries. Major Clientele piramal healthcare natco pharma ipca marksans galpha labs indoco lyka labs nectar life sciences elder and many more At   Sricure   Herbs   (India)   we   believe  in  innovation.  We  have   an   in   house   R&D   facility   w h e r e i n   w e   c o n s t a n t l y   indulge   in   Hinding   new   and   effective   cures.   Some   of   our   latest   research   pertains   to   Hinding   a   herbal   cure   for   Psoriases.   Our   past   research   l e d   u s   t o   s o m e   u n i q u e   formulations,   one   of   which   oral liquids ointments, gels & creams sterile eye, ear & nasal drops dry powders oils ,shampoos & included  preventive   drops   for   Handmade soaps S w i n e   F l u .   W e   h a v e   conHidence   in   our   abilities   to   develop   formulations   as   per   the   speciHic   requirements   of   our   customers. Our   mission  is  to  enrich  the   patient  with  required  helpful  medicinal   information   and   delivering   the   best   herbal   and   safe   remedy   for   healthy  living.   We  always  try  to   provide  our  products  at  a   suitable   cost,  which  are  well  within  the  reach  of  a  common  man. 326, INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE 1, PANCHKULA (HARYANA) INDIA 134109 TEL +91 172 5066021-25, 2560574, 2581874 FAX +91 172 5066606 E-MAIL
  2. 2. product card tablets capsules oral liquids Liver and hepatoprotective Liver and hepatoprotective Liver Tonic Constipation tabs Single Ingredient caps Enzyme tabs Single Ingredient tabs Diuretic and anti stone tabs Chewable Digestive tabs Anti diabetic Heart revitalizer Join pain reliever Menstrual regulator Sex Stimulant male and female Enzyme Tonic Blood Purifier Cough Syrup Noni Muscle Body Syrup Gripe Water Alkalizer Diuretic and anti stone slimming caps Hair growth caps dry powders & granules ointments oils & shampoos sterile products soya based herbal protein powders Muscle relaxant Hair oils Eye drops Bleeding Piles cure Joint pain reliever Ear drops Crack cream Sex stimulant oil Nasal drops Moisturizing lotion & creams Aromatic & massage oils Sunscreen lotion Shampoos - daily use & anti dandruff post and pre pregnancy granules Isabgol based hi fibre effervescent drink Guar gum based fibre drinks Foot care creams antiseptic & anti fungal toothpastes This is not an exhaustive product list. We also manufacture formulations as per the specific composition requirements of our customers.